Why Self-Charging Electrostatic A/C Air Filters Are Best

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Why Self-Charging Electrostatic A/C Air Filters Are Best 

Quality lifetime washable custom made to size self charging electrostatic a/c air filters that are between 80 and 90 percent efficient are the absolute best choice to keep your A/C or furnace system clean, healthy and efficient while enjoying the lowest electric bills possible to protect your home and air conditioning system investment! These are the best air filters for air conditioning systems.

Vac-able and washable self charging electrostatic air filters replace your old inefficient disposable filters in the exact same place they are now located in!

Self charging electrostatic air filters are also very easy to keep clean while enjoying the many benefits that include dust, allergy and asthma control with a cleaner home for many future years to come. 

Our Absolute self charging electrostatic air filters are much less air restrictive than 3M pleated (Filtrete) filters and others for dust and allergens.

They also have great advantages due to the fact that electrostatic filters actually catch more dust and allergens because they work both mechanically and electrostatically to catch and remove airborne dust and allergens from your indoor air while protecting your A/C or furnace system from becoming filthy with dust and mold!

This in turn keeps your home or building clean while creating a healthier indoor air environment for your family or co-workers! 

If you’re A/C system or furnace is relatively clean, self charging electrostatic air filters vary from 80 to 90 percent of efficiency and can be used without any dangerous restriction of airflow problems. This is why we only recommend (Made In The USA) Absolute self charging electrostatic air filters!  

The Important Difference Between Polyester & Superior Polypropylene Electrostatic Filter Media   

The overall purpose and technology for self charging electrostatic air filters is a fantastic way to keep the indoor air dust and allergen free with very little back pressure that will have a negative effect on the furnace or A/C air handler unit and compressor.

However there are important differences in the materials used to create these filters. Most manufacturers produce a lower quality electrostatic air filter that use a polyester filter media material in the middle of the filter to catch the smaller dust particles and allergens. 

 Air filters with polyester media in them are often a bit less expensive and work well for while, however in time after a year or two the polyester material will start to degrade and sag from within the filter after repetitive cleaning with a garden hose. After a few years these lesser quality filters become harder to keep clean and they will need to be replaced! 

The Self Charging Electrostatic Air Filter We Highly Recommend! 

 The lifetime Absolute self charging electrostatic air filter we recommend and offer is (Made In The USA), custom made to size to replace your existing filter in the same space it now sits in.

The Absolute A/C air filter is the best on the market because it includes a layer of microbial proof woven electrostatically charged polypropylene material on both sides of the filter that includes a much stronger 100 percent polypropylene microbial proof media attached into the middle of this sturdy reinforced metal framed filter.

The electrostatic charge of this better designed, longer lasting polypropylene fiber is much stronger than any electrostatic polyester air filter and it will catch more dust and allergens. The polypropylene media in our air filter is also stiffer and easier to wash because it does not sag and lose its shape with repeated washings.

Our Absolute self charging electrostatic air filters will outperform, out clean and outlast all other electrostatic air filters for many, many years to come. This Includes BoAir (Out Of Business), Air-Care, Permatron, LifeStyle Plus and Allergy-Free electrostatic air filter brands! 

Our Absolute self charging electrostatic air filter has an excellent MERV rating of 6. This allows the absolute filter to clean the air better with much less back pressure air restriction to the air handler unit and ductwork for easier cleaning, better air flow, faster home or office cool down time with lower electric bills.  

Easy Care Instructions For Absolute Self Charging Electrostatic Air Filters 

Once a month remove the filter, clean the surface with a vacuum cleaner and replace the filter. Every other month remove the filter, vacuum off the surface dust and then back flush out the filter with a garden hose or in the shower.

If there is greasy dirt on the filter spray the filter with fantastic, simple green or any degreaser cleaner before flushing it out. Allow to drain or shake out any dripping water then reinstall.

