The Absolute Best A/C Air Filter For Your Central Air System

Aug 4, 2020electrostatic filters

The Absolute Best A/C Filter For Your Central Air System 

                 Low Quality Air Filters Are The Main Reason A/C And Furnace Systems Break Down 

LOWEST QUALITY—It is a fact that the great majority of homeowners and business owners purchase the inexpensive, disposable fiberglass air filters in cardboard frames or cut to size hogs hair filters to keep their A/C air conditioning and furnace systems clean.

URGENT FACT—One of the main reasons people purchase cheap low quality A/C air filters is because this is exactly what the A/C installation repair companies recommend to their many customers! Want to know why?

Cheap low quality air filters are the main driving force to almost guarantee that the A/C companies that push them will have many future service calls to come back to your home to repair your A/C or furnace system. This is due to the fact that these throw away disposable air filters are only 3-5 percent efficient at best.  

These flimsy air filters allow a HUGE amount of dust, bacteria and allergens to easily pass right through them to build up and contaminate your A/C or furnace system and they are the absolute main cause for A/C and furnace systems to break down to trigger very expensive service calls and repairs.

This often includes pulling out your air handlers evaporator coil and blower motor to clean the dirt and mold in them that block the air flow coming through to greatly increase your electric bill.

Low quality A/C air filters are also the main cause of much of the dust and allergens that build up and blow out of your systems duct work to create a dusty unhealthy indoor air environment that trigger allergies, asthma, COPD while weakening peoples immune systems!


                           3M Filtrete And Other Brands Of Pleated Disposable A/C And Furnace Air Filters


MEDIUM QUALITY—A growing amount of home and business owners are now aware of the benefits of upgrading their A/C and furnace filters to more efficient types that are better able to keep their A/C systems clean of dust and allergens for a healthier indoor air environment.

Most people will look for upgraded air filters in big box stores such as Home Depot, Lowes or Ace Hardware. The first brand of upgraded air filters they find are the 3M Filtrete pleated filters and some other brands. These filters are much more efficient then the 3-5 percent disposable filters that are also for sale in these stores.

However the 3M Filtrete filters that target allergens are very expensive at $120.00-$180.00 per year and they are often far too efficient with a MERV rating of 14 out of 16 points to cause a high back pressure restriction of airflow to the A/C system. The air flow restriction is far worse if the evaporator coil in the air handler is already dirty.

This in turn can actually cause extensive damage to the A/C system and increase your electric bill! Also Pleated filters cannot be custom cut to odd sizes for a perfect fit like Lifetime Self Charging Electrostatic Air Filters can be in order to fit any air handler or air return.  

LIFETIME Washable Custom Made To Size Self Charging Electrostatic Air Filters 


We recommend and offer the (Made In The USA) LIFETIME absolute self charging electrostatic air filter that is washable and custom made to any size to replace your existing A/C or furnace air filter in the exact same space where it’s now seated in.

This self charging electrostatic filter is superior to all other brands that use lower quality polyester fiber media. This is because the absolute filter includes a layer of microbial proof woven grid of electrostatically charged polypropylene on both outer sides of the filter with a 100 percent polypropylene microbial proof electrostatic media in the middle of a sturdy reinforced metal frame.

The electrostatic charge of this superior designed, longer lasting polypropylene fiber is much stronger than polyester filter brands and it will capture and remove more dust and allergens both mechanically and electrostatically from the indoor air. The polypropylene media is also stiffer and easier to wash than polyester media type filters because it does not sag and lose its shape with repeated washings.

Our absolute self charging electrostatic air filters are up to 90% percent efficient and they will outperform, out clean and outlast all others including BoAir, Air-Care, Permatron and Allergy-Free electrostatic air filter brands for the future years to come. 

The MERV rating of this air filter is a perfect 6. This allows the absolute air filter to clean the dust and allergens from the air better with much less back pressure and air restriction compared to all other pleated and electrostatic air filters while protecting the air handler unit and ductwork for easy filter cleaning, better air flow, faster home or office cool down times while providing consistently lower electric bills.  

 Easy Care Instructions For Cleaning The Absolute Self Charging Electrostatic Air Filter 

Once a month remove the absolute air filter, clean the surface with a vacuum cleaner and replace the filter. Every other month remove the filter, vacuum off the surface dust and allergens.

Then back flush the dust and allergens out of the filter with a garden hose or in the shower. You can easily remove any greasy dirt on the filter by spraying the filter with fantastic, simple green or any degreaser cleaner. Wait a few minutes before flushing it out. Allow to drain or shake out any dripping water then re-install the filter.  

Re-installing A Damp Filter Is OK because the airflow coming through the filter will dry it out in just a few minutes to restart the electrostatic charge of the polypropylene fiber in the filter. 

Bonus——A Little About MERV Ratings For Air Filters

MERV stands for Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value! MERV is a scale rating for the efficiency of A/C and Furnace air filters from 1-16.

NOTE: The higher the MERV number is, the more efficient the filter will be! It is URGENT to know that the higher numbers are not better! This is because filters with high MERV rating will restrict air flow coming through them! Air Filters such as the Filtrete allergy filters with a MERV 14 are not a good choice because they restrict so much air flow, the back pressure caused by this can easily damage an A/C system.

So Remember filters with higher MERV ratings are not better! Don’t Be Fooled! Self Charging Electrostatic Air Filters with a MERV 6 will do a better job of cleaning the indoor air then the Filtrete MERV 14 filter because it removes dust and allergens both mechanically and electrostatically without any noticeable restriction of air flow! 

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