Attention All Clean Freaks! We Have The Absolute Best HEPA Vacuum Cleaner For Dust And Allergy Control!

Attention All Clean Freaks We Have The Best Vacuum Cleaner!

Attention All Clean Freaks With OCD Or Not! If you have the desire and need to keep and maintain your home to be absolutely super clean we have the best residential HEPA vacuum cleaner in the planet that will keep you happy forever! It Is the powerful (Made In The USA) Air Storm Plus canister HEPA vacuum cleaner that is 100 percent sealed at its sturdy case and HEPA filter against any and all leakage of dust and allergens back into the air to breathe, react to and recontaminate your home while vacuuming for superior dust and allergy control compared to all other vacuum cleaners on the market worldwide!
The Air Storm Plus HEPA Vacuum Cleaner Is Sealed So Well, You Will Never Have To Dust Your Home After Vacuuming Again! That is, unless you are compelled to do so! LOL! Also for many years the Air Storm Plus has been the #1 choice of the US army to include in the maintenance kit of every Patriot missile system that is deployed worldwide to keep their internal components clean of dust in mostly desert environments! Its is for this reason the Air Storm Plus HEPA vacuum cleaner and its HEPA filter are both government certified to meet tough USA military standards!
Wait there is more! You can legally do small asbestos and lead abatement jobs with the Air Storm Plus and they are also utilized to vacuum clean the White House And adjacent buildings in Washington DC.
 More Important Advantage's Of The Air Storm Plus HEPA Vacuum Cleaner
The unique design of the Air Storm Plus allows you to fill the dust collector bag to the very top with 15 pounds of dust dirt or sand without ever losing power, suction and cleaning ability! This is because the dust and debris is diverted into the dust collector bag but the air flow blows over the dust collector bag with absolutely zero air restriction to the powerful top quality Ametek-Lamb motor! This allows the Air Storm Plus to always operate cool at full power! This is also the reason why the Air Storm Plus HEPA vacuum cleaner has  a lifespan of 35 years plus even when vacuuming every single day!
The Air Storm Plus uses state of the art Venturi technology in its tools that actually doubles the CFM (Cubic Feet Per Minute) of air flow coming through the tools and into the vacuum cleaner to give it twice the power and cleaning ability compared to the other vacuum cleaners on the market! No other vacuum cleaner on the market compares to the Air Storm Plus for cleaning carpeting, hard surface floors and all types of furniture in the home!
The Air Storm Plus Is The Best HEPA Vacuum Cleaner For Dust Mite And Pet Allergens In The World!
Of all the environmental allergens people are exposed to, dust mite and pet allergens are the most reactive to cause and trigger allergy and asthma reactions that include skin, eyes, nose and throat  irritations, chronic coughing, itching, breathing problems and other immune dysfunctions! The Air Storm Plus HEPA vacuum cleaner is far superior compared to all other vacuum cleaners on the market for cleaning and removing all dust, dust mite and pet allergens  from the dogs, cats and birds we love as true blue members of our families!
If You Are A Clean Freak With OCD Or Just Someone That Loves Having A Super Clean And Healthy Home For Yourself Family And your Pets, It Is Our Hope And Desire That The Information In This Blog About The (Made In The USA) Air Storm Plus HEPA Vacuum Cleaner Helps You When You Are Ready To Own The Best And The Last HEPA Vacuum Cleaner You Will Own And Enjoy Vacuuming With For The Rest Of Your Life!
For More Information Or To Purchase The Air Storm Plus HEPA Vacuum Cleaner For The Best Dust And Allergy Control To Keep Your Home Extremely Clean And Healthy See The Website At or Call The Office Direct At 561-629-5618