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My Discovery Of Two Important Facts

I discovered two very important facts during this time: #1. When your immune system has been compromised in anyway at all, poor quality indoor air including breathing bacteria, mold spores and chemicals outgassed from man-made materials can and often will further suppress your immune system which can cause delayed recuperation times. #2. Even if you are in good health, breathing an abundance of bacteria, mold spores and or chemicals outgassed from man-made materials can in itself compromise your immune system and make you sick!

Learning About Health Benefits

During a lengthy road to recovery, I decided to devote a big part of my life to learning everything about the indoor air quality industry while educating others about the health benefits of clean indoor air quality. While living in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, I started an A/C air duct cleaning business specializing in the removal of dust, bacteria and fungus (Molds) from air conditioning conveyance systems. Through this business I expanded into sick building remediation with the top Industrial Hygienists, asbestos and lead abatement specialists in South Florida. Soon after launching my air duct cleaning company, I opened my first allergy / asthma products store and national mail order catalog. All of these businesses were successful from the start. In fact the businesses grew so fast, I had to move into larger locations several times within a very short period of time.

Allergist Referrals

Allergists continue to refer their patients to my company for their air cleaners and allergy product needs. People come to us seeking help for allergies, asthma and chemical intolerance from all over the USA and Canada. I have surely been blessed with this wonderful business and I enjoy giving my knowledge about indoor air quality back to the community. I do this by speaking to asthma and allergy support groups. So I continue to educate the people in these groups on how to reduce the triggers that cause asthma and allergic reactions in their homes and businesses. Through the years we have helped thousands of people with our free indoor air quality consultations while providing top quality allergy/asthma products to our clients.

Our Product Lines

Our air purifier product lines includes the top of the line Austin Air, and Airpura HEPA air purifiers with a non-ozone producing medical grade ultraviolet light system. The Airpura UV600 HEPA air purifier units are the best for dust and allergy control and because they will also destroy airborne viruses, bacteria and mold spores. We also have systems for ozone-Ionizer air purifiers for smoke and odor control and the absolute best self charging electrostatic air filters for A/C and furnace systems. Check out our 100 percent sealed from leakage Air Storm HEPA vacuum cleaners for residential and commercial use and our Nikro HEPA vacuum cleaners! These NIKRO vacuum cleaners are for industrial and commercial use doing asbestos, lead and mold abatement and remediation. My first internet website launched in 1994. Our company always gives our many customers excellent and personal customer service. We always provide our customers with only the highest quality products at competitive prices in the USA with free shipping.

A Lifestyle Change

A Lifestyle Change

In making a lifestyle change in 1998, I moved west to the Colorado Rockies and continue to provide only top quality HEPA air cleaners, air purifiers and allergy/asthma products that best fit my client’s needs. Our business is very successful and continues to grow!

OK Now fast forward 15 years.

Colorado was beautiful! However the older you get the less you want to shovel and snow-blow through 4 feet or more of snow multiple times every single winter!

Full Circle

So I came full circle back to sunny South Florida to again live and enjoy the warmer good life. Also while being able to spend more quality time with the family living here. As well as to build my business relationships with allergists. and other related physicians and their patients. All the while myself and my staff continue to help and service our many satisfied customers. Right here in beautiful South Florida and nationwide!

You can find our website at My staff and I are thankful for our ever growing family of loyal customers. We look forward to taking care of your HEPA air purifier, 100 % sealed HEPA vacuum cleaners, lifetime washable A/C air filters and allergy product needs! Please remember, that we guarantee the lowest price on all of our products. We also have Fast Free Shipping on all product orders sold in the continental USA.

NOTE: We always give FREE indoor air quality consultations by phone to our customers! Please call us so we can help you with your needs!

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Thank you for visiting and I hope that you will become one of our many happy customers!

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