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Interview Sick Building Syndrome, Indoor Air Quality, Allergy Control and Asthma Control.

Press Release Available For Television and Radio Show Interviews What can you do when your nose keeps running, your eyes are watering, your cat is wheezing and your chain-smoking in-laws are coming over for a three week stay? Ask Barry Cohen, He has the products you need. So that you can stay healthy and breathe fresh clean air in your home or office. Barry Cohen is the owner of Absolute Air Cleaners and Allergy Products at He started researching the different aspects of indoor air quality and how dirty air can affect people’s health.

Barry’s Own Problems With Bad Health Due Too Contaminated Air

This was after his own immune system was damaged by toxic solvents that he used in his pressure cleaning business. Through his research, Barry found that poor indoor air quality can suppress our immune systems. He also learned how cleaning and improving the indoor air can have a tremendous positive impact on people’s health. Bringing better health to people (and their pets) suffering from allergies, asthma and compromised immune systems. The more he read, the more Barry understood that poor indoor air quality is a huge growing problem!

Barry Recovers His Health

After recovering his health, Barry decided his next business would focus on indoor air quality. In 1989 he started his air duct cleaning company in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. He specialized in the removal of dust, fungus and bacteria from air conditioning, heating and ventilation systems. It was very gratifying for Barry when he helped people improve their lives and health problems. He did this by cleaning their homes’ ductwork, often loaded with pounds of bacteria and moldy fungus laden dirt. Soon after the air duct cleaning company started he opened up his first allergy / asthma products store. Both businesses were successful from the start! In fact the businesses grew so fast, he had to move his allergy products store into larger locations. He did this three times within a very short period of time. Through further research and years of testing the different HEPA air cleaners, air purifiers and allergy products on the market, Barry became an expert in the air cleaner and allergy control products industry. He consults with manufacturers of HEPA air cleaners to improve the design and performance of their products.

Barry’s Years In Florida

During his years in Florida Barry gave many free lectures to asthma support groups and building owners. His presentations helped his audiences understand how asthma, allergies and immune dysfunctions are aggravated by poor indoor air quality. Also he showed them how to avoid and help eliminate the triggers of respiratory illness.

Barry’s Time In Colorado

In 1994 Barry started his first internet website.He did operate the air cleaner/allergy products business in beautiful Durango Colorado. Barry still offers free consultations to anyone that needs his help and advice. His many allergy and asthma control products include Austin Air, EZ Air HEPA air cleaners. He also has TRACS HEPA air purifiers with ultraviolet light system, self-charging electrostatic air filters. As well as Air Storm HEPA vacuum cleaners and smoke removal products. Allergists, immunologists and pulmonary doctors from all over the world send their patients to Barry Cohen’s company. They refer to Barry for their air cleaner and allergy product needs.

The United States Government Also Buys Barry’s Products

The United States Government is also a large purchaser of air cleaner products from Barry’s company is still a major supplier for 9/11 World Trade Center victims, the SARS virus in Asian offices, the H1N1 Swine flu virus. Also, he sells many air cleaners and purifiers to the soldiers stationed in Iraq and around the world!

Barry’s Goal

Barry’s newest goal is to educate the public on the DANGERS OF TOXIC CARPETING And FIRE RETARDANTS, Polybrominated Diphenyl Ether products or {PBDE’s} that are being released every day in people’s homes and businesses and rapidly building up in our bodies, causing brain damage in babies and children! Barry Cohen is an expert in his field. He is ready to share his expertise and wisdom to help others. AVAILABILITY: Nationwide for television or radio by arrangement and via telephone, available last minute. CONTACT: Barry Cohen 1-561-629-5618 E-mail: