Best Canister Vacuum Cleaner For 2024

Best Canister Vacuum Cleaner For 2024
The best canister vacuum cleaner for 2024 and into the future is the (Made In The USA) Air Storm Plus residential HEPA canister vacuum cleaner that is powerful and 100% totally sealed against any and all leakage of dust, allergens, dust mites, pet dander and hair into air to breathe and react to while you are vacuuming your home. The Air Storm Plus canister HEPA vacuum cleaner is sealed so well you will not ever have to dust your home again after vacuuming! The high quality HEPA filter will last for 3 years before replacement is necessary. The unique advantages of the Air Storm HEPA vacuum cleaner over all others worldwide includes the ability to totally fill the dust collection bag with dust, dirt or sand to the top rim of the bag without ever losing power, suction or cleaning ability!
This is because the Air Storm Plus HEPA vacuum cleaner is designed to channel the dust, dirt and allergens into its collection bag while allowing the air to flow into the motor to then exit out of the motor's exhaust port with zero air restriction to cause loss of power. This free flow of unrestricted air also allows the powerful Ametek Lamb motor in the Air Storm Plus to always run cool to extend its every day vacuuming operation life to a proven 35 years plus!

Why Other Vacuum Cleaners Lose Power And Cleaning Ability While Vacuuming 

Almost all vacuum cleaners lose their power and cleaning ability when the dust collection bag or dirt cup is less then halfway full. This is due to the fact that there is air restriction because the air flow has to push through the dust and debris before entering and exiting out of the motor! This loss of power and cleaning ability is extremely noticeable and it is exactly the reason why people are forced to change out and replace the expensive dust collection bag or dump the filthy dirt cup when they are only 50% or less filled with dust and debris.

Air Storm Plus Canister HEPA Vacuum Cleaners Include Advanced Venturi Technology In Its Tools For Superior Cleaning Ability

Another advantage of the Air Storm Plus is Its Venturi technology that is designed into the vacuum tools to actually double the airflow, dust and allergens being pulled into the tools and into the units dust collector bag! This will allow you to clean double the amount of dust and allergens twice as fast!
Also because the Air Storm Plus is a canister designed vacuum cleaner, the powerhead for cleaning carpeting, the hard surface floor tools and all of the other vacuum tools and wands they are connected to are able to reach into very tight spaces that include underneath beds, furniture and desks for superior cleaning ability compared to the limited abilities of all upright vacuum cleaners being advertised on the market!

The Air Storm Plus Canister HEPA Vacuum Cleaner Is The Absolute Best For Removing Pet Hair, Fur, Reactive Dog, Cat And Bird Dander Allergens For People With Pet Allergies!

The Air Storm Plus HEPA vacuum cleaner can deep clean all pet allergens far better then any other vacuum cleaner on the market! This is because the Air Storm Plus is 100 percent sealed against all leakage of dust and pet allergens back into the air to breathe and react to while vacuuming! The Venturi technology in its tools also provide a big advantage for cleaning pet allergens!.
The Air Storm Plus powerhead does an incredible job of removing dust, pet hair, fur and pet allergens from of all types and levels of carpeting! 
The Air Storm Plus will compress large amounts of dust, allergens and pet hair into its dust collector bag before the bag replacement is necessary! This is a great money saver!
Every time you vacuum the carpeting it will actually look noticeably cleaner and like it has been freshly groomed! Air Storm Plus owners often report that Its a pleasure to view their carpeting after vacuuming! 
Make 2024 The Year To Keep Your Home Dust And Allergy Free While Also Protecting The Health Of Your Family And Pets! NOTHING BEATS THE AIR STORM PLUS HEPA VACUUM CLEANER!

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