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This information is to compare the Austin Air Healthmate HEPA Air Cleaners with the common Honeywell HEPA air cleaners that you will find in most department stores. I have put together statistical facts to prove that the(Made In The USA) Austin Air Healthmate HEPA Air Cleaner is not only a much better HEPA Air Cleaner both in quality and air cleaning ability, but I will also show you that the Austin Air Healthmate HEPA Air Cleaner costs much less money to own and to operate than the (Made In China) Honeywell HEPA Air Cleaners as well as many other air cleaners that you will find on the market, located in your local department stores.

The top of the line Chinese Made $200.00 Honeywell HEPA Air Cleaner can only exchange the air in an average bedroom size area approx 3-4 times per hour if you’re lucky. That is not an adequate air exchange rate per hour to do a good job at cleaning the air even in a small bedroom. Most Honeywell HEPA air cleaners are very loud. (Not Good For A Relaxing Nights Sleep). The Austin Air Healthmate HEPA Air Cleaner will exchange the air in an average bedroom size area approximately15 TIMES PER HOUR. The Austin Air Healthmate is very quiet! The top of the line Honeywell unit will cost you more money in one years time the total cost of the Austin Air Healthmate which its Average cost is $538.99

These are the reasons why. I will do the math for you! The Honeywell HEPA Air Cleaner requires the pre-filters to be replaced approx every two months at a cost of $20-$30 dollars. Average this to the middle to $25.00 x 6 months= $150.00 per year The HEPA filter in the Honeywell should be replaced in most units once every 8-12 months at a cost of $80-$100.00. Let’s call it once a year at the average price of $90.00 per year. The Honeywell units, depending on the model use between an average of $100.00-$200.00 per year in electrical cost to operate. Let’s give this the benefit of the low side of $100.00 per year on electric costs. Now add that up for one year saying that The Honeywell units cost is $200.00 to purchase. Your total cost for just the first year is, at the lowest amount is $540.00 for the Honeywell unit. In the first year of owning the lower quality Honeywell HEPA Air Cleaner you would have already spent a lot more money then the price of the much higher quality and more powerful Austin Air HEPA Air Cleaner .The next year the cost to operate the Honeywell HEPA Air Cleaner is at approx $340.00. Multiply your first year’s expense for the units $200.00 selling price and costs to operate it and then add the next four years of expense to operate it for a total of five years. That $200.00 Honeywell HEPA Air Cleaner just cost you a total of $1,900.00. The Austin Air Healthmate costs $538.99 and the HEPA filter will last for approx five years before you need to replace it. The Austin Air Healthmate does not require any costly pre-filters at all. Just vacuum off the outside of the unit once every week or two or when it appears dusty. The Austin Air Healthmate uses about $35.00 average per year in electric costs. At Full retail price plus operating cost the first year of operating the unit your total cost is at $573.99

Your total cost including electricty cost for PURCHASING AND OPERATING the Austin Air Healthmate for the next five years is only $715.00


PLUS! The Austin Air Healthmate HEPA air cleaner is many times the quality of the Honeywell.

Other top quality HEPA air cleaners with low operating costs to check out are made by EZ Air and TRACS HEPA air purifiers.

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