Frequently Asked Questions - Air Storm Plus HEPA Vacuum Cleaner


Why is the Air Storm Plus Residential HEPA vacuum cleaner superior compared to all others?

The powerful lightweight (Made In The USA) Air Storm Plus HEPA vacuum cleaner out cleans and outperforms all others because it’s is 100% sealed against any leakage of dust and allergens back into the air while vacuuming!

It is a fact that this vacuum cleaner is sealed so well it can be used to legally do small asbestos and mold abatement jobs.

Could our present store bought vacuum cleaner be the reason we sneeze and cough while we vacuum and then have to dust our home after vacuuming?

Yes and this is the reason why the other HEPA vacuum cleaners on the market mostly (Made In China) are leaky and they spew dust, allergens, mold spores and
bacteria into the air to dust, breathe and react to while vacuuming!

This is because they are not properly sealed at both their case and filters! It’s also the absolute reason why people have to dust  their home or office space
after vacuuming!

What else makes the Air Storm Plus HEPA vacuum cleaner better than the other vacuum cleaners on the market?
  • The Air Storm Plus is extremely powerful and it's top quality powerhead deep cleans the dust, pet dander and allergens out of your carpeting so well your carpeting will actually looked freshly groomed every time you vacuum!
  • You can fill the dust collector bag with 13 pounds of dust (Dirt) and allergens and never lose suction or cleaning ability while vacuuming. This is because unlike other vacuum cleaners the unique design of the Air Storm Plus case prevents any air restriction going through the motor while vacuuming. The dust and allergens are diverted away from the motor to be sent directly into the dust collector
    bag. This is also the reason why the motor stays cool and never heats up to produce a burning odor while vacuuming.
  • Because the Air Storm Plus design prevents any air restriction to the motor it is also the reason why it has an unbeatable operating lifespan of over 35 years!
  • Since the Air Storm Plus is totally sealed against any leakage of dust and allergens
    into the air to re-contaminate your living space while vacuuming, you will
    NEVER EVER have to dust your home or office again after vacuuming!
  • The Air Storm Plus also does a wonderful job of cleaning all types of hard surface floors and your furniture.
  • The Air Storm Plus HEPA vacuum cleaner is also built in the USA to strict USA military standards. Because of this reason they are the HEPA vacuum cleaner of choice to include in every deployed Patriot Missile system maintenance kit to keep them clean and ready for action in dusty desert environment's stationed around the world. It’s also the reason that they were purchased to be used to
    keep the White House in Washington DC clean and healthy during the Obama

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