Best HEPA Air Purifier For Volcanic VOG

Best HEPA Air Purifiers To Remove Indoor Volcanic VOG

Erupting volcanoes and accompanying earthquakes are increasing worldwide, and the big island of Hawaii is experiencing significant problems with the VOG, also known as volcanic smog spewing (Along With LAVA Flows) out of the Kilauea and Mauna Loa volcanoes! 

 When the wind is blowing in the direction of occupied neighborhoods in towns and cities on the big Island of Hawaii, Honolulu and other islands the smoky VOG will easily find its way into people's homes to create a multitude of health problems that include allergies, asthma, COPD and other lung problems. 

 VOG contains a multitude of chemical gases. However, the corrosive sulfur dioxide causes the most breathing problems. Other health problems due to VOG include burning eyes, sore throats, and headaches. Active volcanoes spew out very fine. Sharp glass particles called Pele's hair, also known as Pele's tears can reach people within a mile of the lava flows. This glass looks like fine strands of hair, and it is important not to inhale them! 

 When the VOG becomes dense enough in homes or office spaces that are not protected by proper HEPA air purifiers for VOG that contain multiple pounds of activated carbon to remove the dust and chemical gases, it can send many people to hospitals. This is especially true if the affected people already suffer from airborne allergens that can and will trigger allergies, asthma, and COPD problems. 

 Don't Buy Low-Quality Air Purifiers For VOG Removal From The Indoor Air To Protect Your Family Or Office Staff. Go With Quality! It's Worth It!

 There are many air purifiers on the market, and it is essential to know that most of them are made in China, They are poorly sealed against leakage, and are very low in both quality and performance. Amazon and the big box stores that include Walmart, Target, Home Depot, and LOWES are loaded with these low-quality air purifiers. 

 It is important to protect the indoor air in your home or office ONLY with high quality 100% sealed HEPA air purifiers that have a high air exchange rate per hour of air flow to quickly clear the VOG dust and smoke from the indoor air along with multiple pounds of activated carbon to remove large amounts of airborne chemicals and odors.

 These Are The HEPA Air Purifiers We Recommend To Remove Indoor Volcanic VOG And Other Airborne Dust And Allergens

 Airpura of Canada and Austin Air Systems of the United States manufacture the best two HEPA air purifiers for volcanic VOG.

 The Big Seller For VOG is the Airpura UV700, V700, and R700 models, and the next best choice will be the Austin Air Healthmate HM400 and the Healthmate HM450 Healthmate Plus HEPA air purifiers.

 The Airpura 700 line of air purifiers are the most potent HEPA air purifiers on the market. The Airpura 700 line of HEPA air purifiers are also super quiet, and they contain a hefty 18 pounds of activated carbon to remove the chemical gasses and odors in the VOG.

The Airpura UV 700 HEPA air purifier is the most chosen unit because it also includes a non-ozone producing UV ultraviolet light system that will also destroy biological contaminants that include airborne viruses, bacteria and mold spores! The Austin Air Healthmate units are also suitable and they include 12 pounds of activated carbon.

 It is essential to know that air cleaners cannot clean the air through open doorways or behind walls. If you place an air purifier in the hallway between 3 bedrooms, you will only be able to clean the hallway. The best way to protect your home or office's indoor air from VOG is to place one unit into any open room where people sleep or hang out. 

 In the home, it's important to place a unit into any occupied bedroom and one in the family or living room where people relax and watch TV. In a commercial building or hospital indoor air environment one unit should be placed in any room or office. In a heavy VOG situation, If the room is over 1000 square feet of size, this space will need an additional unit.

 A 100% Sealed From Leakage HEPA Vacuum Cleaner Is A Good Next Step To Remove VOG Dust From Floors, Furniture, And Countertops.

 When reactive VOG enters a home or office, it does not stay airborne as it will also settle on furniture, countertops, beds, and floors to go airborne again to breathe and react when it moves around. The best HEPA vacuum cleaner is the (Made In The USA) Air Storm Plus residential/commercial HEPA vacuum cleaner. 

 The Air Storm Plus is 100 percent sealed from any leakage of dust and allergens to blow back into the indoor air to breathe and react to while vacuuming. Unlike other vacuum cleaners that are leaky and poorly sealed, with the Air Storm Plus, you will never again have to dust the home or office space again after vacuuming. The unique design of the Air Storm Plus will allow you to fill the dust collector bag to the top without ever losing suction or cleaning ability. 

 This HEPA vacuum cleaner will out clean, outperform, and outlast all other vacuum cleaners on the market worldwide, and it is made to serve its owners to keep on cleaning as good as the first day of vacuuming for over 30 years!

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