Help reduce  Multiple Chemical Sensitivity (MCS)

Multiple Chemical Sensitivity also known as MCS is a growing problem in the USA and around the entire world. There are new unregulated toxic chemicals being dumped into the air, water and foods that we eat to make us sick every single day and we cannot depend on our  trusted Government agencies to keep us safe! The only answer is for each one of us to learn and take action on our own in order to protect ourselves our families and co-workers from being chemically poisoned by the many environmental hazards that we come in contact with throughout our lives.

The Air We Breathe

The air we breathe is loaded with out-gassing chemicals that include lead, cadmium, mercury, formaldehyde, pesticides, toxic molds, asbestos and a huge amount of bacteria and other dangerous chemicals!

These chemicals enter our bodies through our lungs from both outdoor and indoor air. Outdoor air quality is usually safer than indoor air quality, however, the outdoor air can be very dangerous and polluted in any areas where factories produce toxic chemicals and products. We can only control the outdoor air quality by being proactive in fighting for higher standards and tougher laws to regulate the toxic smoke and vapors that pour from the factory smokestacks in an area where you live!

Indoor air quality is also a huge problem in our homes and workplace! Outgassing chemicals, toxic molds and bacteria get into our lungs and bodies from many different places in our homes and workplaces. These outgassing chemicals, molds and bacteria come from paint, stains, carpeting, plastics, furniture, pesticides and even from toxic flame retardants that out-gas from TV sets, computers and fire resistant fabrics that are bound to our furniture, bedding, and clothing. Many people develop Multiple Chemical Sensitivity also known as MCS from the indoor air quality in their homes and workplace. Multiple Chemical Sensitivity can be extremely debilitating! Symptoms include weakness, fatigue, memory loss, thrush and impaired immune systems that can develop into many different diseases.

Can You Cure Multiple Chemical Sensitivity (MCS) ?

New homes and offices building have the most problems due to the fact that new building products and furnishings out-gas at a very high rate for the first three years. After the three years are up, bacteria and mold spores start to build up in carpeting, furniture due to condensation, pipe leaks, dirty ductwork and roof leaks. Ventilation is the easiest way to vent chemical outgassing from a home or office space. However, unfortunately, ventilation is often counterproductive due to the fact that it also quickly removes the heat and cooled air from A/C systems. People with Multiple Chemical Sensitivity (MCS) need to keep their indoor air quality (IAQ) clean by the following measures: Utilizing quality HEPA air cleaners or HEPA air purifiers in any living space that is frequented. Most people will keep one HEPA air cleaner or HEPA air purifier in their bedroom and one in their family room where they watch TV. Many people also keep a quality HEPA air cleaner or HEPA air purifier in their office space where they work. If mold, bacteria, and viruses are a concern it is recommended that you choose a quality sealed HEPA air purifier with an ultraviolet light system that can kill and control biological contaminants. We have found that the best HEPA air cleaners and HEPA air purifiers are the Airpura UV600 HEPA air purifiers with UV light systems, The Airpura V600 HEPA air purifiers,Air Healthmate HEPA air cleaners.

People with (MCS) and people in general often do not realize how important it is to clean their living space with a quality HEPA vacuum cleaner that is 100 percent sealed. The great majority of Vacuum cleaners including most of the HEPA vacuum cleaners on the market are not sealed and they spew bacteria filled dust and chemicals back into the air to breathe while vacuuming! Many people become very sick when they are using their vacuum cleaners to clean their homes or office spaces! We have found that the best HEPA vacuum cleaner on the market is the Air Storm HEPA vacuum cleaner. The Air Storm is made in the USA and it is 100 percent sealed so ZERO dust and contaminants escape from this quality vacuum cleaner while it is in use cleaning your home and office! Also, you can fill the dust collector bag all the way to the top without losing any suction or cleaning ability! The Air Storm only weighs 13 pounds, it is very powerful and it has a 35-foot long cord. The Air Storm HEPA vacuum cleaner’s cleaning ability is truly amazing and it’s a wonderful tool for people with Multiple Chemical Sensitivity (MCS) because it keeps the debris in the vacuum cleaner and not in your indoor air quality (IAQ) to breathe and react to. People with multiple chemical sensitivities can also protect their indoor air quality (IAQ) by using paints that do not out-gas any chemicals. These paints are called ZERO VOC paints. Or VOC-free paints. VOC stands for Volatile Organic Compounds. We have found that Benjamin Moore Paints to have the highest quality VOC free paints!

