Tower Air Cleaners And Tower Air Purifiers Overview

My name is Barry Cohen and I am the owner of I have been in the indoor air quality, air cleaner, air purifier, and allergy products business since 1989 and I have seen all of the good and bad technologies in air cleaners and air purifiers come and go for many years. There are three different types of technology used in building tower air cleaners and air purifiers that are specially manufactured to take up a little less footprint and floor space in your home or office than a conventional sized air cleaner or air purifier. This important report will explain how all three of these technologies work and why you should not waste your hard-earned money on purchasing them.
Human nature tends to persuade many people to want and purchase products including air cleaners and air purifiers that look too good to be true! It happens all the time and because of this flaw in human reasoning, there are plenty of people and companies that are ready, willing, and able to easily sell inferior air cleaners and air purifiers with promises of an incredible performance in cleaning the indoor air quality in your home or business!
Tower air cleaners and tower air purifiers are products that are being pushed as incredible air-cleaning devices! You can find them everywhere including Wal-Mart, K-Mart, Home Depot, Lowes, and Sears.
The truth is that tower air cleaners and air purifiers are mostly very low quality and they mostly do a terrible job of cleaning your indoor air quality! Here’s Why!

IONIC Plate Technology—— Tower Ionic air cleaners and Ionic air purifiers do not have a blower motor or a real air filter in them. They have a narrow metallic dust collector plate in them that is electrically charged to create a small electrostatic charge that will attract dust particles onto the collector plate. The unfortunate problem with ionic dust collector plate technology is that they can only pull floating airborne dust particles and allergens onto the collector plate from a small distance of approximately 1/8 of an inch away! This is almost totally worthless because almost all of the dirty air in the room will NEVER make it into the tower air cleaner or Tower air purifier to be removed! Also once the skink collector plate is covered with a light coating of dust it becomes TOTALLY WORTHLESS because no more dust and allergens can collect on the plate nor will it attach to the existing dust that has attached to the collector plate. Also, these collector plates become majorly gunked up with tar and nicotine if used by a smoker(s) and the tar and nicotine are almost impossible to clean off! Tower Ionic air cleaners and air purifiers also produce uncontrollable amounts of Ozone, an oxidizing gas that can be an irritant to the mucus membranes in your lungs, eyes, nose, and throat! This can cause major respiratory problems for people with Asthma and other lung problems! People enjoy that fresh, clean after a thunderstorm ozone smell that comes from their Tower ionic air cleaners and air purifiers and they subconsciously associate and believe that the smell of the ozone being produced by their tower air cleaner or air purifier is cleaning the air in the room where they operate when the fact is that the fresh-smelling ozone odor is cleaning absolutely nothing and may very well be causing Asthma flare-ups and other respiratory problems!

NOTE: Remember Sharper Image??? Sharper Image put most of their money into advertising their Ionic Breeze Tower Air Purifiers via infomercials and commercials. Their huge amount of repetitive advertising made amazing promises that the Ionic Breeze air purifier was the best air purifier on the market and would do a tremendous job of cleaning the air in your home to control dust and allergies. Well folks the Ionic Breeze air purifier did not clean the air and operate as advertised by Sharper Image and tens of thousands of people were unhappy with their Ionic Breeze tower air purifiers and many became sick from the uncontrollable amounts of Ozone they produced from its the ultraviolet (UV) light system. This blatant fraud brought in a huge amount of class action law suites against Shaper Image and it caused the company to go bankrupt! Thousands and thousands of people were left with no recourse to collect their money back from Sharper Image after they went bankrupt and they were totally stuck with their Ionic Breeze air purifiers that did not operate as advertised and when they broke down they could not get them repaired. Our company still receives phone calls almost every day from unhappy Ionic Breeze owners asking us where they can get these units repaired after they brake down. No one wants to have the liability to repair Ionic Breeze air purifiers after the law suites so we recommend that Ionic Breeze owners bite the bullet and replace them with more quality air cleaners or air purifiers that really do operate as advertised.

