Best HEPA Air Purifier For Preppers To Stay Healthy At Home During A Radiation, Chemical Or Biological Attack

Best HEPA Air Purifier For Preppers To Stay Healthy At Home During A Radiation, Chemical Or Biological Attack
This article will enlighten you to the best HEPA air purifier on the market for doomsday preppers and everyday families that will do the absolute best job to prepare you to protect your homes indoor air against contamination from World War 3 radioactive dust, chemical agents and biological warfare attacks from terrorist cells from foreign nationals! Terrorists have been infiltrating into the north and south boarders of the United States Of America unvetted by the thousands and possibly by the tens of thousands with obvious missions which will be to do their best to destroy our already weak infrastructure when their handlers pull the trigger to put them into action.
Terrorists aside, the United States and what is left of the free world is now actually the closest to World War 3 since the Cuban missile crisis in 1962 when we were minutes away from a nuclear war with Russia! The big difference between 1962 and now is today we are facing possible nuclear attacks from Russia, China, North Korea, Iran and from their spread out allies that are now located throughout the planet including central and south America!
Smart people prepare for the many different types emergency situations we are now facing! If you are a prepper you already know what most of the measures are to protect your family if or when a major conflict occurs. It is urgently important to be aware and to be prepared to protect your family from contaminated air that can enter into your home if destructive weapons are detonated, even from hundreds of miles away!
We Recommend The Airpura UV700 HEPA Air Purifier To Protect Your Homes Indoor Air
The best HEPA air purifier we recommend that will protect your indoor air quality, family and pets in many different ways is the (Made In Canada) NOT CHINA! Airpura UV700 HEPA air purifier that includes a hefty 18 pounds of activated coconut carbon that will absorb and remove airborne chemical toxins and odors from your indoor air!
The UV700 also includes a safe medical grade non ozone producing UV Ultraviolet light system that has a powerful UV dosage of 30,000 micro-watts sec/cm2 to quickly destroy biological contaminants that includes airborne antigens, pathogens and microorganisms of bacteria and contagious viruses and mold spores that can make their way into your homes indoor air to sicken your family!
The Airpura UV700 also has a powerful but extremely quiet motor that will produce up to 635 CFM (Cubic Feet Per Minute) of air movement with the filters removed and a whooping 450 CFM with all of the filters installed and operating. 450 CFM is actually twice the air exchange rate of the other higher quality HEPA air purifiers being sold on the market worldwide.
This allows the Airpura UV700 to effectively clean the air of dusts, allergens, outgassing chemicals, bacteria and mold spores in open areas up to 2,000 square feet. The UV700 will also exchange and clean the air up to 15 times per hour in an average size bedroom. We recommend for the best indoor air protection to cover any non emergency or emergency situation to place one UV700 unit into each occupied bedroom and one into the family room or into any room where people hangout together to watch TV or music if its 1,000 square feet of size or smaller! 
The Airpura UV700 HEPA air purifier is designed to clean and protect your homes indoor air non-stop around the clock for many years into the future! The UV700 includes a 5 year factory warrantee on non wear parts and a full ten year factory warrantee on all labor if a repair is ever needed.
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