Best Vacuum Cleaner That Will Out Clean All Others

Best Vacuum Cleaner For Dust And Allergies
The Best vacuum cleaner that will out clean and outperform all others in many different ways is the 100% sealed against leakage (Made In The USA) Air Storm Plus HEPA vacuum cleaner!`
The powerful Air Storm Plus is 100 percent sealed at both the HEPA filter and case so absolutely zero dust or allergens will escape from this HEPA vacuum cleaner to re-contaminate your indoor air to breathe and react to while vacuuming!
The Air Storm Plus is a residential canister style HEPA vacuum cleaner that is sealed so well that you will never have to dust your home again after vacuuming! People also use the Air Storm Plus for vacuuming commercial offices spaces and you can legally do small asbestos, lead abatement and mold remediation jobs with this top quality HEPA vacuum cleaner!
The Unique Design Of The Air Storm Plus HEPA Vacuum Cleaner Explained In Detail
The Air Storm Plus is designed with the unique ability to deflect the dust and debris into its dust collector bag and tank while also bypassing the powerful state of the art Ametek Lamb motor! This allows for zero air restriction to the motor because the dust and debris actually travels over the motor and then into the dust collector bag and not through the motor as the dust flow direction of travel is with other vacuum cleaners. This also allows the the dust collector bag to be totally filled with 15 pounds of dust, sand or dirt right to the tippy top of the collection bag with zero loss of power, suction and cleaning ability! In other words you will always be vacuuming with full power!
The 100% sealed HEPA filter is built to US military standards and it will last for 3 years before replacement is necessary.
The Air Storm Plus includes a full selection of specialized tools that are designed with venturi technology which actually doubles the suction and air flow coming into the vacuum cleaner for unmatched cleaning and removal of dust and debris on all different types of surfaces that include tile, hardwood floors, walls, furniture and counter tops. However if you have any normal size vacuum tools that you enjoy using they will also fit the Air Storm Plus wand extensions.
Since there is absolutely no air restriction to the motor, the motor always runs cool! This is why the everyday cleaning operational lifespan of the Air Storm Plus HEPA vacuum cleaner is over 35 years!
The electric powerhead is also very powerful to provide unmatched carpet and rug cleaning ability on all types and carpet! Your carpeting will actually looked groomed each and every time you vacuum with this incredible machine!
The Air Storm Plus Is The Absolute Best HEPA Vacuum Cleaner For Cleaning Pet Dander, Allergens, Fur And Hair!
Do You Have Pet Allergies?---There is not a vacuum cleaner on the planet that is able to compete with the Air Storm Plus for cleaning and removing all types of pet allergens from dogs, cats and birds on every surface in your home without any leakage that re-contaminants the indoor air to breathe and react to while vacuuming!! Birds owners know that reactive bird dust allergen and feathers from pet Parrots, Cockatiels, Cockatoos, Conures, Parakeets, Macaws and other birds are a large constant mess that needs to be cleaned by vacuuming with a properly sealed
HEPA vacuum cleaner often!
The Air Storm Plus does a far superior job of cleaning pet allergens and all other types of allergens! No other vacuum cleaner on the market worldwide can compare to the cleaning ability, ease of use and longevity of the Air Storm Plus for unsurpassed dust and allergy control in your home or office!
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