Airpura C600 and C600-DLX Air Purifiers



Chemical And Odor Air Purifiers With Large 26 Pound Carbon Filter For Increased Chemical & amp;
VOC Removal
NOTE: The Big Difference Between The C600 & amp; C600-DLX Is In The Carbon Filters

The Airpura C600 HEPA air purifier includes a large 26-pound high-quality 100 percent activated coconut carbon filter that does an incredibly good job of adsorbing and removing any out-gassing chemicals VOC'S (Volatile Organic Compounds) and odors your indoor air environment. This hefty 26-pound coconut carbon filter will often last up to two years depending on the amount of out-gassing chemicals and odors in your indoor air environment. Replace this carbon filter when you smell odors coming from the air purifier because this means that the carbon filter can no longer absorb out-gassing chemicals and odors.

The Airpura C600-DLX model's 26 pounds of activated coconut carbon is enhanced with potassium iodide rated at 1 part potassium iodide treated activated coconut carbon to 3 parts plain activated coconut carbon to remove a higher level of outgassing chemicals and VOCs is also known as Volatile Organic Compounds and odors that includes removing outgassing sulfur dioxide that is in volcanic Vog and Chinese Drywall

Both of these C600 air purifier models are 100 percent totally sealed against leaking any dust or allergens back into the indoor air while the units are operating and their high-quality HEPA barrier filters are 99.97 percent efficient down to .03 microns of particle size. This makes this unit ideal for people with dust allergies, asthma, or COPD when they are living in an indoor air environment that also includes a higher level of out-gassing chemical and VOC's that they are reacting to.

Honest Effective Cleaning Coverage Areas

From our experience when these air purifiers are operating they will show a remarkable difference when removing allergens, outgassing chemicals, and odors including smoke odors in open areas that are up to 1,500 square feet in size. However, in smaller areas that are the size of a large master bedroom or a larger size personal office space, the C600 air purifiers are able to do a particularly better job of cleaning the indoor air in areas that are aproximently 200-250 square feet with up to 13 air exchanges per hour allowing these air purifiers to provide a high volume of clean allergen and chemical-free fresh air!

NOTE: The smaller the area for this or any air purifier is to clean will, in turn, provide a higher air exchange rate per hour for even better performance!

The HEPA Barrier Filter

The special wrap-around HEPA barrier filter in Airpura C600 And C600 DLX HEPA air purifiers capture 95 percent very small particles of airborne allergens down to 1 micron for dust, allergy, and asthma control. The HEPA barrier filter in these units are very inexpensive and should be replaced once a year.


The cleanable pre-filter will protect and add filtration life to the HEPA barrier filter by catching the larger particles and allergens to protect the HEPA barrier filter. The pre-filter can be kept clean by simply vacuuming it off once or twice a month right through the perforated metal case of the air purifier. The also inexpensive pre-filter should be replaced only once a year.

Variable Speed Blower Motor, Air Flow Rate, And Decibel Levels

The variable-speed blower motor allows the operator to adjust the blower motor speed to adjust the airflow rate and level of desired air filtration in the room or open space being cleaned. The decibel level of this air purifier is an extremely quiet 28.1 at its lowest speed and 62.3 when its turned all the way up to high speed. Medium range speeds are still very quiet! The airflow rate of the Airpura C600 air purifiers adjusts up to 560 CFM (Cubic Feet Per Minute) with the filters and carbon not installed into the unit and between 420-440 CFM with the HEPA barrier filter, pre-filter and activated carbon filter installed as it normally will be when operating this HEPA air purifier. NOTE: This 420-440 CFM rating is close to 2 times the CFM when compared to the other high-quality HEPA air purifiers on the market!

Recommended Use

It is important to realize that all portable HEPA air purifiers are for single room use and they will do a much better job of cleaning the air of dust, chemical out-gassing, VOC's and other common allergens far better if they stay in the room(s) that are being targeted to be chemical out-gassing and allergy-free! It is recommended for home use that one unit is placed to operate in each bedroom for anyone that is suffering from chemical out-gassing, VOC's and other allergens that are causing flair-ups ups of allergies, asthma, or COPD.

For better coverage, a (second) air purifier should be placed into the family room, den, or in any other main living space where the family spends the majority of their time. This way people can move from one clean allergy-free room to another. These air purifiers are also perfect for keeping the air dust and allergy-free in office areas and basement recreation rooms, movie rooms, game rooms, or man caves especially if there building materials out-gassing toxic chemicals and VOC's in these spaces!

Please know that all Airpura C600 air purifiers are made to operate non-stop all year long and they will keep your indoor air quality clean while staying chemical and allergen-free for many years to come. The electrical consumption cost of operating each air purifier around the clock every day is only about $35.00 per year.

IMPORTANT TO NOTE: Customers concerned about the added ability for removing and controlling mold spores, bacteria and viruses should check out our Airpura UV600 air purifier with a non-ozone producing ultraviolet light system!

Airpura C600 & amp; C600 DLX Air Purifiers Are Excellent For

Bedrooms, living space, and office areas to remove airborne allergens and chemical out-gassing problems causing reactions and health problems due to chemical release from new carpeting and newer furniture for immune system support and allergy, asthma, and COPD control.
Office spaces attached to dusty factory production areas that use toxic out-gassing chemicals.
Sulfur dioxide out-gassing from Chinese drywall.
Homes or office areas that suffer from chemicals coming from nearby factory air pollution and or car and truck exhaust.
Homes and businesses that suffer from chemical dusting and pesticide spraying in farm areas.
Woodstove smoke, wildfire smoke, high levels of volcanic VOG smoke, tobacco smoke, and odors
Airpura C600 & C600 DLX Air Purifier Specifications

Size: 23"x15"x15"
Weight: 45 Pounds
The Airpura C600 contains 26 pounds of activated coconut carbon
NOTE: The Upgraded Airpura C600 DLX Model contains 26 pounds of enhanced activated coconut carbon with added potassium iodide for a higher level of out-gassing chemical and VOC removal!
Case Housing & amp; Wheels: Steel construction that is powder-coated to prevent chemical out-gassing as painted cases do. Case housing is mounted on 4 easy rolling caster wheels.
Case Housing Color Choices: White, black, and cream color which is a light beige color and unquestionably the most popular color because it best matches' shades of wood grain furniture.
ETL Certified: Conforms to Canada CSA C22.2 No113 ANSI/UL507
Voltage: 120 Volts or 220 Volts. Call us by phone to order 220-volt units
Watts: Draws 120 Watts on high speed down to 40 Watts on low speed. The average energy consumption cost is $35.00 per year when running the air purifier non-stop!
Factory Warranty: 5 years on all nonwear parts and 10 years on labor cost

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