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Dear Barry,

Thanks once again for all your assistance. The accurate and generally impartial factual information, available on your company’s web site, along with your patient and thorough answers to my many questions, enabled me to make the best possible decision regarding a new air cleaner/purifier for my home.

Like many (I am sure), I have suffered from some degree of nasal congestion and the “sniffles” for most of my adult life. Living in Florida, dust, mold and pollen are a way of life. No matter how clean our home or how much we vacuum, there is always something in the air, limiting one’s ability to breathe comfortably. The situation always seems to get worse while sleeping, and I find myself waking every morning with a stuffy, sinus-type headache. This worsens during allergy season. I have tried small, inexpensive room air-cleaners with no noticeable improvement.

Several of my friends own larger store-type air cleaner units, like those from Honeywell and table-top units like those from Oreck, but their filter replacement costs, along with limited performance left much to be desired. After considerable study, and the realization that only a true HEPA type filter system would be acceptable for real-world performance, I ordered you TRACS Hospital grade HEPA air cleaner on a Friday, and was pleasantly surprised to receive it on Monday.

Setup was a breeze (pardon the pun), and I placed the unit in my bedroom with the fan set to high. Within two hours, I began to notice a distinct change in the air quality of my bedroom. I turned in for the night about four hours later, with the fan now reset to low. It was the most restful night of sleep I have had in several years. My spouse informed me that for the first time, I did not snore. I also noticed that I awoke the next morning without my usual sinus headache.

After two nights now with the TRACS unit, I can definitely say that I breathe much more deeply when in bed, and prefer the quality of the air in the bedroom to the rest of my house. It looks like I will soon be buying another unit for the family room.

I also can’t wait to try your Lifetime house furnace air filter. If it performs half as well as the TRACS unit, I will be extremely happy.

Best regards,
Hugh, Jacksonville, Florida


I really enjoyed talking to are a very honest person..I can trust you…I read your personal story AFTER talking to you…no wonder you feel strongly about air quality. My son didn’t die but he did get very ill after new carpeting was put in….it is now removed and his eczema is GONE…the dust in our house is terrible..did’t realize it was from the carpet…18 year old carpet on the stairs…I really need to get rid of it but would like different carpeting..wool???…When I get my tax return I will call regarding the Austin Filter…I think we will feel better here as we all are tired and have headaches all the time..only a good shower or a day at the beach seems to clear it up…Again, I enjoyed talking to you, you are very knowledgable, and it came from personal experience…it makes a BIG difference….Thanks,


To whom it may concern,

I just want to tell you how much I appreciate your company’s straight forward honesty and great service. When I initially called looking for an Austin Air HEPA air cleaner, I was shopping for the best price. You warned me of companies reselling returned units {Units with a 30 day money-back guarantee at reduced prices}. I didn’t believe that this would happen to me so bought my unit from another company with a lower price.

The unit looked fine when I received it, but when I turned it on, it smelled like stale cigarrettes. I sent the air cleaner back at my own expense of $38.00 and ordered a new unit from your company. It arrived last week and it works great! In fact, I will be ordering another Austin Air after I have received a couple more pay checks. Thank you very much!!

Yours truly,
Larry Bourst
Ft. Lauderdale, FL


Dear Mr. Barry Cohen,

I want to thank you for all of your help and for suggesting that your TRACS HEPA air cleaner would best fit my needs. I apologize for being so short with you when we first talked on the phone. I thought that I knew what I wanted to purchase and at first I did not want to listen to your suggestions. I just did not want to hear another sales pitch and when you insisted that I needed to listen to your information I almost hung up on you! Then something clicked inside of me that made me stick around and listen. Wow! Am I ever glad that I did! Your questions about my needs and your following answers really gave me an education about my indoor air quality, my personal needs and what I needed to do to have a cleaner and healthier indoor environment! As you suggested I placed my TRACS HEPA air cleaner in my bedroom. It’s amazing! I can now sleep through the night without breathing problems and I also feel much better during the day because I’m not always tired! I will soon purchase another TRACS from you for my family room so my next most important living space can have clean air! I am also interested in your Airstorm HEPA vacuum cleaner. Can I still purchase it at the price you quoted me in September?

Thanks again and thank you for waking me up to a better, healthier life!

Tom Jenson


I am very pleased with the results having used my ozone air cleaner for my place of business. The ozone air cleaner works better than I thought possible. I have used a similar product from another company for years but I never received the same response to clean out unpleasant odors as my new ozone cleaner has done. I would recommend this air cleaner to anyone who is in the market for air cleaner that does the job plus is easy to operate.
New Hampshire


I own a Victorian home that has 6 apartments….and I live in one of the units. Last year I moved my mother into one of my apartments after my dad passed away. After only a week of her “chain” smoking I was so disgusted with the terrible smell in my home. My mother’s habit was causing a lot of friction between us because of this! I was not only feeling her habit infringed upon me…but I was concerned that all my other non smoking tenants would also feel the same and I would soon find myself only able to rent to smokers (God forbid) I began my search for something that would take away the odor…and keep it away! After a lot of research and help from you, I selected one of your ozone-ionize air purifier units that would cover up to 3000 square feet. I must admit I was pretty skeptical and was feeling it might be a mistake to order something like this on line. If anything was wrong with the unit, I wasn’t sure I could depend on service from an internet company so far from New Jersey. As it turned it out, I needed additional help after receiving this unit and you went out of your way to help me. I can’t tell you how relieved I was to find an online company to be so accommodating! And……best of all….this product has smoothed over the friction between my mother and myself….IT REALLY WORKS! Thank you. I will recommend you to everyone!
Toni Diamond
Mount Holly, NJ