Reinstalling a damp filter is OK. The airflow coming through the filter will quickly dry it out and restart the electrostatic charge to catch small dust and allergen particles again! If filter is always extremely dirty vacuum off and back flush with water to clean every month. 

For more information With Purchase Prices With Free Shipping On Lifetime Washable Absolute Self Charging Electrostatic Air Filters Call Us Direct In The USA Or Canada At 561-629-5618 or see Our Website at https://aircleaners.com/product/washable-self-charging-electrostatic-air-conditioning-and-furnace-filters/ 

Additional Information On MERV Ratings And Types Of Furnace & A/C Air Filters 

 MERV Ratings For A/C And Furnace Filters Explained. Higher MERV Is Not Better

Many people are under the false notion that the higher a filters MERV rating is the better the filter will be! This is not true!

The the word MERV stands for “Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value” This is a scale of rating the efficiency of an air filter from 1-16. The higher the MERV numbers are the air filters ability to filter out and remove smaller particulates that include dust and allergens become more efficient and often far too efficient which is not good! 

The BIG problem with MERV ratings is that the higher the rating is the larger restriction of air flow will be to get air to pass through the air filter. MERV ratings of 12 or more are so restrictive the reduction of air flow can easily be high enough to actually damage an air conditioning or furnace system while making them much less efficient to cause higher electric bills!  

Disposable Fiberglass in Cardboard Filters And Hogs Hair A/C & Furnace Air Filters Are The Worst Choice

Most air conditioning and heating companies routinely recommend only using the cheapest fiberglass in cardboard filters you can find at Home Depot, Lowes or Ace Hardware stores. They will tell you that all more efficient air filters will restrict air flow into your system and cause damage. This is totally untrue!  Have you ever thought about why they mostly recommend these Cheap-O air filters?  

The actual reason is because these inexpensive almost worthless 3-5 percent efficiency fiberglass in cardboard frame air filters and cut to size hogs hair air filters are the A/C and heating companies best friends and they are the main key resource to get back into your home or business to repair, clean or replace (Changeout) your filthy furnace or A/C system!

The reason you can see a large amount of light coming through these cheap air filters is because there is hardly any filter media to stop the airborne dust and allergens from passing right through them to plug up your duct work, air returns and air handler unit that includes the evaporator coil and blower motor located inside of the air handler unit!  

Pleated A/C And Furnace Filters Made By 3M Filtrete And Others Are OK But Not The Best Choice

Pleated filters are without question better than the much lower quality and almost worthless 3-5 percent cardboard and Hogs Hair filters that most people put into their A/C and furnace systems.

3M Filtrete pleated filters are the most common brand found on the market but there are others that include Honeywell, AirX, Filter Buy, Filter King and Grainger. The problem is that the Filtrete filters and others targeted to remove small allergens are far too efficient at 97% with a whopping restrictive MERV rating of 14.

The Filtrate filters for removing allergens need to be replaced every 2-3 months at a cost of aproximently $30.00 per filter! At a total cost of between $120.00 to $180.00 each and every year we feel that these filters are not the best choice considering how badly they restrict the airflow trying to pass through them and the high yearly cost factor! 

This degree of air flow restriction could cause damage to A/C systems while causing them to be less efficient in cooling the homes and buildings by slowing down the time it takes to cool them down!

The air restriction is worse if the evaporator coil in your air handler unit is already dirty! This in turn will increase electricity consumption and your electric bill! Also pleated filters are not custom made to size! This means that pleated air filters cannot fit into odd sized air returns to protect the connected furnace and A/C systems!  

Our absolute custom made to size washable self charging electrostatic air filters have huge advantages over pleated air filters and all disposable type A/C & furnace air filters! 

For more information on custom made to size Absolute self charging electrostatic A/C and furnace filters that will without question outperform and outlast all other electrostatic air filter brands. Call us direct at 561-629-5618 or see the website at https://aircleaners.com/product/washable-self-charging-electrostatic-air-conditioning-and-furnace-filters/ 

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