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Best HEPA Air Purifiers And HEPA Vacuum Cleaners For Protection During And After Chemotherapy

Do you know that over 95 percent of the HEPA air purifiers and HEPA vacuum cleaners on the market are not properly sealed and they actually spew a good amount of dust, outgassing chemicals, bacteria, viruses and mold spores back into the air to breathe and react to while operating?

  This is why almost everyone, most likely including you, have to dust your home after vacuuming! None of the run of the mill big box store and common online purchased HEPA Air Purifiers and HEPA vacuum cleaners are suitable for anyone going through chemotherapy, immune dysfunctions and any kind of transplant that requires chemotherapy! This includes bone marrow transplants, stem cell transplants and organ transplants!

 Here at Absolute Air Cleaners & Allergy Products one of our specialties is providing the proper 100 percent sealed HEPA air purifiers and HEPA vacuum cleaners with the ability to also remove out-gassing chemicals from the air and to destroy airborne viruses, bacteria and mold spores for people dealing with cancer and other diseases with immune dysfunctions that require Chemotherapy to destroy the immune system before the treatment to help eliminate the disease can begin.

 It is very important that all people with immune dysfunctions or has had their immune system destroyed by chemotherapy while preparing for a lifesaving stem cell transplant, bone marrow transplant or organ transplant live in an extremely clean indoor air environment! 

 Their indoor air breathing environment must be free of chemical out-gassing from carpeting, newer furniture, cabinets, paints and pesticides as well as from any possible bacteria, viruses and mold spores that can enter into the body through their lungs to cause big problems and delays in the process of getting well!

The Best HEPA Air Purifier With UV Light System For Chemotherapy

Absolute Air Cleaners & Allergy Products specializes in providing ONLY THE HIGHEST QUALITY, ABSOLUTE BEST 100 percent sealed HEPA air purifier for chemotherapy patients that includes 18 pounds of replaceable activated carbon to absorb the outgassing chemicals from the indoor air along with a powerful non ozone producing medical grade UV (Ultraviolet Light System) that will destroy any virus, bacteria or mold spores that enter into this air purifier. This (Made In Canada) unit is called the Airpura UV600 HEPA Air Purifier.

 The high quality UV600 will quickly flood the indoor air environment with healthy germ free clean air to help protect and allow the immune system to stay free of these dangerous contaminates! 

 Most people will place one of our Airpura UV600 HEPA air purifiers with its UV light system into the bedroom and another one into the family room or into any room where the person needing the air purifier spends a lot of time. This plan allows the person to be able to walk from one clean room to another without exposure to toxic contaminants that can cause harm to them. The Airpura UV600 HEPA Air Purifier With Its Powerful Ultraviolet Light System Is The Absolute Best For Anyone Going Through Chemotherapy For A Bone Marrow Transplant, Stem Cell Transplant Or Organ Transplant!

The Importance Of 100 Percent Sealed HEPA Vacuum Cleaners

It is very important for people going through chemotherapy and those with compromised and weak immune systems to vacuum their home with a 100 percent sealed HEPA vacuum cleaner. Please note: It is a fact that the great majority of vacuum cleaners on the market, including units being sold as HEPA filtered vacuum cleaners are not properly sealed around the HEPA filter and at the units case itself. 

This allows a large amount of dust, allergens, bacteria and mold spores to spew back into the room being vacuumed to be inhaled into the lungs and into the body to further compromise the immune system. Don’t believe the vacuum cleaner infomercial commercials and advertising that you see on TV because we have tested all of them with a high grade laser particle counter and with a smoke test to prove that almost all residential HEPA vacuum cleaners are not properly sealed! 

 The laser particle counter and smoke tests do not lie because we could see with our own eyes a HUGE amount of smoke pumping out of all of these vacuum cleaners during the tests. 

 Only the Air Storm Deluxe HEPA vacuum cleaner ( Made In The USA) passed both of these two tests to be 99.97 percent efficient down to .03 microns of particle size. Enough smoke to choke a horse was put through the Air Storm Deluxe HEPA vacuum cleaner and not one trace of smoke could be seen visually or on the laser particle counter coming from any area of the Air Storm Deluxe HEPA vacuum cleaner. 

 Another great design feature of the Air Storm Deluxe includes its ability to fill its dirt holding bag with 15 pounds of sand without ever losing any suction, power or cleaning ability at all while vacuuming. Other vacuum cleaners spew dust, allergens, bacteria and mold spores into the indoor air when their dirt collection bags are not even half way full. This is the case with pretty much all other vacuum cleaners because the dirt in the collection bag is restricting airflow to the motor. This causes loss of suction and cleaning ability and it also puts wear on the motor limiting its operation life.

  The Air Storm Deluxe HEPA vacuum cleaner is designed to have its airflow blow over the dirt collector bag to hit a section of It’s debris holding tank to send the dirt into the tank while always allowing unrestricted airflow to enter into and through the top quality Ametek-Lamb motor to then flow into the HEPA filter before the absolutely clean air is exhausted into the room while vacuuming. This is why the Air Storm Deluxe HEPA vacuum cleaner is made to operate without problems for 35 years plus!

Both The Airpura UV600 HEPA Air Purifier And The Air Storm HEPA Vacuum Cleaner Are Very Important And Can Be Lifesavers For Anyone Going Through Chemotherapy Or A Transplant Of Any Kind!

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