Best A/C Air Filter

Best A/C Air Filter
The best A/C air filter on the market for dust and allergy control in your home or office will out clean and outperform all others! This filter is professionally designed and manufactured to our personal highest standards! We call it the Absolute Lifetime A/C air filter and it is (Made In The USA)! Each and every A/C air filter is custom made to size, washable and 90% efficient! It also has a perfect non air restrictive MERV 6 rating.
This A/C air filter will also fit directly into furnace systems and it requires no electricity to power it because is a self charging electrostatic A/C air filter made with the highest quality polypropylene that uses the friction of the air flow going through the electrostatic polypropylene fiber to charge the filter to act as a dust and allergen magnet to bring in and hold onto these contaminates until you are ready to clean the filter!
Our self charging electrostatic A/C air filters will fit in the exact same location where your present 1"deep (Thick) filter is now installed in and it is far superior compared to all of the other A/C air filters on the market. This includes the cheap 3-5 inefficient cardboard framed throwaway filters and the same low efficiency cut to size hogs hair throwaway filters.
Our non air restrictive 90% efficient MERV 6 electrostatic A/C air filters made from high grade self charging polypropylene fiber are also a far better choice compared to the MERV 12 and 13 rated pleated 3M Filtrete allergy filters that are so air restrictive they can actually slow down the air flow coming into your home to cause higher electric bills while also putting a strain on your entire A/C system and ductwork that can reduce it's operational life!
The Important Quality Differences Between Polypropylene And Polyester Air Filter Materials
Its is important to note that there are other self charging electrostatic A/C air filters on the market and some are cheaper in price! However these other filters are routinely manufactured from much lower quality polyester fiber material and not the much higher quality polypropylene fiber material that our filters are made from.
The polyester filters will start to degrade when cleaning them in 1-3 years! This will cause the polyester to shrink and lose its shape to create air gaps within the filter frame to allow dirty air through the filter and into your A/C system or furnace. When this happens the only good choice is to replace the filter!
The Difference---Our Absolute A/C air filters that are manufactured from high grade polypropylene material will not degrade at all to allow it to always keep its shape and cleaning ability for years and years! They will often outlive the life of your A/C system or furnace even if its 20-30 years down the road! Also polypropylene will create and hold a higher level of electrostatic charge allowing it to hold more dust for a longer period of time between cleanings!
How To Easily Clean Your New Absolute A/C Air Filter
Cleaning and maintaining is easy! Once a month or so remove the filter and vac off the dirty side! Then use a garden hose or clean it in the shower to flush out the rest of the dust and allergens by pushing them out from the clean side of the filter so they exit out of the dirty intake side of the air filter. There will be a label on the filter frame with an arrow showing you which direction the airflow should go through the filter and into your system after each and every time you clean and replace the A/C air filter! If you get greasy dirt on your filter, just spray it lightly with a common degreaser such as 409, Fantastik or Simple Green. Wait just a few minutes and then rinse it out like you normally would with a garden hose or in the shower!
After the filter is cleaned you can lean it on any surface to allow it to drain until its no longer dripping water from the filters sturdy aluminum frame. This will only take a few minutes! The filter can then be replaced into the A/C system or furnace in the same location even when its still damp! The air rushing through the filter will quickly dry out the polypropylene material to again become electrostatically recharged to do its job of keeping your entire A/C or furnace system and ductwork clean of dust and allergens and your home more dust and allergen free at a much higher level of cleanliness!
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