The Water We Drink

Water pollution is another huge problem that contributes to Multiple Chemical Sensitivity (MCS). Billions of tons of toxic chemicals are dumped into the streams, rivers, lakes and wells that become our main sources of drinking water! Again, do not depend on our Government to always provide you with clean chemical free water for you to drink and bathe in! Pesticides, chemical fertilizers, pharmaceutical drugs, and petrochemicals make their way right past many filtration systems and into your life sustaining water sources that include both well and municipal water systems! Many times it has been discovered that municipal water problems have been covered up or missed sickening many people before the problem has been corrected. Many chemicals including hormones and pharmaceutical drugs have often been detected in drinking water without consequences to the towns and cities that are responsible for keeping your water clean and SAFE! Contaminated water can cause huge health problems for people with (MCS). Since chemicals can penetrate right through your skin it is NOW VERY IMPORTANT TO PROPERLY FILTER YOUR BATHING WATER AND YOU’RE DRINKING WATER!

If you live in a house we recommend that you purchase and utilize a multi-stage whole house water filtration system for your everyday bathing and usage along with one of the NEW water ionizer drinking water filtration systems that will clean your water of all water contaminates and also adjust the pH of your drinking water to provide you with less acidic water. People do not realize that much of the water they drink including filtered and even reverse osmosis and bottled water has a very high acid content! Water that has a low pH produce high acid levels that are unhealthy and makes people more prone to disease! People with Multiple Chemical Sensitivity will benefit from a water ionizer with adjustable pH drinking water filtration system. We have found that the Venus and Melody water ionizers both made by the Jupiter Company to be the best water ionizers with adjustable pH and water filtration. These water ionizer units can be used on the counter top or under your sink. If you live in a condo or apartment building it is recommended that you use a quality carbon shower filter for bathing and a water ionizer with adjustable pH water filter system for your drinking water to stay or become healthy!

The Food We Eat

People with Multiple Chemical Sensitivity need to be very aware of the food they eat! Much of the food we eat including meats, milk, and vegetables are loaded with chemicals that include pesticides, antibiotic drugs, heavy metals and hormones! It is very important for people with MCS to try their very best to eat ORGANIC foods that do not include these chemicals and others. If organic foods are not affordable it is very important to wash your food in clean filtered water. Inexpensive cleaning solutions can be made or purchased to clean veggies and fruit to limit chemicals from being ingested with your foods.

Be very careful about choosing and eating foods that are imported from foreign countries, Especially CHINA!!!! Many of the third world countries that supply food to us in the USA use very dangerous pesticides and fertilizer chemicals that VERY OFTEN FIND THEIR WAY INTO OUR BODY’S! Many people become chemically intolerant with Multiple Chemical Sensitivity (MCS) from eating chemically poisoned food that passes right through (That’s Right), Our very own USA FDA Federal inspectors! It is more important than ever to be very careful and aware of what we put into our bodies!

DETOXING To Get Heavy Metals & Chemicals Out Of Your Body!

There are many detoxification products on the market to pull chemicals and heavy metals from the body! Some are a scam and some really do work! The act of removing heavy metals and chemicals from the body is called Chelation Therapy. Chelation Therapy can be done intravenously or orally. A popular form of Chelation Therapy is using the man-made chemical EDTA. EDTA can be used both orally and intravenously. EDTA does a very good job of removing heavy metals and chemicals when used properly. However, there is a safer, 100 percent natural Chelation Therapy product available that is administered orally and it is called Zeolite Oral Chelation Therapy. Zeolite is an organic volcanic mineral and it can be found in both a liquid and powdered form.

We have discovered that the liquid Zeolite form is not as good as the powdered Zeolite. The powdered Zeolite we recommend is the purest Zeolite in the world coming from a mine in Europe and it is 100 percent natural. The Liquid Zeolite is not nearly as pure and it has been discovered that liquid Zeolite is treated with hydrochloric acid and high heat to remove the impurities while breaking it down enough to get it into a liquid suspension! Plus the liquid Zeolite contains far more water in it than actual Zeolite. People with Multiple Chemical Sensitivity (MCS) do very well with the 100 percent all natural high quality powdered Zeolite as it is nonreactive and has ZERO added chemicals in it. The powdered Zeolite products we recommend do a wonderful job of safely removing heavy metals and toxic chemicals from the body without any negative side effects because of its cage like structure that grabs and contains the heavy metals and chemicals into the Zeolite itself to be excreted out of the body out within 6 hours of ingesting it. Many people with Multiple Chemical Sensitivity (MCS) have found a noticeable reduction in their symptoms often to the point of being able to live a more normal and healthier life.

In Conclusion,

Thank you for reading this report about how you can reduce or possibly become free of the often-agonizing symptoms of multiple chemical sensitivity (MCS)! Please take this report seriously. Because if you take action as explained in this report you may be able to live a much healthier, more productive and happier life! To read and learn more about the products mentioned in this report see the websites at and or call direct Toll Free at 1-888-578-7324.