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What is the best quality and the absolute quietest HEPA air purifier on the market?

The (Made In-Canada) Airpura UV700 HEPA air purifier is without question the highest quality and quietest HEPA air purifier on the market! The UV700 will out clean,
outperform all others on the market and it is so quiet people that are noise intolerant can sleep like a baby with this air purifier operating nonstop during the day and all night long.

What is the best HEPA air cleaner on the market for destroying biological contaminants that include airborne viruses, bacteria and mold spores?

The (Made In Canada) Airpura UV700 and UV600 HEPA air purifiers both include powerful (Non-Ozone Producing) 18 Watt UV lamps that will effectively destroy biological contaminants that include airborne viruses, bacteria and mold spores in areas up to 2000 square feet. The smaller the room the higher the air exchange rate per hour will be for increased performance!

Where should I place my HEPA air purifiers?

You should place your HEPA air purifiers in the living space areas where you spend the most time. This will include bedrooms, living room/family room areas where people hang out and watch TV and in home office spaces.

How long should I run my HEPA air purifiers each day and what is the electricity cost?

Our quality HEPA air purifiers are made to safely operate non-stop 24 hours a day at a low energy monthly cost 0f $5.00 for our Airpura and Austin Air Healthmate air purifiers without UV light systems and up to $8.00 per month for our Airpura UV700 and UV600 HEPA air purifiers with included ultraviolet light systems.

Which HEPA air purifier is best for keeping me safe during chemotherapy, bone marrow transplants or organ transplants since I will have a very weakened immune system?

The two absolute best HEPA air purifiers to keep people being treated for cancer and other diseases safe with weakened immune systems is without question the Airpura UV700 and UV600 HEPA air purifiers with ultraviolet light systems. The UV700 model is quieter and it has a more powerful motor! Keep one unit in the bedroom and if affordable keep another unit in the living room/family room

Which HEPA air purifier is best to remove pet allergens from dogs, cats and birds?

All Airpura and Austin Air HEPA air purifiers are the best on the market for quickly removing airborne pet allergens and pet odors to greatly improve your indoor air quality! Place one unit in the bedroom(s) and one in the living room/ family room area for the best coverage.

Also, highly consider one of our 100 percent sealed against dust and pet dander leakage Air Storm HEPA vacuum cleaners to keep your floors, counter tops and furniture clean and free of pet dander

What HEPA air purifier is the most user friendly for people that are mechanically challenged?

All of our HEPA air purifiers are easy to change out the filters when needed. However the (Made In The USA) Austin Air Healthmate HM-400 and the HM-450 Healthmate Plus are the most user friendly HEPA air purifiers on the market because you can vacuum off the pre-filter from the outside of the unit
case once every 2-4 weeks and easily replace the all in one HEPA filter/carbon filter drum that includes the pre-filter once every 3-5 years.

Which HEPA air purifier is the absolute best to control all allergen triggers for people suffering from dust, allergy, asthma and or COPD?

The absolute best HEPA air purifier that removes all airborne allergens that includes airborne dust, pet allergens, odors, outgassing chemicals, pesticides, mold spores viruses and bacteria that can trigger allergies, asthma and COPD is the (Made In Canada) Airpura UV700 HEPA air purifier that is also super quiet!

Is it worth owning and utilizing HEPA air purifiers in my home or office?

The answer is that the (Made In China) LOW QUALITY, inexpensive air purifiers on the market being sold in big box stores and on have poor quality filtration due to their inefficient filters, leaky unsealed cases, poor air exchange rates per hour and lack of an sufficient amount of activated carbon to remove odors and outgassing chemicals!

The HEPA air purifiers sold in are of very high quality and they will make a huge difference in improving your homes indoor air quality by removing the airborne triggers that cause allergy, asthma and COPD flair ups in your home or office! Please closely compare the specifications of our HEPA air purifiers to the others being sold on the market and you will have
your answers!

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