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What kind of vacuum cleaner should you purchase? Canister or Upright? Should your new vacuum cleaner include a HEPA filter?

These questions have been asked for many years! My name is Barry Cohen and I have been in the indoor air quality, air cleaner and vacuum cleaner industry since 1989. It is my desire that this report will help you choose the proper vacuum cleaner that will best fit your needs.

Since canister vacuum cleaners have the most all around cleaning advantages due to their unique abilities I will talk about canister vacuum cleaners first.

Canister  Vacuum versus Upright Vacuum

Canister vacuum cleaners are better designed to accept larger more powerful motors for superior suction and cubic feet per minute {CFM} of airflow. This makes for better cleaning ability.

Well-designed canister vacuum cleaners are sealed better then uprights to prevent the out-gassing of dust and allergens back into your indoor environment while you are cleaning with them. If you have allergies, asthma or if you’re really after a more dust free home purchase a high-quality canister vacuum cleaner with a certified HEPA filter.

Canister vacuum cleaners have a flexible hose attached to them allowing you to reach into tight spots to clean. You can also work high over your head to clean furniture, bookcases and ceiling areas

Canister vacuum cleaners have power heads that are lighter and more powerful then uprights and they are easier to push though carpeting. Remember when you’re operating an upright; you have to push the entire weight of the vacuum cleaner through the carpet.

Canister vacuum cleaners are designed with low profile power heads for cleaning tough to reach areas underneath tables, beds, and furniture.

If the power head breaks down or wears out on a canister vacuum cleaner all you have to do is replace it. In the meantime, you can switch to another tool to continue cleaning. When the power head breaks down on an upright, you’re stuck waiting for a repair shop to fix it or you’re on your way to the store to replace the entire vacuum cleaner with a new one!

Canister vacuum cleaners are loaded with specialty tools to clean different types of surfaces and locations such as carpeted staircases, hard wood, floors, ceramic tile floors, different kinds of furniture fabrics and ceiling fans.

Canister vacuum cleaners are by far the best type of vacuum cleaner to gain access to your car’s interior.

Benefits Of Upright Vacuum

The advantages of uprights are few. Newer design uprights now have a flexible vacuum hose attached to them to for hard to reach spaces. However, the flex hose is usually shorter than on canisters and more limited for extended reaches.

Some people prefer uprights because they like to have the vacuum cleaner in front of them to push. Upright vacuum cleaners are easy to use in large open carpeted areas. But so are many canisters. Some people prefer uprights simply because they are so used to pushing old Betsy around from habit. Know that uprights tend to leak dusty air back into the indoor environment while cleaning with them. Most people find that the newer design and higher quality canisters are much higher quality than their uprights after they make the switch.

Note: Stay away from bag-less vacuum cleaners! This is because when you dump the dust container in a bag-less vacuum cleaner, the dust fly’s up into the air to re-contaminate the entire area! Many people complain that the dust often blows onto their face and clothes. Vacuum cleaners that use paper bags to contain the dust and allergens are your best choice.

Our company has been in the vacuum cleaner business since 1989. We have sold, operated and tested only the top brands and models of both upright and canister vacuum cleaners to benefit our many customers with allergies, asthma, and dust problems. Most of the vacuum cleaners operated and tested included HEPA filters. All of the vacuum cleaners we have sold to our many customers were and still are HEPA filtered. Brands we have tested include Dyson, Miele, Nilfisk, ORECK, Rainbow by Rexaire, Filter Queen, Electrolux, Royal, Kirby, Hoover, Panasonic, Compact and the Tristar.

From our years of experience we have discovered and truly feel that only the Airstorm HEPA vacuum cleaner {Made In The USA} is the highest quality HEPA vacuum cleaner on the market. The Airstorm is superior because of its powerful cleaning ability, user friendliness, and 100 percent airtight sealed canister HEPA filtration system.

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