My name is Barry Cohen and I am the owner of I am an indoor air quality expert and I have been testing and selling HEPA air purifiers, HEPA air cleaners and HEPA vacuum cleaners since 1989. Our website has been online since 1994. All of my products are Made In The USA and Canada and I take great care and pride in what I choose to sell to my many thousands of satisfied customers especially with our showcase Best HEPA Air Purifier! Its called The Airpura UV600.

Best HEPA Air Purifier On The Market

Some of the brands of HEPA air purifiers and HEPA air cleaners my company offers include Airpura, Austin Air, Vollara and our top quality absolute electrostatic A/C air filters.  All of these units are top of the line and are made to fit my customer’s individual direct needs.

The Airpura UV600 HEPA air purifier really does it all to stand out above and beyond all others and is considered by many to be the best all around HEPA air purifier on the market!

The top quality Airpura UV600 (Made In Canada) HEPA air purifier really lives up to its reputation because it does it all by being able to clean the homes indoor air of household dust, dust mite allergen, cat dander, dog dander and bird dander dust while also eliminating airborne bacteria, viruses and mold spores in open areas up to 1,500 square feet. The Airpura UV600  will provide an air exchange rate to quickly clean the air in an average size bedroom 15-18 times per hour!

VERY IMPORTANT! Most of the HEPA air purifiers and HEPA air cleaners on the market are poorly sealed and a portion of contaminated air will find its way back into your indoor air environment to breathe again and react to! This is because there are often gaps around the HEPA filter itself and in the case of the majority of other units. The UV600 HEPA air purifier is SEALED LIKE A DRUM! Absolutely no dirty contaminated air will leak from anywhere in or on this unit to recontaminate the indoor air environment! The UV600 is so totally sealed it will pass a ZERO laser particle count test at 99.97 percent of efficiency down to .3 microns of particle size. 

The Airpura UV600 pre-filter includes a hefty 18 pounds of activated carbon to do an incredible job of removing outgassing chemicals (VOC’s) and odors from your indoor air! Also please note that future filter replacement costs for the UV600 are very reasonable considering the quality of this unit.

Another outstanding and unequaled feature of the Airpura UV600 HEPA air purifier is from utilizing a NON-ozone producing medical grade 30,000 Micro Watts (UV) ultraviolet light system that will destroy airborne viruses, bacteria and mold spores in the room that the UV600 is operating in.

This unique design allows the UV600 HEPA air purifier to aim its powerful long life UV lamp into all sides of the air interior of its HEPA filter kill chamber so it can destroy viruses, bacteria and mold spores in the air flowing through the units and also on the surface of its HEPA filter itself before these contaminants can penetrate into and through the HEPA filter to contaminate it as which will happen with any other air purifier on the market that also includes a UV light system because they are unable to copy the unique design of the Airpura UV600 HEPA air purifier!

Another important feature of the Airpura UV600 HEPA air purifier is its powerful but also SUPER QUIET variable speed motor because everyone wants a quiet and dependable air purifier so they can sleep well at night! The UV600 also has a low air speed setting that is so quiet most customers can hardly hear it at all!

The size of the sturdy metal constructed Airpura UV600 is only 23 inches high by 15 inches. The UV600 is manufactured with easy to push castor wheels and it weighs just 50 pounds. This HEPA air purifier is powder coated not painted so absolutely no fumes or chemicals will out gas from it and into your indoor air! Available colors include white, black and cream. Most people purchase the cream color because it is a light beige that matches most shades of wood furniture.

The Airpura UV600 HEPA air purifier is the number one choice for people with allergies; asthma COPD, weak immune systems as well as for hospitals and medical offices treating people for chemotherapy, organ transplants stem cell transplants and bone marrow transplants due to cancer and other diseases that are often caused by dangerous chemical exposures, toxic molds and different kinds of immune dysfunctions!

Some of our many HEPA air purifier customers include the staff in the offices of the EPA building itself in Washington DC, NIH National Institutes Of Health, All Children’s Transplant Hospital, The Department Of Defense, Homeland Security, multiple branches of the United States Armed Forces and many different branches Federal Government offices nationwide and around the world!

However the great majority of Airpura UV600 HEPA air purifier customers are regular everyday people and families using them to clean and improve the indoor air quality in their homes and office spaces. It is recommended to place a UV600 unit in the most lived in areas in the home which often includes one unit in each needed bedroom where people sleep and one in the living room or family room where people spend the most time to remove and control the triggers that cause allergies, asthma COPD or other respiratory and immune dysfunctions.

All Airpura UV600 HEPA Air Purifiers Have A Full Factory 5-Year Parts, A 10 Year Labor Warranty And A 30 Day Replacement Policy due to  possible Shipping Damage Or Any Other Problems.

I hope that this report has been helpful to you in your quest for a top quality HEPA air purifier for noticable dust, allergy and asthma control! For more information and a FREE PRODUCT AND INDOOR AIR QUALITY PHONE CONSULTATION please call Barry Cohen the owner at Toll Free 1-888-578-7324 or Call His Direct Line at 561-629-5618. See the allergy product website and loads of great information at