ORECK Truman Cell Technology——- also known, as electrostatic precipitator collection cell technology is another filtration system used in producing tower air cleaners and air purifiers. ORECK is the big player in pushing Truman cell technology for their air cleaner/air purifier product line. ORECKS models include the ORECK XL, ProShield AIR12B, the ProShield Plus Air AIR12GU, and the ORECK Tower Air Purifier AIRTB. ORECK boasts that their Truman cell technology is state of the art and used in the US submarine fleet to clean the air inside the subs. This is not very honest and not entirely true being a major stretch of the real truth, which is that this technology is extremely old and has not been state of the art or used to clean the air in the United States submarine fleet since around the days of World War Two! Come on ORECK! Submarines have been using sealed HEPA filters with activated carbon technology to clean the air of particulates and gases since approximately the 1950s.

Problems With ORECK Truman Cell Technology—– Truman cell technology is similar to Ion collector plate technology! Instead of one thin collector plate to catch dust and allergen particles, the Truman cell consists of multiple metal collection plates that are stacked on top of each other with very thin electrically charged wires running between them that create an electrostatic field to catch the dust particles onto the metal collector plates and onto the charged wires themselves. The problems are also similar to the Ion collector plate technology but more complicated! Just like the Ion plates get dirty the stacked metal plates and electrically charged wires must be thoroughly cleaned often with soapy water.

The big problems are that the small Truman cell must be cleaned approximately every three days for it to continue to clean the air. ORECK does not tell its customers that the Truman cell may have to be cleaned so often! ORECK also neglects to tell its customers that it often takes two days for the Truman Cell to dry properly before it can be replaced into the unit again! If the Truman Cell is replaced while still wet it can damage and kill the entire air purifier unit! This three days on and two days off to clean the Truman Cell routine quickly becomes very frustrating and is extremely counterproductive to the importance of having an air cleaner or air purifier that is able to clean the air for your family or co-workers 24 hours a day and 7 days a week as it should be.
Other problems with the Truman cell are that they also produce uncontrollable amounts of ozone that can be a health hazard problem for people with asthma and respiratory conditions. The charged metal wires are prone to breaking while cleaning the Truman Cell and they can only be replaced by ORECK, which potentially creates an uncomfortable amount of downtime and future expense!

Another ORECK false advertising information fact is that you have no filters to ever replace! WRONG! ORECK air purifiers have carbon dust impregnated pre-filter that must be replaced every three months as per ORECK and internet reported customer complaints for it to help remove odors and out-gassing chemicals from the air in your indoor environment. These pre-filters cost $53.00 including normal shipping costs from ORECK. If you multiply this $53.00 cost for the five years you will lay out the huge sum of $1060.00. ORECK also offers optional chemically treated, scented odor pads that will make your living space smell like vanilla, jasmine, or mulberries with fruit. These odor pads cost $11.50 each including shipping from ORECK and they last for one month. Multiply this by the next five years and you spent another whopping $690.00! The only positive asset in ORECK air purifiers is that they actually have a blower motor to bring dirty air into their machines! HOWEVER, the air exchange rate per hour for an average-sized room between 12’X 18’ and 20’X 20’ is only one air exchange per hour! This means that these ORECK air purifiers can only exchange the air in the room through their air purifiers only one time an hour! This is a very poor air exchange rate per hour compared to the great majority of other brands and models of air purifiers and air cleaners that are also available on the market to clean the air in your home or office for much less money at the time of purchase and for future filter replacement costs! Also, there are many online ORECK customer complaints stating that the ORECK air purifiers are all far too loud at high speed. This forces them to reduce the air purifier’s speed, which creates even lower air exchange rates per hour in an already small living space for the ORECK air purifiers to be able to clean the air.

Before you run to the phone to order an ORECK air purifier after viewing that cool-looking infomercial or commercial we recommend that you research and carefully compare all ORECK air purifiers and other brands using the same Truman cell or similar technology. Also compare them to other brands and models of air cleaners and air purifiers using true 100 percent sealed HEPA filtration technology for HEPA air purifiers and HEPA air cleaners that are utilizing multiple pounds of activated carbon-zeolite blend to better clean the air of dust, allergens, and outgassing chemicals and odors that are available on the market.

