Blueair Air Purifiers Verses Airpura UV700 UV HEPA Air Purifiers

Blueair Verses Airpura UV700 HEPA Air Purifiers

This comparison report is to show you why the Airpura UV700 UV HEPA air purifiers (MADE IN CANADA) are far superior comparedto the Blueair air purifiers that are made mostly in China and with Chinese parts. We give Blueair air purifiers poor reviews!

I will first explain how the Blueair air purifiers operate. I will then show you exactly why the Airpura UV700 UV HEPA air purifiers with non-ozone producing ultraviolet light systems that will also destroy viruses, bacteria, and mold spores in your indoor air are superior and how they operate to prove without question that the Airpura UV700 UV HEPA air purifier is a better choice over any Blueair models to clean and improve the indoor air quality in your home or office space!

 The Blueair air purifiers sell for between $299.00 and $899.00. They are designed in Sweden and Made In China! After seeing opportunities to sell their air purifiers in the United States and through AHAM, short for Association Of Home Appliance Manufacturers which is an organization that myself and others feel is nothing more than a marketing club to promote the sales of their member’s products that pay thousands of dollars a year along with a portion of their yearly income to have their products and in this case air purifiers tested at AHAM’s CADR test standards to be able to have a gold seal of AHAM’s approval that could easily look like some kind of official Government emblem of approval printed on the air purifiers box to help increase sales to people that are unaware of what AHAM is all about!

 The parts for the Blueair air purifiers and the air purifiers are now mostly coming out of China. This is easy to see to the people in the air purifier and air cleaner industry because of the now common Chinese technologies that are included in many Chinese made air purifiers such as the cheap low-quality automatic sensors that control the unit’s blower fan motor speed being used in many of the Blueair units.

 What’s In The Blueair Air Purifier And How It Works!

 The Blueair air purifier boasts about how great it is with its HEPASilent filters and ion chamber that produces negative ions.

By naming and calling the three filters in the Blueair HEPASilent filters you would think that these filters would be genuine HEPA filters! The truth is that they are not HEPA filters at all! The filters are nothing more than pleated polypropylene filters in cardboard frames that fit into two slots on the inside and the top of the air purifier case. We feel that this is a deceptive SCAM! and an unethical misrepresentation of their products to the many people who have already purchased Blueair air purifiers and future buyers! Also, I have personally examined different Blueair models and discovered that there were leaking air gaps between where the cardboard filter frames fit into the unit’s filter slot channels where they are held into place. 

 What do you think about this?

 Also, Blueair says that these three pleated filters must be replaced every six months or twice a year, and at between $79.95-$149.99 each time you return these three filters it will cost you between $159.90-$300.00 per year which quickly adds up to well over a thousand dollars in five years. This is much more money than what people paid for their Blueair units when they first made their purchase, and the filters in the Blueair units are not even REAL HEPA filters!

 The Blueair air purifiers come only with a one-year warranty! You can upgrade your warranty, BUT THERE IS A BIG CATCH!

 The catch is to keep your warranty valid, you must sign up for an auto-ship program and autopay agreement to receive the three replacement pleated filters every six months! If you stop paying for these filters, the warranty stops, period! Limiting people’s warranty to only one year and forcing them to keep paying for expensive replacement filters every six months to have the privilege of a longer then one year warranty does not seem ethical to us especially for the price that these air purifier units cost to purchase and maintain in the first place! What do you think about this? 

The Blueair’s Filter Replacement Indicator Is A Timer Not A Pressure Sensor!

 Most ethical manufacturers of quality air purifiers and air cleaners will include a simple sensor that measures the air pressure from the HEPA filter caused by the dirt load on and in the HEPA filter itself. When the sensor sees that the HEPA filter is dirty enough to replace, it will cause an indicator light to glow to alert the customer to change the filter. This same type of sensor could also be used in Blueair air purifiers, but a timer is used instead. So even if the three pleated filters in the unit are still relatively clean, the six-month timer indicator prompts you to change these expensive filters! Using a timer and not a pressure sensor is yet another unethical practice in the Blueair air purifiers to take more of your hard-earned money! 

 What do you think about this?

Mixing Negative Ions With Mechanical Air Filters In Blueair Air Purifiers

 Blueair air purifiers boast about having a built-in ion chamber in their air purifiers to adhere more dust to their three polypropylene pleated filters! And yes this does work! However, what they don’t tell you is that if you’re creating negative ions in the Blueair’s airflow, many of these negative ions will blow out of the units exhaust and into the room where the negative ions can and will attach to floating dust and allergens and drop them out of suspension away from the air purifiers reach to grab them into its three pleated air filters. This will cause a good amount of dust and allergens to drop onto your furniture, floors and even onto you and your family in their beds while sleeping.

 Also, the ionizers in the Blueair units may be helping the pleated filters to have an efficiency of 99.97% but what good is this if the machine is also blowing out negative ions only to drop many of the floating dust particulates and allergens out of the air away from the air purifier thus preventing capture and removal of allergens into the air purifier.

