(We Feel that Their Newest Ionic Breeze Type Of Air Purifier’s Are Very Low Quality)

This Report Will Explain Why

On February 20, 2008, the original Sharper Image Company went out of business and declared bankruptcy after being sued multiple time for fraud due to their main product called the Ionic Breeze filterless air
purifiers! The Ionic Breeze air purifier did not operate as advertised while also producing uncontrollable amounts of ozone that can cause lung problems to people and animals. THIS RIP OFF CAUSED HUGE PROBLEMS FOR THOUSANDS AND THOUSANDS OF PEOPLE!

They Are Back Now Calling Themselves The New Sharper Image!

The name Sharper Image is now owned by a joint venture of companies that include Hilco Consumer Capital, Gordon Brothers, and Bluestar Alliance. Another company called Camelot Venture Group is in charge of managing and operating the Sharperimage.com website and eCommerce platform.

They are not the same owners of the now bankrupted Sharper Image Company but they are selling the same types of gizmos and gadgets that include what we feel are still low quality air purifiers that have inferior technology using FILTERLESS ionic collector plates compared to much higher quality HEPA air filters that would do a much better job of removing dust and allergens from your indoor air! THIS COMPANY IS STILL USING THE IONIC BREEZE NAME IN THEIR WEBSITE TO MARKET THESE STILL LOW-QUALITY AIR PURIFIERS!

Note that The New Sharper Image Company no longer has their air purifiers manufactured specifically for their company to sell! They are now selling other companies air purifiers that are mostly made in China and NOT IN THE USA!

This Is Why Ionic Air Purifier Collector Plates Do Not Work Well!

We feel that both the old Sharper Image and the now New Sharper Image Company is taking advantage of people that are looking for the easy way out of not having to replace the normally required filters in air purifiers! In this case, The New Sharper Image is using air purifiers with electrostatically charged collector plates using negative ions to attach a VERY SMALL amount of dust and allergens to the collector(s). After even a light coating of dust has coated the small collector the collector must be wiped off or washed frequently because it will very quickly lose its efficiency and ability to continue to pull debris onto it! Tar and nicotine from cigar and cigarette smoke can be a real problem to remove, as it is sticky and gummy!

The two main Ionic Breeze tower type air purifier units being sold by The New Sharper Image are both made in China and very expensive! They are called the Light Air Ion Flow air purifiers and the Ionic Comfort Air Purifiers. Both of these units’ descriptions claim that they will capture bacteria, mold spores, and viruses! We feel that this is a HUGE over exaggeration due to the fact that these air purifiers cannot kill any bacteria, viruses or mold spores! We feel that advertising that they capture viruses, bacteria, and mold spores onto their small electrostatic collectors is nothing more than a cheap sales gimmick! Also, these two units do not include any activated carbon to absorb out-gassing chemicals from carpeting and building products in the home or office that often cause health problems for people and pets!

IMPORTANT!— A high-quality HEPA air purifier will often include a non-ozone producing ultraviolet (UV) light system that will be able to both capture and ACTUALLY KILL Viruses, Bacteria, and Mold Spores.

We have found that the (MADE IN THE USA) TRACS HEPA air purifier with virus, bacteria and mold spore killing ultraviolet (UV) light system and pounds of activated carbon and zeolite blend to remove out-gassing chemicals and odors to be the best air purifier unit sold on the market today!

The TRACS air purifier units are extremely quiet and routinely used in hospital rooms where people are undergoing Chemotherapy, Bone Marrow Transplants, and Organ Transplants. However, most TRACS HEPA air purifiers are used in homes and offices for everyday dust, allergy, and asthma control!

The New Sharper Image Company is also selling other types of air purifiers and almost all of them are made in China. We feel that these air purifier units are also of very low quality with their advertised abilities to clean the air in your home extremely exaggerated!

When I called The New Sharper Image by phone multiple times to ask them even simple questions about their air purifiers not one person on their sales staff or customer service department could give me any decent answers at all! All they would do is read verbatim from the inadequate information provided on their website! YUK!

Do You Now Own A Broken Ionic Breeze Air Purifier Or Units With Extended Warranties?

