Best Vacuum Cleaner For Dust Mite Allergies

Best Vacuum Cleaner For Dust Mites

The best vacuum cleaner for dust mites and their allergens is without question the (Made In The USA) Air Storm Plus HEPA vacuum cleaner! This is because the Airstorm Plus is 100% sealed at both its case and HEPA filtration system so absolutely zero dust and reactive dust mite allergen is able to escape to recontaminate the indoor air environment while vacuuming! Nothing but 100 percent allergen free clean air exits out of this vacuum cleaner while vacuuming!
This is why you will never have to dust your home again after vacuuming! The unique design of the Air Storm Plus HEPA vacuum cleaner will actually allow you to fill the dust collector bag right to the very top without ever losing power, suction and cleaning ability as other vacuum cleaners do! The Air Storm Plus always runs at full power and it is for this reason that there is zero air restriction to the top quality Ametek Lamb motor to allow it to always stay cool while vacuuming. This is also why the Air Storm Plus HEPA vacuum cleaner has a proven 35 year plus lifespan, even when vacuuming every single day!
The Air Storm Plus is sturdy, lightweight and extremely user friendly! It will also out clean and outperform all other HEPA filtered vacuum cleaners on the market worldwide by leaps and bounds! This includes well known brands of HEPA vacuum cleaners being falsely advertised for cleaning dust mite allergen, pet dander and fur! Our own laser particle counter testing proved that these inferior mostly Chinese made HEPA vacuum cleaners were not sealed properly as they spewed dust and allergens into the indoor air to breathe and react to while vacuuming!
Unit brands tested included Shark, Dyson, Hoover, Rainbow, Kirby, Electrolux, Miele now made in China and others! The Air Storm Plus HEPA vacuum cleaner will always pass this laser particle test with flying colors as it is proven to be over 99.97 percent efficient down to .03 microns of particle size with absolutely no leakage back into the indoor air environment from anywhere on the vacuum cleaner to breathe and react to while vacuuming.
Nothing Compares To Or Beats The (Made In The USA) Air Storm Plus HEPA Vacuum Cleaner!
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