Why The Air Storm Vacuum Cleaner Outperforms All Others! Its Amazing!

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oose The Best HEPA Vacuum Cleaner 

If you are searching for a top quality vacuum cleaner to keep your home or office clean that will outperform and out clean all others on the market you are reading the right Blog!

Searching through the dozens of vacuum cleaners in big box stores, on infomercials and online can be very frustrating and time consuming! That is until you actually discover the best HEPA vacuum Cleaner

This report will explain in detail why the majority of the top selling vacuum cleaners on the market are actually very low in quality and cleaning ability compared to the far superior (Made In The USA) Air Storm HEPA Vacuum Cleaner! 

 Don’t Get Ripped Off With Leaky Vacuum Cleaners

The hype and MANY false claims made by the great majority of vacuum cleaner companies are misleading and downright dishonest! The shame of this is that most people find this out only after they have already purchased and used one! 

 Many people that have been ripped off time and time again by purchasing a new vacuum cleaner with outrageous false claims quickly discover that their new vac is not properly sealed because they still have to dust their furniture after vacuuming!

This is because their vacuum cleaner just spewed a large volume of the finest most reactive dust and allergens back into the air to breathe and suffer from! These allergens include house dust, dust mite allergen, pet dander, pet fur, bacteria and mold spores! 

The most heavily advertised so called wonder vacuum cleaners include units with HEPA filters and water filtration that include brands by Dyson, Shark, Rainbow, Miele, Tristar, Miracle Mate, Dirt Devil, Hoover, Electrolux, Eureka, Nilfisk, Kirby, Bissell and many others! 

The truth about all of these big box stores vacuum cleaners is that they are mostly Made In China! None of them are properly sealed both at the filters (If They Have Them) and at the units case itself! The other company’s brag about how well their vacuums cleaners remove allergens, however the truth is, they actually spew a large volume of dust, allergens and bacteria back into the air to breathe, react to and suffer from while vacuuming!

The Proof of this fact is simple! This is why the owners of these vacuum cleaners have to dust their homes or offices after vacuuming! These vacuum cleaners are actually vacuum contaminators! 

All of the above mentioned vacuum cleaners also all lose suction and cleaning ability as their dirt collection bags or plastic cups fill with dust and debris.

This is because as the dust collects in the bag or cup, the dust restricts air to the motor which puts enough back pressure and strain on the motor to slow it down, sometimes by 70 percent! This also reduces the life of the motor and vacuum cleaner as well! 

Why The Air Storm HEPA Vacuum Cleaner Is The Absolute Best!

The (Made In The USA Since 1989) Air Storm HEPA vacuum cleaner will absolutely outperform, out clean and outlive all other vacuum cleaners on the market in the USA and worldwide! The reasons why are listed below. 

  1. The unique design of the Air Storm allows the dust collector bag to be filled to the very top without any air restriction to the motor to reduce its suction, cleaning ability and motor life as all other vacuum cleaners do. The Air Storm always runs at full power to maintain its amazing cleaning ability at 100 percent!
  2. Air Storm HEPA vacuum cleaners are made to last and serve its owners up to 35 years. Many people actually will these HEPA vacuum cleaners to their family members or friends.
  3. These top quality vacuum cleaners include Ametek-Lamb motors that are considered to be the highest quality electric motors in the world.
  4. Air Storm HEPA vacuum cleaners use Venturi technology to drastically increase the air flow coming into the units cleaning tools for a much higher level of cleaning performance that is quickly noticeable because the carpeting docent just look clean, it looks groomed and this is much nicer!
  5. The 100 percent sealed HEPA filtration on the Air Storm is unmatched anywhere in the industry. The 1000 square inch HEPA filter is made to military specifications.
  6. This cleaner is not just the best for keeping your home or office clean, the USA Army includes these vacuum cleaners in every Patriot Missile System Maintenance Kit to keep the missile’s internal components 100 percent clean in desert and other challenging outdoor environments worldwide!
  7. The sturdy lightweight composite case is 100 percent sealed against any leakage of dust and all other allergens back into the indoor air environment to breathe and react to while vacuuming! BONUS! This is also why you will not have to dust off your furniture after vacuuming!
  8. The HEPA filter and the case is sealed to USA Government asbestos and lead abatement standards which is 99.97 percent or more of efficiency down to .03 microns of particle size. Nothing but 100 percent clean air floods out of this vacuum cleaner while operating it and it actually helps to clean your indoor air of dust and allergens while you are vacuuming!
  9. This HEPA vacuum cleaner is the absolute best for cleaning pet hair, fur and dander from dogs cats and birds! It actually compresses many pounds of dust, pet hair, fur and dander into the dust collector bags for quick and easy disposal after they have reached the full area.
  10. Replacing the dust collector bags and filters is fast and easy!
  11. The top quality powerhead and the easy to roll wheels on the Air Storm work together for easy vacuuming on any type of carpeting or surface and its tool kit includes all of the accessories you will need for cleaning hard floors, upholstery and hard to reach crevices!
  12. The Air Storm is the absolute best HEPA vacuum cleaner on the market worldwide for cleaning and removing all allergens that include house dust, dust mites, pollen, dead skin and reactive pet protein dander from dogs, cats and birds 

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