Best Air Purifier For Virus Control

Best Air Purifier For Virus Control
The best air purifier for virus control and the destruction of all airborne viruses, bacteria and mold spores in indoor air environments is the (Made In Canada) Airpura UV700 HEPA air purifier that includes a safe non ozone producing UV ultraviolet light system that produces a powerful and unbeatable dosage of 30,000 micro watt's sec/cm2sec that quickly destroys  the viruses, bacteria and mold spores during the first pass going through this powerful HEPA air purifier! This is why the Airpura UV7000 HEPA air purifier is the #1 choice for removing these  dangerous biological contaminants in hospitals, doctor offices, dentist offices and schools!
However the great majority of UV700 HEPA air purifiers are sold to everyday families that want to protect the air quality in their homes where they will quickly feel the benefits of breathing extremely clean air for a noticeable increase of health and wellness!
The Importance Of Properly Destroying Airborne Viruses In The World We Now Live In
The ability to destroy airborne viruses in the indoor air environment is now an extremely important factor in staying healthy with the undeniable increase of dangerous and sometimes fatal viruses we are all now being exposed to during our everyday lives! The Airpura UV700 HEPA air purifier is far superior compared to all other air purifiers on the market worldwide and this UV700 unit is without question your best choice for protection from airborne viruses, bacteria and mold spores in indoor air environments!
Additional Features Of The Airpura UV700 HEPA Air Purifier For Virus, Dust And Allergy Control
The Airpura UV700 doesn't only destroy biological contaminants for the best virus control, it's also the absolute best HEPA air purifier on  the market for its fantastic ability for the quick removal of airborne dust, dust mite and pet allergens of all kinds. The Airpura UV700 is also unequalled for absorbing and removing odors and outgassing chemicals in the indoor air environment with its full 18 pounds of activated carbon!
Other huge advantages of the Airpura UV700 HEPA air purifier is its 450 CFM (Cubic Feet Per Minute) air exchange rate per hour which is over twice the CFM  of other high quality HEPA air purifiers on the market! The UV700 is also super quiet! It's so quiet, people that are normally noise intolerant while trying to sleep have no problems getting and staying a sleep while the UV700 is running in their bedrooms at night! For these reasons it's also the best choice to clean the air in crowded office conference and meeting rooms when quiet is very important.
Please know that we sell no air purifiers manufactured in China! This is because Chinese air purifiers of all types have proven over and over to be substandard compared to the products we sell! All of our top quality HEPA air purifiers and other allergy control products are manufactured ONLY in the USA or Canada!
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