Sick Building Syndrome Causes And Cures To Improve The Indoor Air Quality

Sick Building Syndrome Causes And Cures

Sick building syndrome is a ongoing problem in America due to improper environmental architecture building design, construction and maintenance practice's. This article will explain the problems and how to best deal with them!

In the late 70's and onward to this day the focus has been to conserve energy in commercial office buildings and homes, especially in apartment and condominiums buildings! 

The so called professional building designers faced this challenge by creating buildings that were so air tight, it was next to impossible to get enough fresh air into them to dilute the toxic outgassing chemicals coming from the carpeting, formaldehyde loaded insulation and particle board furniture, paints, stains and pesticides.

Many commercial buildings are built so air tight  they have windows that can never be opened to bring in needed fresh air from the outside! A good amount of these buildings do have fresh air intakes on the roof or on the side of the buildings to mix the outside fresh air with the  recirculating air coming from the A/C systems but to save money by lowering the heating and air conditioning bills many building owners instruct their maintenance people to shut down the fresh air intakes or to barely crack them open to hardly bring enough fresh air to be helpful to the people working or living in the buildings!

This lack of fresh air forces people to breathe unhealthy levels of outgassing chemicals  which in turn create chronic illnesses that include allergies, respiratory problems and immune dysfunctions that can have a HUGE affect on the productivity of the many working employees or for people living in buildings that are not getting the important proper amounts of fresh air.

Ways To Improve The Indoor Air Quality In Commerical Buildings

If the building does have fresh air intakes and the indoor air quality is suffering, advocate to the building owner and their maintenance crew to open them up to allow a healthy amount of fresh air into the building. If the building is missing fresh air intakes or if there are not enough of them additional intakes can be added onto the building. Both  of these indoor air quality improvements can be done with the help of a commercial air conditioning company.

NOTE: Pay attention to where the fresh air intakes are located on the building to make sure that they are not facing the wrong direction that could cause them to pull in car and truck exhaust from traffic around the building. Relocate them if necessary! If fresh air intakes are added to the building make sure that they are installed in areas where the outside air is not pulling in carbon monoxide and fuel vapor contaminated car and truck exhaust.

Make sure that all windows and doors are properly insulated to prevent condensation which will breed unhealthy mold contamination in the building!

If there any water leaks in the roof, plumbing pipes, walls or in the basement due to poor drainage around the foundation quickly repair or replace the cause of the leaks to prevent building mold contamination and replace all wet contaminated drywall and insulation before doing the repairs. Mold contamination is very dangerous and extremely invasive! Do not wait to do the necessary repairs because people inhaling the mold spores will become sick and it will cost far less money to do the repair(s) sooner then later!

Improved Building Air Filtration And Air Purification For Improved Health And Wellness

Upgrade Your A/C Air Filters

Another important step to improve building indoor air quality is to replace low efficiency A/C air filters with higher quality pleated filters or better yet LIFETIME washable more efficient self charing electrostatic A/C air filters! Proper high efficiency A/C air filters are the key to keeping the entire A/C system and ductwork clean and mold free along with much less airborne dust and allergens blowing throughout the building for a noticeable higher level of clean and healthy indoor air quality!

The best A/C air filters on the market are the (Made In The USA) Absolute self charging electrostatic A/C air filters. These filters are 90% efficient, washable and custom made to size to fit in the same filter rack or A/C air return area  where the existing A/C filters are now installed in. 

These Absolute A/C air filters come in 2" deep commercial sizes and in 1" deep filters for smaller commercial buildings and residential A/C systems. Keeping these A/C air filters clean is easy!

Once a month or so just vacuum off the dirty side of the filter and then wash them out with a garden hose. If there is any greasy dust or dirt on the filter, simply spray the filter with a common degreaser like Simple Green Fantastik or 409. Wait a few minutes and then rinse the filter out with the garden hose. Then shake or allow the filter to drain out the dripping water. The filter(s) can then be re-installed damp because the air flow blowing through them will quickly dry out the filter material to allow the high quality polypropylene fiber to recharge causing them become electrostatic-ally charged to start collecting dust and allergens again!

High Quality HEPA Room Air Purifiers To Clean The Indoor Air In Problem Work Spaces

There are always indoor air quality problems in office building work spaces that include meeting rooms, cubicles and break rooms! The best plan to improve the indoor air quality in these areas is by placing high quality HEPA air purifiers into these areas to remove airborne dust and allergens. A true quality HEPA air purifier will also contain multiple pounds of activated carbon in them to remove outgassing chemicals and odors along with a ultraviolet light system that is able to destroy biological contaminants that include airborne contagious viruses, bacteria and mold spores.

