My name is Barry Cohen and I am the owner of Absolute Air Cleaners And Allergy Products, a company that I started in 1989 and still going strong to this day. I have tested dozens of HEPA air purifiers through the years that include brands made by Honeywell, Sharper Image, AllerAir, ORECK, IQAir and many others.

Almost all of the air purifiers we tested with a high quality laser particle counter turned out to be low quality Chinese junk because they were found not to be properly sealed allowing a good percentage of dust, bacteria and allergens to escape from around the air purifier unit’s filters and through their unsealed cases to blow back into the indoor environment to breathe and continue to react to while operating.

Some of the known to be of higher quality brands of air purifiers we have tested which included IQAir were deceiving and ripping off the public by using timers to force the air purifiers owners to replace their expensive replacement filters based on the time their air purifiers were operating instead of utilizing simple and effective pressure sensors with an indicator light to alert the owner to when the air purifiers replacement filters were actually dirty enough to need replacement!

Some of these air purifiers, which included brands from sharper Image, had almost worthless electrostatically charged dust collector plates and not any real filters to clean the air of allergens at all and others that included many Honeywell air purifier models were also not properly sealed and they were so loud it would be impossible to sleep at night for most people operating them.

The Air Purifier We Feel Is The Best On The Market

Of all the air purifiers we have tested the Airpura UV600 HEPA air purifier (Made In Canada) with powerful non-ozone producing ultraviolet light system came out on top! Way On Top!

The sturdy Airpura UV600 stands far apart and is the leader compared to all other air purifiers on the market in design, technology and results! Unlike other air purifiers on the market that are not sealed at the filters and case allowing dust, pet dander and other allergens to re-contaminate your indoor air. The Airpura UV600 HEPA air purifier is 100 percent totally sealed like a drum only allowing clean allergen free air to flood into your living space for dust, allergy and asthma control! The UV600 is sealed so well it will pass a ZERO laser particle count test at 99.99 percent of efficiency down to .3 microns of particle size.

Airpura UV600 HEPA air purifiers are super quiet with a variable speed motor to choose the speed you desire for a great night’s sleep as well as allergen free days to look forward to. However the big feature of the Airpura UV600 is its non-ozone producing ultraviolet light system that is rated at a 30,000 Micro-Watt dose of UV power able to any destroy any airborne bacteria, viruses and mold spores in your home or office indoor air! The ultraviolet light system is unique aiming the UV lamp into all sides at the same time in the kill chamber of this units HEPA filter. This allows the UV600 HEPA air purifier to destroy bacteria, viruses and mold spores before they can penetrate into the HEPA filter to contaminate and grow in the filter itself. The HEPA filter only needs replacement once every 5 to 6 years!

Airpura UV600 HEPA air purifiers will effectively clean open rooms up to 1500 square feet and will clean and decontaminate the air in an average sized bedroom 15-18 times per hour. Most families will place one UV600 unit in each needed bedroom with allergy sufferers or asthma and one in the family room where people spend the most time together.  The UV600 is made of metal not plastic and it is built on on easy to roll casters and sized right to fit in your home or office at 15” X 23” high.

The Airpura UV600 is without question the best HEPA air purifier on the market for dust, dust mite, pet dander, allergy and asthma control. It’s also the unit of choice for people with weakened immune systems and going through chemotherapy, bone marrow transplants, stem cell transplants and organ transplants. The UV600 with its germ and bacteria destroying ultraviolet light system is also being used in hospitals, health clinics and doctors offices to combat both common airborne and antibiotic resistant strains of bacteria and viruses!  However if you prefer an air cleaner without an ultraviolet light system, two other units to check out our many other Airpura non UV HEPA air purifiers and the tried and true Austin Air Healthmate HM-400 And HM-450 HEPA air cleaners.

We hope that this report has been a real help for you in your quest to find the absolute best HEPA air purifier for yourself, family or office staff. If you do your own diligent research you will find that this report is both honest and accurate!

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