Why Most Air Purifiers Do Not Destroy Airborne Viruses

May 27, 2021Uncategorized

Is Your Office Or School Using The Wrong Air Purifiers For Virus Control?

Please read this urgent information that explains in detail about the problems why the great majority of the air purifiers being used in Schools, Hospitals, Doctor Offices, Dentist Offices And Office Buildings do not destroy airborne viruses and their variants to protect people along with the answer to this HUGE common and ongoing problem!

My name is Barry Cohen. I am the owner of https://aircleaners.com and an indoor air quality expert. I have been in the indoor air quality and air purifier industry since 1989 and online since 1994.

The reason that schools, hospitals, doctor offices, dentist offices and others continue to have problems with the spread of airborne viruses even though they are presently using air purifiers is twofold. 

Why The Wrong Air Purifiers Are Being Purchased For Airborne Viruses

The first reason for ineffective airborne virus control is due to the people in charge of purchasing are often not properly educated as to what to look for when purchasing a high quality air purifier that is able to destroy airborne viruses. 

Sometimes they panicked and bought the first units they could find. Even if they did some research, all too often the purchasing staff did not know that that only high quality air purifiers with proper dosage ultraviolet light systems remove airborne dust and allergens while also destroying any and all airborne viruses. They didn’t really understand how air purifiers work so they made bad choices. 

The overwhelming majority of the air purifiers on the market today are low quality, leaky, foreign made air purifiers found both online and in big box stores. These low quality air purifiers including models with extremely low dose UV light systems are not powerful enough and unable to destroy any type of biological contaminant especially airborne viruses and their many infectious variants.  

Do Diligent Research And Don’t Fall For False Advertising

The second reason is that these low quality air purifier manufacturers falsely advertise both online and on their unit’s packaging that the unit includes a ultraviolet light system (UVC) that will destroy viruses, bacteria and mold spores. In fact, these manufacturers are being extremely deceptive by not showing perspective buyers the actual dose of ultraviolet light that their air purifiers produce. They also do not supply any information indicating what dose of ultraviolet light would be needed to destroy different types of airborne viruses, bacteria and mold spores. 


To destroy the airborne pandemic viruses we are dealing with there must be a Ultraviolet light dosage of at least 6.600 micro-watts sec/cm2 None of these low quality air purifier units offer a ultraviolet dosage anywhere near the 6,600 micro-watts sec/cm2 it takes to destroy these airborne viruses or anything else!

if you investigate further, you will discover there is NO actual ultraviolet light dosage information shown anywhere on these air purifier unit packaging, on the specification sheet, in the unit’s manual or on the manufacturer’s or distributor’s website.

This urgent and important UV dosage information is purposely left out because these air purifier manufacturers and dealers already know that if their units do indeed include a UV light system; they are ineffective and actually unable to destroy any airborne virus or biological contaminant.

The Absolute Best Air Purifier To Easily Destroy Airborne Pandemic Viruses 

We have discovered that the absolute best HEPA air purifier that includes an ultraviolet light system that is able to easily destroy the airborne pandemic virus and its variants as well as many different types of airborne viruses, bacteria and mold spores is the one we offer for these purposes. This unit is the (Made In Canada) Airpura UV600 HEPA air purifier that includes a ultraviolet light dosage of 30,000 micro-watts sec/cm2 

We sell to hospitals, schools, doctor offices, dentist offices, home owners and anyone who want s to protect staff members, patients, teachers, classmates and families by cleaning and purifying their indoor air environments of airborne contagious viruses, bacteria and mold spores. 

Airpura UV600 units can be purchased individually but they are also sold by the shipping container loads to people and organizations that have done their diligent research before making their purchase. We invite everyone to discover the benefits that Airpura UV600 HEPA air purifier units will provide for them!


I feel that this now new important information just explained should be updated in the national news to better educate purchasers, consumers and the Federal Government so they can be made aware of the mistakes and misinformation people are now dealing with when purchasing inadequate air purifiers to protect the public so these huge problems can be rectified to actually help keep people safe from these airborne viruses!

If you would like to utilize this information and would like even more history about this problem and the answers please contact me on my direct phone line at 561-629-5618 and please check out the fully transparent information with all specifications including the actual ultraviolet dose of the Airpura UV600 HEPA air purifier at https://aircleaners.com 


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