The absolute best HEPA air purifiers that protect these office spaces as well as the indoor air quality in peoples homes is the (Made In Canada) Airpura UV700 and P700 HEPA air purifiers!

The UV700 HEPA air purifier is very powerful and has the highest air exchange rate per hour compared to any and all other HEPA air purifiers on the market to clean the indoor air in any office size space or open room. However it is also extremely quiet which is great for conference/meeting rooms and office spaces where any amount of noise could be a disruptive problem! The UV700 also has a full 18 pounds of activated carbon in them that will absorb and remove the outgassing chemicals and odors in the air coming from newer carpeting, copy machines, furniture, paint, stains, glues, pesticides and other building materials.

Another important feature if the Airpura UV700 HEPA air purifiers is its powerful non-ozone producing UV Ultraviolet light system that can and will destroy biological contaminants that include airborne contagious viruses, bacteria and mold spores that can make people very sick! This UV light system is very important to people in office buildings while dealing with contagious viruses and their ever changing variants.

The Airpura UV700 HEPA air purifier will cover open areas up to 2,000 square feet. In a average bedroom size office space the UV700 will provide 13-15 air exchanges per hour which is over twice the air exchange rate per hour of any other higher quality HEPA air purifier that is also on the market! Again, The UV700 Is Extremely Quiet!

The new P700 UV unit is just like the UV700, however it includes added TitanClean that uses state of the art photocatalytic technology that widens the range of chemicals and biological contaminants that this HEPA air purifier can remove from the indoor air!

Cleaning Offices With Safe Chemicals And A 100 Percent Sealed HEPA Vacuum Cleaner Helps To Prevent Sick Building Environments!

Its very important to include the indoor air quality of your office space and building in mind and part of an actual plan when dealing with maintenance and cleaning crews to keep your offices clean. Check out the cleaning chemical ingredients being used to clean your office's! Check them out online to make sure that they are safe and if they prove to be unsafe switch them out for safer cleaning chemicals that are also rated to be safe biocides that can destroy viruses, bacteria and mold spores on different types of surfaces right away. Keep a list available with the names of the cleaning products being used so you know what they are for when you need to repurchase them.

Proper HEPA Vacuum Cleaner Information--- Most people do not realize the fact that their vacuum cleaners are most likely not properly sealed to actually cause them to be vacuum contaminators that spew the finest, most reactive fine dust, allergens, bacteria and mold spores into the air to breathe and react to while vacuuming. Leaky vacuum cleaners defeat the purpose of cleaning the office or home because they are also recontaminating the very same areas that were just vacuumed. If you have to dust your furniture just after vacuuming your vacuum cleaner is not properly sealed and a leaker!

If you want more proof, take your vacuum cleaner , put it into a beam of sunlight coming through the window and turn it on! If your vacuum cleaner (Including HEPA Vacuum Cleaners) is a leaker you will quickly see thousands of fine dust particles that are loaded with dead skin, dust mite allergen and bacteria spewing into that beam of sunlight!!

If You Would Like To Upgrade Your Vacuum Cleaner For The Best Unit On The Market----The (Made In The USA) Air Storm Plus HEPA vacuum cleaner is the way to go and it will unquestionably be your best choice! The powerful Air Storm Plus HEPA vacuum cleaner is 100 percent sealed against any leakage of dust and allergens into the air to breathe and react to while vacuuming! In fact it is sealed so well you will never have to dust your office or home again after vacuuming.

The unique design of the Air Storm Plus provides this HEPA vacuum cleaner with the great advantage of having state of the art Venturi technology to double the air flow of the dust and allergens coming into the vacuum tools and into the dust collector bag for greatly increased cleaning ability that no other vacuum cleaners have.

The Air Storm Plus is also designed to fill the dust collector bag to the very top with 15 pounds of sand or dirt without ever losing power, suction or cleaning ability. This is because the dust and debris bypasses the motor while being diverted into the dust collection bag so there is never any back pressure to slow the motor down to lose power, suction and cleaning ability! This is a major problem for other vacuum cleaners and its the exact reason why people have to change out their dust collector bags or dump the plastic dust cup when they are only half way full.

There is not another HEPA vacuum cleaner on the market that can even come close to the quality and cleaning ability of the Air Storm Plus HEPA vacuum cleaner. Additionally the Air Storm Plus is a workhorse designed and manufactured to give you over 35 years of daily deep cleaning vacuuming of every type of surface in your office or home without problems!


It is our hope and desire that this article has provided quality information to you about how to prevent or improve sick building environments for your personal benefit and for the people working or living in any of the buildings you own, rent or manage!

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