If you now own any of the Ionic Breeze air purifiers from before they went out of business your still out of luck! The new owners of the company name will not repair or warranty any model Ionic Breeze air purifier, even if you have purchased an extended warranty!

Some True Interesting History And The Newest Updates

Years ago before the original Sharper Image Company went out of business mostly for ripping people off by selling thousands of the unhealthy Ionic Breeze air purifiers, I called the main headquarters by phone to warn them about the mistake they had made when choosing and marketing the Ionic Breeze to the public! I tried to explain to them that selling air purifiers that produced ozone and without any real filtration system to people with allergies, asthma, COPD and other lung and immune problems would be a HUGE mistake and would get them into big trouble! I also offered them my services as a consultant to better guide them with their choices when selling air purifiers to the public. The response I received was to tell me that they did not need or want my help in any way! The person I talked to laughed at me while telling me this and then hung up on me! I thought to myself WOW! That sure was something and for their sake, I hope that they listen to somebody before they get themselves into big trouble!

It didn’t take long for their Ionic Breeze trouble to catch up to them and for the very reasons I tried to warn them about the problems with the Ionic Breeze while offering my expertise in good faith as a consultant to them in the field of air purifiers and air cleaners they were ultimately sued and sued for a huge amount of damages! In fact, they lost so much money because of their poor choice to continue selling the Ionic Breeze it bankrupted them and put them out of business!

And Now It Is Years Later And The Camelot Venture Group In Farmington Hills MI With Others Now Own The Rights To The Sharper Image Name And New Website.

After going over The New Sharper Image website I have discovered that the Ionic Breeze air purifier is no longer on the website. THIS IS A GOOD THING! However The New Sharper Image website is still selling similar types of Ionic air purifiers, but they are now manufactured by different companies. These newer ionic air purifiers may not produce the same unhealthy amounts of ozone that the Ionic Breeze did, however, many of these air purifier models still use the same types of inefficient electrostatic ionic collectors that have to be washed or cleaned very frequently so they can continue to collect even a small amount of dust and particles onto them.

Still Seeing Potential Problems I Contacted The New Owners Of The New Sharper Image Name And Website To Once Again Offer My Assistance As A Consultant. When I called them I was referred to the head of merchandising. I won’t say his name but his initials are M.A. I gave him some free advise about how important it could be for The New Sharper Image Company to pull all ionic air purifiers from their product line since it was these very same types of air purifiers that caused the previous owners of the Sharper Image Name to go bankrupt! I also offered to help The New Sharper Image Company as a consultant with now 25 years of experience in the indoor air quality, air purifiers, and air cleaner fields to help them choose and market HEPA air purifiers and HEPA air cleaners that would be of high quality, affordable and better help their customers that need them.

I was disappointed but not very surprised when Mr. MA head of merchandising was just as disrespectful as the people at the old Sharper Image Company were years ago! This guy also laughed at me as he said and I quote ” The Camelot Venture Group is much too small a company for you to do business with” In other words Mr. MA was saying that he did not want my advice or help and I was wasting his time! I thought to myself that It’s a shame that some people think that they really know it all and also feel that they are better than the experienced professionals trying to help them improve their business and customer satisfaction. After MA said this to me I wished him the best with The New Sharper Image business and told him goodbye!

After talking to Mr MA at Camelot it is my feeling that the New Sharper Image Company is not much more than a bunch of big money venture capitalist partners that are working together to squeeze more money from the once well respected Sharper Image name and from unsuspecting people that do not know why or when the old Sharper Image Company went out of business!

READERS PLEASE before purchasing from any big-name gadget company or big box store first do your diligent research while searching for quality air purifiers or air cleaners for your home or office so you can enjoy and really benefit from the clean air you deserve for smoke, dust, allergy and asthma control

For information on Quality air purifiers, HEPA air cleaners, and allergy control products see the website at https://aircleaners.com or call them direct for a FREE ALLERGY, ASTHMA RELATED INDOOR AIR QUALITY PHONE CONSULTATION At Toll-Free 1-888-578-7324