The The Two Best HEPA Air Purifiers That Do It All For True Dust, Allergy And Asthma Control

Airpura UV700 And P700 UV HEPA Air Purifiers For Dust And Allergy Control

As cases of environmental allergies and asthma increase due to poor indoor air quality in homes and buildings that have been designed to be air tight while lacking enough fresh air to keep the people inside comfortable and healthy!

Without the ability to exchange the old dirty indoor air with clean fresh air, people often become chronically ill! These illnesses include airborne allergies, asthma and disease's caused by weakened immune systems that are triggered by the dust, allergens, outgassing chemicals and biological contaminants that build up in the indoor air of homes and buildings for people to breathe and react to!

Don't Worry There Is A Solution For This Indoor Air Quality Problem!

The lack of clean indoor fresh air to dilute the many contaminants can be dealt with for the people suffering in air tight homes and office spaces if they choose to utilize proper high quality HEPA air purifiers with included ultraviolet light systems to filter and remove these airborne allergens and chemicals while also destroying the biological contaminants to keep the indoor air quality clean and healthy.

 The Two Absolute Best HEPA Air Purifiers With UV Light Systems Are The Airpura UV700 And P700 HEPA Air Purifiers

Both of these UV HEPA air purifiers will do an incredible and noticeable job of cleaning your homes indoor air to remove the airborne dust, dust mite and pet allergens. other allergens, odors, outgassing chemicals while also quickly destroying biological contaminants.

The UV700 and P700 HEPA air purifiers are almost the same other then the TitanClean technology advantage that the P700 unit has.

 Both units have a very high air exchange rate per hour in open areas up to 2,000 square feet. They will exchange the air over 15 times per hour in an average bedroom size room. Both units have the same powerful motor that is also super quiet and great for people that are noise intolerant because they can sleep through the night with these HEPA air purifiers operating to keep the indoor air clean and healthy all night long. Both units include 18 pounds of activated carbon that will absorb and remove airborne odors and outgassing chemicals from come from newer carpeting, furniture, paints, stains, pesticides, cleaning chemicals and other sources.

The Airpura UV700 and the P700 HEPA air purifiers both include the same powerful non ozone producing medical grade UV Ultraviolet light system that will destroy airborne biological contaminants that include contagious viruses, bacteria and mold spores.

The Airpura P700 HEPA Air Purifier Advantage With Advanced TitanClean Technology

The advantage that the Airpura P700 HEPA air purifier has over the UV700 model and other HEPA air purifiers is that it also includes another step called TitanClean technology which includes coating the air purifiers UV inner kill chamber with a safe titanium dioxide paint that reacts to the ultraviolet light also in this air purifier. When the UV light hits the titanium dioxide it creates a chemical reaction called photocatalytic oxidation which degrades and actually changes a wide range of toxic chemicals into a very fine non reactive particulate that is then trapped and removed into the HEPA filter!

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