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SEPT 5th 2006

The Truth About World Trade Center Cough Also Known As WTC Cough & 9/11 Cough
My name is Barry Cohen and I am the owner of The letter below was sent out to many of the USA’s largest news media agencies (Both TV & Newspapers) just after 9/11 2001. NOT ONE OF THESE TV NEWS AND NEWSPAPER MEDIA AGENCIES ACTED ON THIS URGENT INFO. Now many, many thousands of New Yorkers and others that were exposed to hundreds or thousands of tons of the asbestos fiber and a huge amount of other toxic chemical dusts in the rubble of 9/11 are already sick, dying or dead due to the NEGLIGENCE of our Government and the media’s during the entire 9/11 debris removal process! They are now calling this horrible disease World Trade Center Cough, WTC Cough, 9/11 or 9-11 cough! HOW GENERIC AND NON-THREATENING THEY MAKE THIS SOUND! During the next 20 years we very well may see hundreds of thousands of innocent people dead because of this negligence. President Bush quickly passed a law limiting class action law suites against our government. Many others and I believe that this HUGE case of negligence is the main reason for him passing this law, as this problem is so huge it could break the government financially.

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This Press Release Was Sent Out By Me in September 2001. Just After 9/11:


My name is Barry Cohen. I am the owner of I am an indoor air quality expert and have been in the indoor air quality industry since 1989. This letter is to inform you that those firemen and workers in New York City that are now (already) complaining about having breathing problems and that are being forced to quit work on the 9/11 World Trade Center ground zero project, are not just suffering from common asthma. They have been and still are being exposed to huge amounts (TONS & TONS) of asbestos fibers and many different types of toxic chemical dusts. The asthma that they think they have is most likely the asbestos fibers cutting through their lung sacks, which in turn is robbing their lungs of oxygen. This disease is called asbestosis. This will indeed get worse until they end up on respirator machines until they die from lack of oxygen. Another disease that could be caused by asbestos breathed by the thousands of responders, workers and volunteers at ground zero is called mesothelioma, which is a type of cancer. The end is the same! This horrible ongoing problem will not stop until the news media pushes this true story. The magnitude of this ongoing problem is almost inconceivable as it will cost many thousands of lives in the future. MANY MORE THEN THE AMOUNT OF PEOPLE THAT DIED INSIDE OF THE WORLD TRADE CENTER BUILDINGS! As the present workers get sick and are forced to quit their jobs, they are quickly being replaced with fresh bodies that will pay the same price. People that live and work in the ground zero area are also being contaminated. This Asbestos fiber is also finding its way inside of building through the fresh air intakes on the buildings in the ground zero area. How many more innocent people must suffer, before the news media breaks this story open so new strict air quality regulations can be enacted and enforced to protect the people that live in and visit New York City. For more information on this URGENT story, please call me anytime at 970-259-3998

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