HEPA Air Cleaners

HEPA Air Cleaners For Allergy And Asthma Control

HEPA air cleaners are very important tools to utilize in your quest for dust, allergy and asthma control at home or in the office! When searching make sure that you stay away from the many low quality Chinese made units found in Big box stores like Walmart, Home Depot Lowes and ORECK. These low quality HEPA air cleaners have a very low air exchange rate per hour even in extremely small rooms, they contain very little carbon if any for odor and off-gassing chemical removal and they are not properly sealed allowing a large amount of dust, allergens, pet dander and off gassing chemicals to leak and blow through gaps around the HEPA filter and through the units case to re-breathe and react to while they are operating.

HEPA Air Cleaners We Recommend

It will be to your great advantage to only purchase one of the top two brands of HEPA air cleaners on the market! These brands are the Austin Air Healthmate models (Made In The USA) And Airpura models (Made In Canada) These two brands are much higher in quality and properly sealed to prevent leakage of dirty air and allergens back into your homes indoor air environment.

Both the Austin Air Healthmates and Airpura HEPA air cleaner units include multiple pounds of replaceable activated carbon to effectively remove odors and off-gassing chemicals from indoor air environments of approximately 1000 square feet in size and they are extremely quiet with multiple speeds to choose from.These two units will do a wonderful job of filtering and removing the dust, allergens and pet dander from your indoor air environment. Most people will place one unit into the bedroom{s) of family members with allergies, asthma or COPD and another unit into the family room to allow easy travel between one clean living space (room) to another.

Click onto the images of the HEPA air cleaners shown on this page to learn more about the different functions that they offer to best fit your personal needs and situation!

Check Out Our HEPA Air Purifiers With UV Light Systems 

UPGRADE NOTE: If you are interested in taking the next step up from these quality HEPA air cleaners to even higher quality HEPA air purifiers made by TRACS and Airpura that include UV (ultraviolet light systems) that are able to also destroy biological contaminants that include airborne viruses, bacteria and mold spores CLICK HERE TO SEE THESE UNITS! 

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