Well over half of all homes and businesses have carpeting. Carpets are where you and your kids play and crawl around. What most people don’t know is that their carpet is poisoning their lungs with chemicals, allergens, and dust.

Even if your carpets are new they probably have more pollutants in them than you can even imagine. New carpets are made with some pretty harsh chemicals including toluene, formaldehyde, acetone, styrene, benzene, and a host of other volatile organic compounds. Some of these compounds are even considered cancer-causing carcinogens and labeled extremely hazardous by the EPA.

Many people love the new carpet smell but the smell actually comes from a toxic chemical known as 4-PC. 4-PC is a chemical that is known to cause eye, nose, and upper respiratory problems that many new carpet owners actually experience in the first few months of installing new carpet.

That is just the stuff found in new carpets, old carpets can be even more hazardous because not only do they contain all the same chemicals as new carpets they are also full of dust mites, pollen, bacteria, and other toxins brought in your shoes or pet’s paws. Carpet can hold up to 8 times its weight in dirt and dust. Even worse is in old homes carpets can contain heavy metals such as lead from old lead paint. The same goes for rugs and any other types of transportable carpeting.

Think about anytime you spray for bugs, paint, lacquer furniture those chemical smells settle in your carpet making for a hazardous mix of toxins in your home. I know this all sounds scary and terrible and you are probably asking:

 So what Can I do To Protect Myself and Family?

First you could get rid of your carpet, however that isn’t always an option for most people. Hardwood floor and tile installs are expensive and difficult. If removal is not an option the best thing you can do is get a high quality HEPA vacuum. Companies like Air Storm make vacuums that can do a much better job removing toxins and dust from carpet than regular vacuum cleaners. They are a little more expensive than your typical vacuum but that is because they do a great job, are made of quality parts in the USA, and last a long time. These vacuums are tightly sealed and have great filtration systems to ensure no particles escape back into the air or carpet.

You can also do regular steam cleaning. This will ensure all dust mites and bacteria are killed. Try to never walk on your carpet with your shoes and put natural made rugs at the entrances of your home to make sure you don’t touch the carpet. Lastly you should look into a HEPA air cleaner/ purifier to remove all harmful particles that escape the carpet. Look for high quality air cleaner brands such as TRACS or Austin Air Healthmate. Many of these also have UV light systems that are designed to kill viruses and bacteria in the air. Taking these easy steps will ensure you have a cleaner and healthier home for you and your family.