The #1 Best HEPA Vacuum Cleaner That Is Made In The USA Is The Air Storm Plus

The #1 Best HEPA Vacuum Cleaner That Is Made In The USA Is The Air Storm Plus
The #1 best HEPA vacuum cleaner on the market is the (Made In The USA) Air Storm Plus! My name is Barry Cohen and I have been the owner of Absolute Environmental Cleaning Systems Inc also known as since 1989 and online since 1994. Below I will explain the history of how and why I first became a dealer selling the Air Storm Plus canister HEPA vacuum cleaner that to this day will still out clean, outperform and outlast all other vacuum cleaners and HEPA vacuum cleaners on the market worldwide!
I have personally tested dozens of HEPA filtered vacuum cleaners through the years! Vacuum cleaners I have tested include Kirby's, Electrolux, TriStar, Miracle Mate, Rainbow, Shark, Dyson and many others. I have been a dealer for and I have sold Nilfisk and Miele HEPA vacuum cleaners right up to the time I first found out about the Made In The USA Air Storm Plus HEPA vacuum cleaner through a referral from another dealer across the country! I immediately purchased one and I put it through my personal long lasting test for quality of manufacturing and cleaning performance! What I discovered was pretty amazing!
I vacuumed, shag, high and low nap carpeting, wood and tile floors as well as upholstery furniture for over a year with the Air Storm Plus before jumping to any conclusions. I also tested around the Air Storm Plus unit case and around the HEPA filter with a professional laser particle counter for dust and allergen particulate leakage back into the indoor air environment while vacuuming and I was able to verify that this unit was 100% sealed against any leakage! The Air Storm Plus is sealed so well I never again had to dust the furniture and counter tops in my home after vacuuming!
I was very impressed of the power, suction and cleaning ability of the Air Storm Plus and the venturi technology of the vacuum tools to increase and double the airflow of dust and allergens coming into them as well as to be able to reach under beds and furniture for easy cleaning access! I was also extremely impressed of the design of this vacuum cleaner because it allowed me to fill the dust collector bag all the way to the very top with dust, allergens and debris without ever losing power, suction or cleaning ability. This is because the Air Storm Plus is designed to pull the dust and debris over the top of the motor to then be deflected down into the dust collector bag! This is also the reason why the top quality Ametek Lamb motor in the Air Storm Plus is never under heat and stress and why it has a proven everyday vacuuming operational life of 35 years plus! Yes you read it correctly, 35 years plus!
The Air Storm Plus design is far superior compared to the other vacuum cleaners being sold on the market that quickly lose their power and cleaning ability due to the fact that the airflow along with the dust and allergens are being pulled through dust collector bag and then through the motor. This creates back pressure to the units motor that reduces power, suction and cleaning ability to the vacuum cleaner! The back pressure also heats up the motor to reduce its operational life and when the person vacuuming senses the loss of power and cleaning ability while trying to clean their home it forces them to pull out and replace the dust collector bag or to dump the dust collector cup when they are only half way filled so they can then restore the cleaning ability of their vacuum cleaner!
After testing and vacuuming with the Air Storm Plus for over a year I contacted the factory in Huntington Beach California to become a dealer! After they throughly checked me out and contacted my many references over 25 years ago in 1999 they finally made me the official internet dealer to sell this wonderful still unbeatable HEPA vacuum cleaner to this day and I hope for far into the future! The bottom line is NOTHING BEATS THE AIR STORM PLUS HEPA VACUUM CLEANER!
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