The 2 Best HEPA Air Purifiers With UV On The Market For Destroying Active Mold Spores

Best HEPA Air Purifiers For Mold Spores

The 2 best HEPA air purifiers with UV light systems on the market to properly destroy airborne mold spores that play havoc with peoples immune systems and general health are both manufactured in Canada (NOT CHINA) by Airpura and they are sold worldwide! The 2 models are the UV700 and the P700 UV ultraviolet HEPA air purifiers! It is urgent to be aware that the only HEPA air purifiers capable of actually destroying airborne mold spores in the homes or office indoor air are HEPA air purifiers are units that include powerful UV ultraviolet light systems. It is imperative that the UV lamps are medical grade so they do not produce any levels of ozone whatsoever! Please note that all UV lamps are not the same! To actually be able to destroy airborne mold spores or any other biological contaminants, the ultraviolet dosage must be a high enough to do the proper job.
The Airpura UV700 HEPA Air Purifier is the flagship unit for destroying airborne mold spores as well as bacteria and contagious viruses in both home and office indoor air environments ! It is important to know that the ultraviolet light dosage on the UV700 is rated at a whopping 30,000 microwatts sec/cm2! this UV dosage is powerful enough to quickly destroy any and all airborne mold spores that are pulled into this air purifier as well as all airborne viruses and bacteria!.
The UV700 also includes a full 18 pounds of activated coconut carbon for absorbing outgassing chemicals and odors out of the indoor air. The UV700 will effectively clean open areas up to 2,000 square feet and its CFM Cubic Feet Per Minute rate of airflow is 635 CFM with the filters not installed and a full 450 CFM with all of the filters installed and operating. This CFM is twice the airflow rate of other higher quality air purifiers on the market. However the Airpura UV700 HEPA air purifier is also extremely quiet! In fact its so quiet, people that are noise intolerant can easily sleep at night with this unit operating to keep their indoor air quality super clean! The UV700 will clean and exchange the air in an average size bedroom up to 15 times per hour!
The Airpura P700 HEPA air purifier also with UV is exactly the same at the UV700 model. However it also includes one extra piece of NEW state of the art technology which is called Titan Clean that uses a combination of the ultraviolet light dosage of 30,000 microwatts sec/cm2 combined with a coating of titanium dioxide in the UV kill chamber. When the UV hits the titanium dioxide it creates a chemical reaction that quickly degrades and neutralizes extra large amounts of toxic airborne chemicals and biological contaminants that include mold spores in highly contaminated indoor air environments!
Beware Of Low Quality Air Purifiers With Inadequate UV lamps Advertising For Destroying Mold Spores, Bacteria And Viruses
There are a small handful of other air purifiers on the market that include UV lamps in them! However it is important to know that the UV lamp dosage in these units are so low they are inadequate to destroy any amount of mold spores or any other biological contaminants! The manufacturers and the scammers doing their marketing deceptively advertise their units by simply stating that their units incluse UV and that UV can destroy mold spores! They NEVER EVER advertise or show transparency in their unit specifications of what the actual UV dosage is in their air purifiers!
You will find these low quality HEPA air purifiers on TV informercials in big box stores and in Amazon where the sellers routinely make fraudulent claims about mold spore removal and destruction for their low quality improperly sealed, leaky HEPA air purifiers that are almost always made in China! 99.9% of these so called HEPA air purifiers have no actually ability to destroy the mold spores that enter into these machines due to worthless under powered toy UV lamps or not having any UV lamps at all!
It is important to know that pulling active mold spores into the HEPA filter of an air purifier with no way to destroy them is counterproductive and dangerous because the dust and allergens that are already imbedded into the HEPA filter will act as a feeding ground to actually cause increased mold growth in the filter itself.
If the relative humidity in the home or office is already high the increase of mold growth in the HEPA filter can happen very quickly! Once the active mold becomes concentrated enough it can then break loose of the HEPA filter and into the homes indoor air environment to do a heck of a job of contaminating the home and to sicken the people and pets living in it! This is exactly why it is so important to only own and utilize the 2 HEPA air purifiers with top quality UV ultraviolet systems explained in this article!
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