Why NIKRO HEPA Vacuum Cleaners (Made In The USA) Are Superior

My name is Barry Cohen and I have been in the indoor air quality and remediation industry since 1989. Through the years I have put many different brands of industrial HEPA vacuum cleaners through the test by operating them up to 10 hours a day on jobsites that took over a year to complete! Brands I have operated and sold to my commercial abatement customers include Nilfisk, Minuteman, Pullman Holt, GOODWAY and NIKRO!  From my many years of experience in operating these HEPA vacuum cleaners on jobsites and selling them I have settled on only selling NIKRO HEPA vacuum cleaners to my industrial and commercial customers! Please continue to read this report to learn about HEPA vacuum cleaners in general and why the NIKRO is the best industrial HEPA vacuum cleaner on the market!

I am also providing information on the Made In China unsealed dust spewing Shop-Vac’s that include the famous Shop-Vac name, Ridgid, Sears and others because we have all used these low quality vacuum cleaners around the house and even in our non abatement business! However you need to know that since these cheap shop vac’s from Home Depot, LOWES, Wal-Mart and your local hardware store are not properly sealed to do abatement jobs for lead, lead paint and asbestos or for mold remediation even with the aftermarket HEPA filters they offer for them! They are NOT LEGAL to use for any kind of hazardous material abatement job!  This because they will poison you, your family and everyone else around you as they spew debris all over the place as you are vacuuming!

Many people find this out the hard way by contaminating themselves and everyone around them after it is too late! So PLEASE always use the proper HEPA vacuum cleaner for any kind of hazardous material clean up!  This especially goes for do it yourselfers that have the desire to save the money that an abatement company will charge depending on the scope of the job.

Of all of the high quality industrial / commercial HEPA vacuum cleaners I have personally   owned, operated and sold since 1989 the NIKRO line of HEPA vacuum cleaners stand out and are superior then the rest! The NIKRO HEPA vacuum cleaners are (Made In The USA) and feature-by-feature they are made better then all other brands on the market. I say feature by feature because all industrial HEPA vacuum cleaner manufacturers design and sell these products with different levels of filtration, different motor brands, sizes and horsepower! Knowing these facts it is very important that you do your diligent research to acquire the HEPA vacuum cleaner that will best fit your direct needs. When in doubt call an experienced dealer (as we are) that will know which model will do the best job for you and your customers! NIKRO manufactures HEPA vacuum cleaners that will fit just about every possible need and since they are a USA company, shipping to your business or front door will be fast and less expensive then other HEPA vacuum cleaner brands that have to import everything into the United States from European, Asian and Scandinavian countries.

Also the staff members at the NIKRO factory really know their products and they ALWAYS provide excellent customer service with fast shipping both to their dealers and end users! I can honestly say that through the years I have sold thousands of NIKRO’s with an almost perfect track record! On only two occasions I had to have a motor replaced for a customer and both times the new replacement motor was next day aired to them via UPS at absolutely no cost to the customer!   If any problem were to occur the NIKRO factory will solve the problem fast with fairness and without resistance! That’s what I call excellent customer service!

The NIKRO model number PW15110 15 gallon wet/dry HEPA vacuum cleaner is our biggest seller because of its soft tank design, heavy-duty cart that can easily be pulled over debris and across any kind of surface! However the five stage HEPA filtration system and powerful two horsepower Ametek Lamb motor from Philadelphia is the big selling point of this HEPA vacuum cleaner.  This 15-gallon wet/dry vac is perfect for companies doing lead paint removal, lead abatement, Asbestos abatement or mold remediation.  This unit is made to operate with easy to replace heavy-duty hazardous waste containment bags that will prevent any debris from escaping during removal while cutting money saving time on your job sites!

For extremely large industrial jobs where a large containment tank for lots of debris and when tremendous suction is needed for fast cleanups, check out model number HD 55345. This dry vac HEPA vacuum cleaner includes five stages of HEPA filtration, Three—–2 horse power Ametek-Lamb motors that mount on top of this powerhouse that can quickly pull a tremendous amount of debris into its 55 gallon drum that is welded onto a heavy duty dolly for easy movement to needed areas to be cleaned! Companies doing large cleanup jobs and factories that sometimes have messy spills love this HEPA vacuum cleaner!  This unit also uses heavy-duty hazardous waste containment bags for fast and easy removal of debris! Just remove the bag, tie the top closed and insert another bag into the 55-gallon drum to quickly get back to work!

Please know that we are the leading NIKRO industrial / commercial HEPA vacuum cleaner dealer in the USA and we would love to serve your HEPA vacuum cleaner needs. It is our hope and desire that this NIKRO HEPA vacuum cleaner report has been helpful to you in choosing a unit that will best fit your needs. For more information and a FREE CONSULTATION to help you make the best choice please call us at Toll Free 1-888-578-7324 or see our website at https://aircleaners.com