The Best Vacuum Cleaner For Pet Allergies Is The (Made In The USA) Air Storm Plus HEPA Vac

The Best Vacuum Cleaner For Pet Allergies Is The (Made In The USA) Air Storm Plus HEPA Vac
The best vacuum cleaner for pet allergies and  the reactive pet allergens that trigger them is The (Made In The USA) Air Storm Plus canister HEPA vacuum cleaner! It is unquestionably the most important allergy relief product you will own to remove the pet allergy triggers in your home! This is because the Air Storm Plus HEPA vacuum cleaner  is powerful and it is 100 percent sealed at both the case and HEPA filtration system to prevent any and all leakage of pet allergens, dust and dust mite allergen from spewing back into the air to breathe and react to while vacuuming ! It Is For This Reason You Will Never Have To Dust Your Home Again After Vacuuming With The Air Storm Plus! This is especially important for people with pet allergies!
Surfaces the Air Storm Plus HEPA vacuum cleaner will remove all pet allergens from include all types and levels of carpeting, all hard surface floors that include wood and tile, furniture, countertops and mattresses!
There are no (zero) other brands or models of vacuum cleaners that can compare to the 100% sealed against leakage and cleaning ability of the sturdy, lightweight easy to maneuver Air Storm Plus!
Another HUGE advantage this HEPA vacuum cleaner includes is the ability to fill the dust collector bag with 15 pounds of  dust, dirt or sand without ever losing power, suction or cleaning ability!
This is due to the unique design of the Air Storm Plus HEPA vacuum cleaner that will actually allow you to fill the dust collector bag right to the top without ever losing power, suction and cleaning ability! This is because the air flow that contains the dust and pet allergens is diverted into the dust collection bag while allowing only unrestricted clean air to flow through the motor and out of the machine! This is why the Air Storm Plus always runs at full power and it is for this reason that there is absolutely zero restriction of air flow to create wear to the top quality Ametek Lamb motor that will always run cool while vacuuming. This is also why the Air Storm Plus HEPA vacuum cleaner has a proven lifespan of over 35 years, even when vacuuming every single day!
NOTE: With other vacuum cleaners, loss of power, suction and cleaning ability commonly occurs when the air flow containing the dust, pet allergen and debris is pushed through dust collector bag or collection cup and then through the motor! This creates a continuous air restriction and its the exact reason why people have to change out the costly dust collection bags or have to dump the dust and debris out of the dirt cup when they are only half way full! NOT WITH THE AIR STORM PLUS!
Another unique design advantage of this vacuum cleaner is that it uses state of the art VENTURI technology in its tools that allows for the CFM (Cubic Feet Per Minute) of airflow to double its air flow volume of dust and allergens coming through the tools and into the vacuum cleaner! This additional CFM of air flow greatly increase's the Air Storm Plus HEPA vac's cleaning ability!  Since the Air Storm Plus is a canister type of vacuum cleaner it has the room for a larger more powerful motor and superior HEPA filtration system with tools that can reach to clean walls and ceiling areas. The Air Storm Plus canister HEPA vacuum cleaner also provides easy access to clean dust and pet allergens under beds and furniture for the best cleaning ability!
Another nice feature is the Air Storm Plus is it's design to actually compress and push large amounts of pet fur, hair and pet allergen deep down into its dust collector bag! This extends the life and expense of each dust collector bag with longer vacuuming times between replacing bags. The Air Storm Plus has been the leader in the specialty vacuum cleaner market since 1989! No other vacuum cleaner worldwide can compare to the quality and cleaning ability of the Air Storm Plus HEPA vacuum cleaner! Pet owners love this machine!
IMPORTANT FACT: The Air Storm Plus is definitely the absolute best  HEPA vacuum cleaner on the market worldwide for people with pet allergies and all other environmental allergies! However it is very important to be aware that that people with pet allergies need to be extra diligent about vacuuming often enough to keep their home clean and free of the pet allergens that trigger their allergy and asthma reactions! We recommend vacuuming the home 2-3 times per week or more if necessary to keep the homes indoor environment extremely clean of reactive pet allergens and other environmental allergy triggers! 
When you diligently vacuum your home with the 100 percent sealed against leakage Air Storm Plus HEPA vacuum cleaner the pet allergens in your home will be so greatly reduced it will be clearly noticeable to you and your family members that suffer from pet allergies! This will then allow you and your family to be able to live at a much higher level of harmony with your beloved pet dog, cat or bird! It will also enable you to have people with pet allergies to spend time in your home while being comfortable for long periods of time! Many relationships have been saved for people with pet allergies by owning and vacuuming with the Air Storm Plus HEPA vacuum cleaner!
The Air Storm Plus Will Out Clean And Outperform All Other Vacuum Cleaners Worldwide For Cleaning And Removing Pet Allergens, Dust, Dust Mites And All Other Allergens!
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