“I’ve been hunting for an air purifier that will eliminate the smoke in my house whenever we cook. I have tried all the filtered purifiers, even a unit that cost me over one hundred dollars for a filter, and believe me they do not work. Then I found your Ozone-Ionizer air purifier ! For the first time in my life, I don’t smell like a kitchen anymore. I am very pleased with the product and the service that was provided to me. You don’t only stand behind your product but also have mentality of giving the customer the satisfaction that they deserve. I will make sure that all of my friends and co-workers hear about the product and your company. I am looking forward to doing business with you again !”
– Salvador Ventura


“Absolute Air Cleaners and Purifiers provided me technological information specific for my needs. They also supplied the technological products at the lowest cost. My dad smokes three packs a day. After exhaustingly confusing research, I finally found a person that told me exactly what I needed, and, more importantly, WHAT I DID NOT NEED. Even though I was willing to buy products that I did not need, Absolute Air suggested I go a cheaper, more efficient route. I ended up buying the Ozone-Ionizer air purifier, which completely knocks out my dad’s smoke. The Ionizer surpassed my wildest hopes. I now feel that I can breathe clean air in my dad’s house, even though he smokes non-stop. Thank you, Absolute Air.”
– Bauer Horton, Beaumont


“I just finished talking to you regarding this amazing HEPA air cleaner. Since purchasing this system I have seen increase productivity in my work enviroment. I get no headaches, sneezing and dust. As a commercial photographer I must maintain a clean environment, but this does not often happen when in a house that is made of all wood. I have been very satisfied and highly recommend your site to others. I look forward to my additional Austin Air cleaner that I just purchased from you. This one will go in my 8 month old twin girls room.”
-Joseph A. Rodriguez Jr.


– Bill Tyler


“I felt I should write this letter so others could see testimony from a truly satisfied customer. I have installed 4 Austin Air HEPA air cleaners throughout my home, which is in excess of 2800 sq. feet. The results of these machines has far exceeded my expectations. I have 2 children with asthma, and their lives have been made better and more enjoyable than we thought would ever be possible. There are several other benificial aspects to these units.”
– Herb Ecker


Dear Sir,

I am sending you this testimonial so that I can tell my story. I first called your company this summer looking for the Austin Air Healthmate Standard (HM-400). Your discounted price was $425.00 with free shipping. During our conversation, I told you that another dealer was willing to sell me the same unit for $25.00 less also with free shipping.

You warned me of dealers who have a 30 day return policy that offer prices that are too good to be true because many of these dealers will re-sell used and returned units as long as they are not physically damaged. At that time you wouldn’t beat the other dealer’s price because his deal was a verbal one and not an advertised price as you required.

I am sorry to say that I took the deal from the other company. When I turned on the machine, it had a horrible odor that I feel, may have been from pesticides. Within 24 hours, That unit was on its way back to where it came from.

I am now ready to purchase the Austin Air Healthmate Standard from your company since you were so honest and because your air cleaner units are shipped to your customers brand new, directly from the factories. Please use this letter in the testimonial section of your web site for others to read. I truly appreciate your honesty.

Max Hellman
Austin, TX


“Many retailers will sell you what you want without asking what your needs are. They are not educated enough about their products to steer you into the product that best suits your needs. Thank you for your help. You spent alot of time with me on the phone and your service was fast and courteous. Your prices are the lowest I’ve found and I would come back to you first when I am in need of other products that you sell to meet my allergy needs.”
Jerry Skimmer


“Wanted to let you know I received the ionizer air purifier unit I ordered from you a couple of weeks ago. I love it – a hidden bonus that I did not realize it would do, is eliminate the static electricity, which is so bad in Colorado, so that when I shuffle across the carpet and touch my parrot it doesn’t zap her into oblivion. Thank you for all of your help!”
Becky Beckers


“We got the air purifier the other day and it works very well ! Thanks for aiming me in the right direction. The Ozone-Ionizer air purifier really does knock down the smoke.”
Terril Starks


“I want to thank you for your help back in January with selecting an Ozone-Ionizer air purifier. The unit has performed exactly as you had indicated, especially impressive as I was somewhat skeptical that the unit would control dust. Indeed, a major dust problem in a 70 year old home is now history. I am so pleased that I just ordered another unit from you for use in a second home. Your service has been great—keep up the great work!!!”
James K. Whitesell


“We purchased an Ozone-Ionizer Air Purifier machine in May and have been using it for a month now. We had a very sick building with molds and mildew. It was just an extremely smelly old ofice building. Our biggest test just happened. We have a customer who hated to come in our office because the minute she opened our door she would sneeze and couldn’t wait to leave. Today she came in and said how pleasant it was in our office and for the first time did not have a sneezing attack. THAT MADE OUR DAY!! We all are enjoying the cleaner and lighter air. It was a great day when I found you on the internet. Thank You.”
-Darlene, Mobridge 

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