Austin Air Healthmate HEPA Air Purifiers Still In Big Demand Since 1989

Austin Air Healthmate HEPA Air Purifiers

Austin Air HEPA air purifiers have been maintaining the same high level of indoor air filtration for dust, allergy and asthma control since 1989 when we first started selling them to our many customers! My name is Barry Cohen and I am the owner of! My company was Austin Air's first large dealer when they went into business in 1989-1990 and we have sold thousands of Austin Air Healthmate units over the last 34 years! and we are still selling them to this day!

All Austin Air Healthmate HEPA Air Purifiers Include A 5 Year Factory Warranty

Other than doing an exceptional job of cleaning the indoor air of airborne dust, allergens, outgassing chemicals, wildfire smoke and odors one of the best features of the (Made In The USA) Austin Air HEPA air purifiers is that they are super user friendly and easy to take care of. A 12 year old child can easily maintain these quality Austin Air HEPA air purifiers! This makes Austin Air HEPA air purifiers a great choice for people that are mechanically challenged or just plain lazy when it comes to product maintenance.

The two Austin Air Healthmate models we recommend are the Healthmate HM-400 and HM-450 units. Both units will clean the air in open areas up to 1500 square feet as per factory specs. They will both clean the indoor air up to 13 times an hour in an average size bedroom. Also both models include a full 15 pounds of activated carbon-zeolite blend to remove odors and outgassing chemicals from carpeting, home furnishings, pesticides and from other sources. The HM-450 models includes added potassium iodide that will remove a higher amount of outgassing chemical contaminants.

All Austin Air Healthmates have a single easy to replace filter drum that includes the HEPA filter and the activated carbon that will last up to 5 years before it will need to be replaced! They also have a permanent pre-filter that can be easily cleaned simply by vacuuming off the outside of the unit's sturdy metal case. Austin air also manufactures smaller units called HM-200 Juniors but for the small price difference and the higher air exchange rate per hour and increased cleaning ability of the HM-400 and HM-450 units we recommend that you stick with these two more capable Healthmate models even in small rooms or open areas.

If you have the need or desire to next step up to be able to also destroy biological contaminants that include airborne viruses, bacteria and mold spores we recommend that you check out the (Made In Canada) Airpura UV700 HEPA air purifiers that include a non-ozone producing medical grade UV Ultraviolet Light System.

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