When people realize that they have a dust, mold, or chemical outgassing problem in their home that is aggravating their allergies, asthma, COPD or if they get diagnosed with cancer and they need chemotherapy, bone marrow or a stem cell transplant to help repair their immune system to go after cancer, one of the first things people should do is to purchase at least one or two HEPA air purifiers or air cleaners to keep their indoor air environment clean and germ-free for better health.

Unfortunately, most people run down to the local big-box department store to purchase their products without first doing the needed diligent research to find out which HEPA air purifiers or air cleaners will do the best job to fit their individual direct needs!

Also because of this often lack of research the people purchasing these HEPA air purifiers or air cleaners do not realize that almost all of the units purchased in big-box department stores are of low quality, made in China, and not properly sealed both at the HEPA filter and the unit’s cheap plastic case which allows a good amount of dust and allergens that often loaded with bacteria and mold spores to blowback into the indoor environment only to re-contaminate it!

Also, many of these Chinese so-called air purifiers found in department stores have no real filters in them at all! Just empty promises of cleaning the air. However, even the Chinese air purifiers that do contain HEPA filters have such a very low air exchange rate per hour they are often inadequate to do a proper job of cleaning the air even in a small bedroom-sized space! Most Chinese made HEPA air purifiers are almost worthless in the larger living room/family room-sized areas!

If you have already made this mistake don’t feel bad! Large corporations, doctors, hospitals, and even FEMA have made the same mistake of purchasing inadequate low-quality Chinese made air purifiers only to spend their money all over again after finally doing their research to learn which units on the market will do the best and proper job for their direct needs!

The truth is the great majority of American and Canadian made HEPA air purifiers and air cleaners are far superior to Chinese units because they are held to a higher standard in design, parts, and production for better quality and the ability to easily outperform the low quality plastic Chinese units that are found in major department stores that flood the market ready to rip off the victims that purchase them!

Some of the highest quality Canadian made HEPA air purifiers and air cleaners to learn about including the totally sealed Airpura UV600 HEPA air purifier that is 99.99 percent efficient down to .3 microns of particle size that also includes a non-ozone 30,000 micro-watt producing ultraviolet system that is able to kill airborne viruses, bacteria, and mold spores. The Made In The USA Austin Air HM400 Healthmate and Healthmate Plus HEPA air purifiers are also very good high-quality air purifiers!

All of these Made In the USA and Canadian made HEPA air purifier units are made from high-quality metal, not plastic, they are quiet and they all have a much higher air exchange rate per hour which allows them to clean the air better and much faster in any sized room or open space compared to the lower quality Chinese made units found on the market.

DON’T Be Fooled by expensive HEPA air purifier manufactures like IQAir that advertise that they are designed in Switzerland and try to make you think by their deceptive advertising that they are manufactured in Switzerland as well?  These still very expensive IQAir air purifiers have long since lowered their quality after they started having them manufactured in China!

We urge you to do your own diligent online research when choosing your HEPA air purifier for you or your family’s dust, allergy, asthma, or immune system needs! In your research, you will find that the information contained in this report is 100 percent honest and accurate!

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