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Ionic Breeze Air Purifiers By Sharper Image Review

At Absolute Air Cleaners we get a lot of customers who used to own Ionic Breeze Air Purifiers. Many of these people were fooled by Sharper Image’s expert marketing tactics to believe that they were buying a product that would improve the IAQ (Indoor Air Quality) of their home.

The real truth about the Ionic Breeze by Sharper Image is quite different.

The Ionic Breeze states that it is the quietest air purifier on the market and indeed it is very quite. That is because there is no actual fan in it. That means there is no way for the unit to filter the dirty air in the room and remove it from the environment. The only thing it does is collects a very small amount of particles with its small collector plate attached to the front of the unit. This collector plate only attracts particles from about 1/8” away meaning the rest of the room is left completely unfiltered. To top it off the small collector plate gets dirty relatively fast and ceases to function all together at that point.

Dust, allergens, mites, pollen, dander, and smoke are all left to float through the air without proper fans and ventilation in an air purifier, which is why the Ionic Breeze is not a wise purchase. On top of the poor ability to clean the air, the Ionic Breeze also emits Ozone. Ozone can be a huge irritant for people with asthma and other lung diseases.

It is not our intention to bad mouth Sharper Image as we think they have other great products, however, the Ionic Breeze is not one of them and we want all of our customers to be aware.

Important Update About Sharper Image

After filing for bankruptcy The Sharper Image name has been purchased by a joint venture of several companies that include Hilco Consumer Capital, Gordan Brothers, Bluestar Alliance, and Camelot Venture group. These companies are now using their online website to continue to sell the low-quality air cleaner, Ionic Breeze. They are heavily marketing the Ionic Breeze on their website and using misleading information to gain new customers.

 Get a Better Air Purifier

Please be aware of buying any product marketed as an Ionic Breeze. These are low-quality air purifiers that use clever marketing tactics and false information to mislead potential buyers.

Instead of going that route we suggest you take a look at our HEPA certified air cleaner units. These are high-quality units with high-quality filtration systems. They are the same type of filters used in hospitals, cleanrooms, and laboratories. We have a large variety to choose from including small table units, ceiling mounted units and even units that blend right with existing cabinets. There is sure to be a unit that meets your needs and matches your existing décor.