The #1 Best Residential Vacuum Cleaner Is The Made In The USA Air Storm Plus

The #1 Best Residential Vacuum Cleaner Is Made In The USA

If you are searching for the absolute best, most powerful residential vacuum cleaner on the market to replace the one you have been using due to its poor cleaning ability or because it broke down again and stopped working, the powerful 100% sealed against leakage (Made In The USA) Air Storm Plus HEPA vacuum cleaner is the perfect replacement! The Air Storm Plus truly is the best HEPA vacuum cleaner on the market worldwide for many important reasons due to its unique design of being 100 percent sealed at both the units case and HEPA filter so zero dust and allergens, including very reactive dust mite allergens will escape while you are vacuuming to breathe and react to! The Air Storm Plus is sealed so well you will never have to dust your home again after vacuuming.
Never Lose Power, Suction And Cleaning Ability With The Air Storm Plus HEPA Vacuum Cleaner
Other huge design advantages include its ability to allow you to fill the dust collector bag with 15 pounds of dirt, dust and allergens to the tippy top without EVER losing power, suction and cleaning ability like all other vacuum cleaners do making it a necessity to replace the dust collector bag or empty the dirt collector cup when its only half way full. The reason this happens with other vacuum cleaners is due to the debris in the dust collector bag creating a back pressure air flow restriction to the motor that causes it to slow down to lose power and cleaning ability. This will never happen with the Air Storm Plus HEPA vacuum cleaner and its also the reason its top of the line Ametek-Lamb motor always run cool at full power! This is also why the Air Storm Plus has a 35 year plus lifespan, even with everyday vacuuming of your home!
The Air Storm Plus HEPA Vac Includes State Of The Art Venturi Technology
The Air Storm Plus also uses state of the art Venturi technology in all of its tools that actually double the CFM (Cubic Feet Per Minute) air flow coming through the tools and into the vacuum cleaner that also doubles its already powerful cleaning ability to easily remove the dust and allergens in your home!
The Air Storm Plus Is The Absolute Best Vacuum Cleaner To Remove All Pet Allergens In Your Home
Any and all pet owners that clean their home with this vacuum cleaner are quickly aware that the Air Storm Plus is the absolute best HEPA vacuum cleaner on the market worldwide for cleaning and removing all types of pet allergens from your beloved dog(s), Cat(s) And Bird(s) that includes their very reactive dander, fur and hair! This also includes the messy and extremely reactive bird dust allergens from parrot's, cockatoos and other types of birds! It is a fact that people that are allergic to their pets can actually live together in harmony with diligent vacuuming a few times per week with the 100% sealed against leakage Air Storm Plus HEPA vacuum cleaner
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