This Report is written by Barry Cohen the owner of In business since 1989

As our indoor and outdoor environments become more and more polluted with dust, pollen, Dust Mite allergen smoke bacteria and mold spores allergy asthma and other respiratory problems are on the rise! It is now more important than ever to clean your indoor air quality (IAQ) so you can protect yourself, your family, and co-workers with quality air cleaners and air purifiers that can quickly and properly clean the air you breathe of these contaminants!
Factories in the area spew dangerous toxic chemicals into the air that travel many miles only to be deposited into your gardens vegetables, ground water and lungs! Indoor building materials and furnishings in the home and office outgas chemicals and heavy metals that include PCB’s (flame-retardants), formaldehyde, toluene, lead mercury, cadmium and a huge list of poisonous pesticides that without question find their way into your body!

Because of the Internet and advances in science and communications more and more environmental information becomes available to the general public. This information is desperately reaching out to you and it is screaming, PROTECT YOURSELVES FROM THESE TOXIC POISONS!
Just as it is important to filter the toxins from the water you drink it is equally important to filter and clean the air that you breathe in your indoor environment.

This report will first explain which kind of air cleaners and air purifiers are low quality and why you should stay away from them. Then it will explain what air cleaners and air purifiers you should be looking for to improve your indoor environment, allergies and general health.
Once it is decided that air cleaners or air purifiers are needed in the home or office, to improve the indoor air quality (IAQ) most people run out to their local department stores to make a purchase. Others order their air cleaners and air purifiers from television commercials or infomercials.

This is usually a very big mistake! Both the long thin profile space saving tower type of air purifiers that are manufactured in both the ionic plate technology and HEPA filter technology as well as the regular sized HEPA air cleaners and HEPA air purifiers found in most department stores and infomercials are truly very low quality!

Low Quality HEPA Air Cleaners & Air Purifiers

I will get to your best choice later in this report, which are the high quality sealed HEPA air cleaners and HEPA air purifiers that are available on the market but are not sold in big box department stores. There is a huge difference between high quality and low quality HEPA air cleaners and HEPA air purifiers that are available to you.

The low quality Chinese made HEPA air cleaner and HEPA air purifier units are usually very (loud) and not sealed well allowing dust and allergens to leak around their HEPA filters and through their unsealed plastic cases. These low quality HEPA air cleaners and HEPA air purifiers also have a very low air exchange rate per hour. Most store bought and infomercial brands of HEPA air cleaners and HEPA air purifiers can only clean dust and allergens in the air 3-6 times in hour in an average sized bedroom space. Any living space that is larger then a small bedroom is pretty much worthless! Most of these low quality HEPA air cleaners and HEPA air purifiers only have an ounce or so of carbon dust sprayed into a low quality foam pre-filter that is very short lived because they can absorb very little chemical out gassing and odors and like their short lived HEPA air filters they have to be replaced often and at a high dollar expense.

Poor Performance Of Ionic Plate Air Purifiers / Air Cleaners

Air cleaners and air purifiers using ionic plate technology have no filters and no blower motor to bring dirty air to the machine. Most of these units are tall thin profile units called Tower Air Cleaners or Tower Air purifiers. What they do have is a thin electrically charged metal strip like plate running down the side of the unit that attracts particles to the metal plate. The problems are, the charged plate can only attract dust and allergens onto it that are 1/8 of an inch away. This is truly very poor performance because about 95 percent of the floating dust and allergens in the air will never make it to the charged metal plate period! Also once the charged metal plate becomes lightly coated with dust it stops collecting more dust altogether! Ionic plate air cleaners/ air purifiers also create uncontrollable amounts of ozone that is an irritant to the mucus membranes that includes the lungs, eyes nose and throat. The ozone has a fresh smelling odor, which fools people into thinking that the ionic plate air cleaner/air purifier is actually cleaning the air when it’s really not doing a good job at all! The real fact is that the ozone coming out of these machines can and often will cause real damage to people with asthma and other respiratory problems. Many ionic plate air cleaners/ air purifiers also include low quality ozone producing ultraviolet (UV) lights that are not medical quality and produce even more ozone! Remember the Ionic Breeze from Sharper Image? The Ionic Breeze used ionic plate technology that caused so many problems while doing such a lousy job of cleaning the indoor air that they were sued multiple times with class action lawsuits! This Put Sharper Image Out Of Business! There are many Chinese knock offs still on the market just like the Ionic Breeze. None of them are any better. Some of these knock offs include the heavily marketed Ionic Pro air purifier, Pure-Ion, Surround Air, Holmes, Hamilton Beach and Hunter.

Poor Performance ORECK Truman Cell Technology

Problems With ORECK Truman Cell Technology—– Truman cells also known as electrostatic precipitator technology is very close to Ion plate technology! Instead of one thin electrically charged metal plate to catch dust and allergen particles, the Truman cell consists of many metal collection plates that are installed on top of each other with skinny electrically charged wires running between them that produce an electrostatic field to capture dust particles onto the metal collector plates. Dust also collects into the charged wires. The problems are close to the Ion collector plate technology but just a bit different. Just like when the Ion collector plates get dirty the stacked metal plates and electrically charged wires must be thoroughly cleaned with soapy water very often!