We feel that this is one clever and deceptive way Blueair uses this combined air filter with ionizer technology to receive high CADR test results from AHAM the organization they pay big money to be a member of to get their air purifiers tested at AHAM’s own in house standards and promoted with the AHAM gold seal that brings in more sales from their clever marketing. We feel that this is not an ethical practice! 

 What do you think about this?

Now Here Is The Information On The Airpura UV700 UV HEPA Air Purifier With Ultraviolet Light System Priced At $899.00 With Free Shipping In The USA And Canada

.Airpura UV700 UV HEPA air purifiers are MADE IN CANADA. 

The Airpura UV700 includes a natural and individually certified HEPA air filter that is 99.99 percent efficient down to .3 microns of particle size that will catch and remove the minor allergens from your indoor air environment for 5 to 6 years before replacement is necessary at Approx $179.98. The UV700 includes an 18-pound activated carbon filter for removing out-gassing chemicals and odors from newer carpeting, furniture, painted surfaces, and pesticides. The carbon filter only needs to be replaced once every two years at the cost of $219.98 The UV700 also includes a pre-filter that needs replacement once every12 months, which will remove the larger particles and allergens from the air and protect the HEPA filter. A two-pack of pre-filters only costs $49.98

 The Airpura UV700 UV HEPA air purifier also includes a state of the art ultraviolet light system with one powerful hospital-grade non-ozone producing medical-grade ultraviolet bulb totaling 30,000 microwatts that has a design of aiming the UV lamp into the front intake of all sides of the HEPA filter allowing the powerful ultraviolet light to destroy bacteria, viruses and mold spores before they can penetrate into the HEPA filter. This is a necessary and unique design that no other air purifier can copy. It gives the Airpura UV700 UV HEPA air purifier a huge edge over any other air purifier on the market that utilizes an ultraviolet light system. The replacement cost of the powerful UV lamp is only $139.98 every 18-24 months or once every year and a half to 2 years

 Another important unique design of the Airpura UV700 UV HEPA Air purifier is that this high-quality HEPA air purifier unit is 100 percent sealed so absolutely no (zero) dust; allergens, bacteria, or mold spores can escape from around the HEPA filter or from the case itself. The UV700 is sealed so well it is the number one choice for use in doctors offices and hospitals that treat respiratory problems and perform organ transplants, stem cell transplants, chemotherapy and treat people with compromised immune systems because the UV700 will pass a zero laser particle test at 99.97 percent of efficiency at a particle size down to .3 microns while also destroying airborne viruses, bacteria and mold spores with its ultraviolet light system. Please know Airpura UV700 HEPA air purifiers are not just used in hospitals and doctors’ offices! The majority of UV700 HEPA air purifiers are used in people’s bedrooms, family rooms, and general office spaces for dust, allergy, and asthma control.

 One Airpura UV700 UV HEPA air purifier unit will do a very good job of cleaning the indoor air in a room or open space up to 2,000 square feet in area size and one UV700 unit will provide 13-15 air exchanges per hour in an average-sized bedroom area which is incredible! The rule is the smaller the room is, the higher the UV700 air exchange rate per hour will be for even better performance.

 Most Airpura UV700 UV HEPA air purifier owners will place one unit in any needed bedroom where people have allergies or asthma to sleep better at night. They will also place one team in the family room where people hang out to watch TV and listen to music.

 The UV700 HEPA air purifier’s powerful variable speed motor is extremely quiet and its low-speed wisp air setting is so quiet you can hardly hear it even if you are standing right next to the unit when operating! The dimensions of the UV700 UV HEPA air purifier are 15 inches square by 23 inches high, and its sturdy caster wheels make the UV700 easy to move when needed. The UV700 Air Purifiers come in three colors: Cream (medium beige to match most wood furniture), white or black.

The Airpura UV700 UV HEPA air purifier is also designed with curved angled louvers to create a grid-like airflow pattern that brings more dirty air into the air purifier for better cleaning ability and to improve the indoor air quality in the room or open space it is operating in.

 The factory guarantees the UV700 for a full five years for parts and ten years for labor! If anything goes wrong within 30 days of purchase, it will be immediately replaced, and the old machine will be call tagged and picked up for a return to the factory at the factory’s total expense.

  In Conclusion—After thoroughly going over different Blueair models, the technology used, specifications, and company warranty policies we feel that Blueair does not remove nearly as much dust and allergens from the operating area and into the air purifiers themselves compared to the Airpura UV700 UV HEPA air purifiers. We also feel that Blueair has repeatedly exhibited unethical deceptive practices both in the way these units are designed and how they are marketed by providing only a one year warranty when purchased and then offering an extended warranty by forcing Blueair owners to continue paying for what we feel are expensive pleated filter replacements every six months with automatic credit card payments on an auto-ship program with the threat of promptly and ending the warranty if the payments for an auto-ship stop.

 The bottom line is we feel that the Airpura UV700 UV HEPA air purifier with the ultraviolet light system is a far better choice both in quality, factory policy’s to its customers, and for the amount of money spent compared to all models of Blueair air purifiers.

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