Why We No Longer Sell TRACS HEPA Air Purifiers & Parts

Please read this letter to the TRACS factory owner to understand why can no longer do business with this manufacturer.

 July 17th 2019

Derek you always do what you want to do right or wrong! The problem is that far too many customers do not share your concept of what a day late is or to when they should expect to receive their products from your company after ordering them. Also this customer Maryanne I will not receive her two air purifiers for 15 days after she put her order in and I sent it to you on July 5th. Know this! Far to many customers don’t care or agree with what you think the reasonable time it should be to receive your products. Most people I deal with will not agree with you in this matter and the constant phone calls from customers calling me asking me for tracking that I do not yet have while complaining about the time lag you create in getting their units and parts out to them is proof of this fact.

Derek, you need to absolutely understand that now more than ever that we are actively living in the days when people are NOW used to shopping with companies like Amazon, Walmart and other businesses that ship their products out to them the same day or the next day at the longest! This is what people now want and expect from other companies that include ours! When customers do not get the fast shipping or the fast reasonable customer service that they want and expect they become inpatient, pissed off and they will cancel their orders to do business with other companies that will provide these services to them! This is because they actually begin to feel that they are being scammed! Just as Maryanne I is doing now! People no longer expect to wait 15 days to get their products and they want their tracking numbers within 24 hours!  This is simply the way people now expect business to be conducted! Its amazing to me that you do not yet realize this fact and we are both suffering because of this! Please do not take this personal but if these problems continue business for both your factory and your dealers will suffer and this suffering will only increase with time!

Its obvious that to this date you could care less about this ongoing problem and the stress it puts on me your long time dealer while ruining both of our company’s reputations while dealing with these angry and frustrated customers because of your unreasonable growing lack of customer service and because of the long lag time in the shipping out of your products instead of shipping them out in an actual timely manor as it should be like all of the other companies I do business with and many others that want to stay in business. Also you have absolutely no idea how many phone calls I receive from frustrated customers (Many From Other TRACS DEALERS) with TRACS unit problems or questions that have called your office and E-Mailed your office multiple times with absolutely no response back to them!  Why do you now conduct business like this? Your general attitude and willingness to make good for our customers and to me as your dealer used to be much better, more friendly and reasonable but it has really gone south with time!

Derek this is something that I have no desire to do but you are leaving me no choice! If you refuse to change the way you deal with these customers by not communicating directly with them by answering their phone calls, returning their phone calls and E-Mails when they have problems and questions as you should be as the owner of the TRACS factory that builds these air purifiers I am telling you I can no longer conduct business with you like this!

This includes how you deal with this customer (Maryanne I) to keep her as a customer for both of us! If I lose her as a customer with the loss of income from these two units along with a hefty charge back expense because you will not communicate with her to provide her with the factory customer service she deserves as you should now be doing as the owner of the TRACS factory I will no longer continue to do business with you and your company! Please know that I work for my customers and its your job to provide customer service to them while communicating directly with them when it is necessary and when they want to talk with you for any reason they feel is important!

KNOW THIS! If I do stop doing business with you and your company you will be a competitor to my product line and I will not hesitate to tell ONLY the truth about why I no longer represent your company and it will be published in my websites in place of your products when my many customers and other people come looking for them. I will pull your products from my websites and from all of my dozens of articles and blogs as well and they will be replaced with other information and factory brands that give my customers the customer service they deserve and I will do this ASAP. Derek If this is the way you really want to treat these customers that need to trust and depend on both of us while we do business with them and if this is the way you desire to treat me as your dealer of many, many years so be it! 

Also I hope that you truly understand that If we can no longer be allies by doing business together in a more fair and reasonable way as it should be for these customers and to each other, mark my words, we will become the opposite!

I am asking you to answer me right away with how you intend on dealing with this customer, other future customers and our business relationship. Please don’t let your pride or feelings one way or another get in the way of this situation! Do we work together as a team as it used to be, should be and needs to be or do we end our business relationship altogether. Please respond!

Barry Cohen

RESULTS———The owner of the TRACS factory still refused to work together in any way whatsoever to improve his poor customer service issues to both our customers and to me as a long time 15 year dealer. After it got to the point of a growing amount of customers complaining because it took the factory 10, 15, 18 days and sometimes longer to get TRACS products to our customers while not providing the customer service with the necessary communication of answering their phone, returning phone messages and answering E-Mails which our customers deserve and require, we decided to stop our business relationship with this company even though the TRACS is without question a very good quality HEPA air purifier.

This is why you are now seeing this page and no longer selling TRACS HEPA Air Purifier Products. We are very sorry for this situation and inconvenience. We will also be removing the TRACS air purifiers from our blogs and articles but this will take time. 

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