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Since Absolute Air Cleaners, Air Purifiers And Allergy Products inception in 1989, we have taken great pride to offer only the very best and highest quality HEPA air cleaners, HEPA air purifiers, HEPA vacuum cleaners, custom-made washable self-charging electrostatic air filters with a lifetime warranty and many other allergy products. Our high quality products allow customers to remove a tremendous variety of allergens including dust, pet dander, pesticides, toxic chemical outgassing, smoke and other airborne contaminants from their homes and office space.

Bacteria, mold spores and viruses are examples of other airborne contaminants that can be safely removed with our products that include medical grade, ozone free ultraviolet light systems for a much cleaner and healthier indoor air environment! We sell many of our air purifiers and products to schools, police department evidence rooms, private industry offices, abatement companies and USA Government agencies. However the great majority of our products are sold to everyday families for dust, allergy, and asthma control.

The Meaning of the Word HEPA

Many people ask what this abbreviation stands for because it is so often used in the air purification and vacuum cleaner industry. The letters in the word HEPA stand for High-Efficiency Particulate Arrestor or (air filter). Our product standards require that the filters in our air purifiers and vacuum cleaners are at least 99.97 percent efficient down to 0.3 microns of particle size which is the same as .3 microns. This is extremely efficient for catching dust and allergens while only allowing totally clean and healthy allergen free air back into the indoor air environment to breathe and enjoy.

We always support products Made In The USA and Canada!

Absolute Air Cleaners, Air Purifiers & Allergy Products has worked tirelessly through the years to provide the highest quality products and customer service. Our mission is to improve the quality of life for our many customers who suffer from allergies, asthma, COPD and other immune dysfunctions by providing the absolute BEST air purification systems including HEPA air purifiers, HEPA air cleaners, HEPA vacuum cleaners and allergy products on the market. All of our air purifiers go through 3 years of rigorous testing by the founder, Barry Cohen, to make sure they are up to our own highest personal standards so we know you are ALWAYS receiving the very best and unequaled products with the customer service that you deserve! Whenever humanly possible we support and sell top quality air purifiers & allergy control products that are North American Made In The USA & Canada!

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Allergens that include airborne dust, pet dander, pesticides, mold spores, bacteria and out-gassing chemicals in your home’s indoor air can lead to allergy, asthma, and COPD flair ups, fatigue, and illness. When sufficient amounts of these particles and contaminants accumulate in your body you can become very sick and suffer from a variety of illnesses! We offer specially designed HEPA air cleaners and HEPA air purifiers that cleanse the air in your home or office at a very high air exchange rate per hour so you can breathe more easily, sleep better and feel more energized. Our air purifiers and allergy control products include top of the line manufacturers such as TRACS, Airpura, Austin Air Systems and the Air Storm HEPA Vacuum Cleaner for both home and office use.

Our Company adheres only to the highest standards of customer service to address all questions and concerns with 100 percent honest and accurate information.



NOTE: If you still have questions, ask for Barry Cohen, the owner of the company. Barry is always happy to personally help you with your indoor air quality (IAQ), air purifier, air cleaner, or HEPA vacuum cleaner questions with a 100 percent FREE telephone consultation. Just call and ask for Mr. Cohen at Toll Free 1-888-578-7324.

Every single product we offer to our customers is thoroughly tested for quality of design, construction, sound level, proper filtration, performance and long term warranty. We firmly believe that the HEPA air cleaners, HEPA air purifiers, HEPA vacuum cleaners and self charging electrostatic filters we sell are a key factor that improves the health and wellness for the people and families that utilize them in their indoor air environments.


We also specialize in sales of the highest quality air purifiers specifically designed for fast, quiet removal of floating smoke and odors that come from smoking cigars, cigarettes, pipe smoke and marijuana. Smokers and people that live or work with smokers love our air purifiers because they quickly remove both the smoke and odors from the indoor air environment to the point of saving friendships, relationships and marriages with people that smoke! Call today to ask how our air purifiers can benifit your health and life!

We represent and sell the highest quality (Made In The USA & Canada) industrial and commercial brands and models of air purifiers, air scrubbers, smoke eaters and HEPA vacuum cleaners. Our company is one of the largest dealers in the USA selling the entire line of 100 percent sealed NIKRO HEPA Vacuum Cleaners for professional asbestos abatement, lead abatement, lead paint removal, mold remediation, A/C air duct cleaning and other heavy duty industrial HEPA vacuum cleaner usage. We are also one of the largest dealers in the USA selling the best Air Cleaners & Air Purifiers!

Note: All Of Our Top Quality Air Cleaners, Air Purifiers & Allergy Products are Quickly Shipped To You At The Guaranteed Lowest Advertised Prices! Fast Free Shipping In The USA on all air cleaners, air purifiers, ozone blasters and all of our other products except for NIKRO industrial HEPA vacuum cleaners and equipment! (Call For NIKRO Prices) All products are factory sealed from the manufacturers to insure that you always receive fresh brand new products. We care about our customers safety and health. We feel that it is an important health and safety issue when other companies resell air purifiers and allergy products that have been opened, used and returned. Since we sell sanitary products, we never sell or resell items as new that have been opened, used, contaminated, returned or demonstrated as many other companies unethically do. All of our Air Purifiers, Air Cleaners & Allergy Products are under full factory warranties.

All product returns must be made to the matching factory within 30 calendar days of the delivery to customer. Any returned products must be in “brand new” condition. The customer must also clearly print the “seller’s (factory) return authorization number on the package that is being returned. Customers will be responsible to pay all return shipping costs on any non-defective items. Air Cleaners will cover or reimburse return shipping cost on all inspected and proven to be defective products when returned within 30 calendar days of delivery to customer. The customer is responsible for all collection costs and legal fees incurred from non-payment or from charge backs not accepted by Air Cleaners.

All of our Air Purifiers, Air Cleaners & Allergy Products damaged in shipping or factory defective products will be quickly replaced at absolutely no cost to the customer!