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Indoor Air Quality Filtration Levels Of Multiple Airpura HEPA Air Purifier Models Explained And Linked To Matching Replacement Filters

The (Made In Canada) Airpura HEPA air purifier units shown below are the models we feel are your best choice to improve your home or office indoor air quality to a much higher degree at different levels depending on the contaminants that need to be removed and controlled for future years to keep your home or office much cleaner of dust and allergens and your family or office staff healthy. We have been a top Airpura dealer for many years and we urge you to consider the models show below for your indoor air quality needs!

Please Note: that the NEW 700 series of Airpura HEPA air purifiers with updated motors are more powerful and noticably quieter then the older 600 series of HEPA air purifiers that are a bit less expensive and still available for purchase.

Level # 1--- These Airpura HEPA air purifier models are for smoke, dust, allergy and asthma control while also being able to remove toxic chemical outgassing from the indoor air with 18-24 pounds of activated carbon are the best on the market worldwide and have been for many years. Airpura's best selling models incluse the R600, R700, V600, V700, C600, C700, C700 DLX, T600 and the T700 HEPA air purifiers.

Level # 2--- Airpura HEPA air purifiers that include all the above with the added additional ability to also destroy airborne biological contaminants with powerful non ozone producing UV ultraviolet light systems such as contagious viruses, bacteria and mold spores include the UV 600, UV700 HEPA air purifiers.

Top Level # 3---The best of the best Airpura HEPA air purifiers that have UV light systems that covers all of the above abilities with with added NEW TitanClean technology that can destroy and remove a wider range and a larger amount of airborne chemicals and biological contaminants include the P600 and P700 HEPA air purifiers.

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