The big problems are that the small Truman cell must be cleaned about every three days for it to continue to be able to clean the air in a room. ORECK neglects to tell its customers that the Truman cell may have to be cleaned so unreasonably often! ORECK also neglects to tell its customers that it takes two days or so for the Truman Cell to totally dry before it can be replaced into the unit again! If the Truman Cell is replaced wet it can damage the entire ORECK air purifier unit! This constant cleaning of the Truman Cell quickly becomes very frustrating and is counter productive to the importance of having an air cleaner or air purifier that can clean the air for your family or co workers around the clock 7 days a week as it needs to be.

Another big Truman cell problem is that they also produce uncontrollable amounts of ozone that can be a big problem and health hazard for people with asthma and lung chronic conditions. The charged metal wires are prone to breaking while cleaning the Truman Cell and they have to be replaced by ORECK at their factory, which can really create an uncomfortable amount of down time and future expense!

Here Are The Best Air Cleaners And Air Purifiers For Dust And Allergy Control

Now that you have read about the low quality air cleaners and air purifiers you should stay away from here is information to help you purchase the very best quality HEPA air cleaners and HEPA air purifiers on the market for dust, allergy and asthma control.
When searching for a quality air cleaner or air purifier for dust, allergy and asthma control your best choice without question is to search only for the quality HEPA air cleaners and HEPA air purifiers that are available to you on the market. Know right off that you will be wasting your time searching for a quality unit in big box department stores and from infomercials on TV. Do your research online! Read and print out the HEPA air cleaner and HEPA air purifier make and model information with specifications that will best suit your direct needs. Then call the companies by phone to talk with the real experts, which will almost always be the owner of the companies. Bypass the salesmen if possible because they are only looking for the sale and will often tell you anything they feel you want to hear just to get a sale from you.

Important Things To Pay Attention To Before Making Your Purchase

Make sure that all of the HEPA air cleaners and HEPA air purifiers you are interested in are QUIET! Nobody is ever happy with a loud, noisy air cleaner or air purifier!

Make sure that the unit is sealed so no dirty air escapes from around the HEPA filter or from gaps in the case.

Make sure that the HEPA air cleaner or HEPA air purifier your interested in has a high air exchange rate per hour. A high quality unit will produce up to 12 air exchanges per hour in a bedroom sized area and will do a good job in open spaces up to 1000 square feet.

NOTE: Remember that HEPA air cleaners and HEPA air purifiers are room air cleaners that can only clean the air in one room or open area at a time. Most people end up purchasing one unit for the bedroom(s) and one for the family room where people spend the most time. It’s much better to cover both of the most important living spaces at the same time. Many people think that rolling one unit from one room to another will work to clean the air in both spaces. This does not work because as soon as the unit is moved that room starts to become contaminated again!

Make sure that you consider the after market filter replacement costs when choosing a high quality HEPA air cleaner or air purifier. Most manufacturers that produce high quality HEPA air cleaners and HEPA air purifiers sell their replacement filters at a very low and reasonable cost. They would rather make their money from happy customer referrals to sell more units rather then gouge people on filter replacement costs. However, there are companies that do charge far too much money for filter replacement costs. IQ Air and Blue Air are two companies that we feel charge far much for their filter replacements!

Make sure that the HEPA air cleaners of HEPA air purifiers you are interested in have reasonably priced HEPA filter replacements and multiple POUNDS of activated carbon and zeolite blend as part of their replaceable pre-filter to be able to remove out gassing chemicals from your indoor air that is caused by carpeting, furniture, building materials, and recently painted surfaces. NOTE: Many low quality brands only have a short-lived ounce or two of carbon dust impregnated into a foam or fibrous pre-filter that is almost worthless for removing out gassing chemicals.

Make sure that if you need an HEPA air purifier that kills Viruses, Bacteria and Mold Spores search for ones that have a non-ozone producing Ultraviolet (UV) light system in it. People with weakened immune systems, going through chemotherapy bone marrow transplants or organ transplants really need a quality HEPA air purifier with a UV Light system in it! We feel that the TRACS HEPA air purifier is the best UV Air Purifier on the market. The TRACS also has the design patent in aiming the ultraviolet lights into the air intake side of the HEPA filter. This design is the only correct way to best protect the HEPA filter from becoming contaminated with viruses, bacteria and mold spores.

The Best HEPA Air Cleaner & HEPA Air Purifier Brands To Search For

The top brands and models of HEPA Air Cleaners and HEPA air purifiers to search for are the Airpura UV600 HEPA air purifiers and the Austin Air Healthmate HEPA air cleaners.

We hope that this report has been helpful to you in your quest for clean indoor air, dust, allergy and asthma control. For more information see the website at or for a free indoor air quality phone evaluation call Barry Cohen the owner at Toll Free 1-888-578-7324