HEPA Filtration In Tower Air Cleaners And Air Purifiers:

Air cleaners and air purifiers that utilize true HEPA filtration and are 100 percent sealed against leaking dust and allergens back into the air to breathe while in operation is often your best choice to remove dust, airborne allergens and out-gassing chemicals from the indoor air quality in your home and office! HOWEVER, All HEPA Air Filters And Air Purifiers Are Not The Same!

Problems With Tower Type HEPA Air Cleaners And Air Purifiers:

The main reason tower air purifiers and air purifiers were invented is to supply you with an air cleaner or air purifier that has a small footprint without taking up much space in the room it is operating in! This is exactly what all tower units are meant for! However, there is a price to pay that many people feel is not worth purchasing the skinny tower air purifier and air cleaner units that take up only a bit less floor space! The most common brands of tower units with HEPA filtration are made by Hunter, Holmes, Honeywell, Alen Air, Hamilton Beach, Moistair, and Bionaire, The downfall of operating tower air cleaners and air purifiers is that the HEPA filters are much smaller than conventional sized HEPA air cleaner units. Smaller HEPA filters have to be replaced more often and will end up costing you more money! Many of these companies that manufacture tower HEPA air cleaners and air purifiers boast that they have permanent or lifetime washable HEPA filters in them. This is a scam because TRUE For Real HEPA Filters are made from many layers of spun glass. True quality HEPA filters will be instantly destroyed by water and they must be replaced approximately every 3-6 years depending on the brand, model, usage and contamination load. A true HEPA filter is efficient to 99.97 percent down to a minimum of .03 microns of particle size. Most tower HEPA air cleaners and air purifiers are far less efficient because the narrow design often allows dirty air to bypass the HEPA filters to be blown back into the air to be breathed again! So-called washable reusable HEPA filters can be very dangerous because if left damp they can grow bacteria and mold spores that can contaminate your home or office indoor environment!

Air Cleaners And Air Purifiers We Recommend And Why!

If you, your family, or co-workers have allergy problems, asthma, COPD, or other respiratory or immune problems and you really need to control dust, smoke, mold spores, bacteria, viruses, and out-gassing chemicals in your indoor air environment we recommend that you forgo any and all tower air purifiers or air cleaners just to save a few inches of space in your home or office! Many of the higher quality full-size HEPA air cleaners and air purifiers on the market will do a much better job of cleaning your indoor air quality also known as your (IAQ). Tower HEPA air cleaners and air purifiers only provide an air exchange rate of only 3-6 per hour in an average-sized bedroom while a quality HEPA air cleaner or air purifier will provide up to 15 air exchanges per hour in a same-sized room. Tower air cleaners and air purifiers are pretty much worthless in a larger area such as a living room dining room area because the air exchange rate is so small. However many of them are just a little bit larger HEPA air cleaners and air purifiers will still do a great job of cleaning the air in rooms and open areas up to 1000 square feet! This is a huge difference and well worth the effort and small cost difference to enjoy the clean air from a full-size HEPA air cleaner or air purifier.

For general cleaning household dust, dust mite allergen, outgassing chemicals, and pet allergens including dog dander and cat dander we recommend that you check out HEPA air cleaner brands that include the Made In Canada Air Pura Units and Austin Air Healthmates.

If you want a unit with the added protection and ability to also quickly kill viruses, bacteria, and mold spores in your indoor air environment we recommend that you check out the top quality air purifiers that also include ultraviolet light (UV) systems that include our most popular seller, the Airpura UV600 HEPA air purifier!

If you are a smoker or live with a cigar smoker, cigarette smoker, or medical marijuana smoker and you are searching for the best air purifier that will quickly remove smoke and odors see the Airpura T-600 HEPA air purifier.

Thank you for reading this report!
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