Then Something Amazing Happened!

ORECK may be getting desperate these days because—-For many, many years they have been spending millions of dollars on infomercials while advertising and bragging that their electronic Truman cell technology was far superior to HEPA air purifiers and HEPA air cleaners to clean the air of dust and allergens in your home. Then it happened!

ORECK Is Now Selling Low Quality HEPA Air Purifiers!

ORECK has just come out with two new (CHINESE MADE) HEPA air purifier models called the ORECK AirInstinct 100 at a cost of $399.99 and the little bit more powerful AirIinstinct 200 HEPA air purifier that ORECK claims can clean a room better then the 100 model at a whooping $100.00 more totaling $499.99. Here’s The Kicker—The difference in square foot air cleaning coverage between the two models is only 27 square feet!

Another funny thing is ORECK is still selling their ORECK XL and larger DualMax outdated electrostatic precipitator Truman Cell technology units that they also sell and still say are the best on the market in their newest infomercials.

The ORECK website now shows both Truman Cell and HEPA air purifier units and is telling the public to decide for themselves which of their air purifiers will be right for their home! After watching ORECK’s infomercials and then reading through ORECKS contradictory website how could anyone make the best air purifier choice for their home??? How many people are now scratching their heads in bewilderment?

After being in the air cleaner and air purifier industry for over 26 years I have seen and tested many different air purifier units. Many of the Chinese air purifiers on the market are very similar in design, features and technology even though they carry MANY different names and model numbers. This is because most of these Chinese made air purifiers are manufactured in the same few factories that use the same or similar technology and lower quality filter configurations in almost all of their air purifiers.

ORECK’s newest two HEPA filtered AirInstinct 100 and AirIinstinct 200 models are not much different then many other LESS EXPENSIEVE AND LOWER QUALITY CHINESE BRAND AND MODELS OF AIR PURIFIERS ON THE MARKET that can be found in Wal-Mart, K Mart, Home Depot, LOWES, Bed Bath and Beyond and other discount big box stores! I will now explain the similarities. Just a few of these brands and models of Chinese made air purifiers include the Bionaire BAP1700-U Permatech, Winix Plasma Wave 5300, Pure-Ion air purifier, Surround Air XJ-3800 and the Fellowes AP-230PH. There are many more! All of these air purifier units have the same type of APS (Automatic Particulate Sensor) that senses particles in the air to automatically increase the fan speed if it senses more particles.

What good is this APS technology? NOTHING! Its just a gimmick because any air cleaner’s motor speed should be set to create the highest air exchange rate per hour possible to clean the air of any amount of dust and allergens all of the time and quickly as possible. The simple fact is a fan motor set to run on a slower speed will always do a minimal job of cleaning the air in any size room.

All of these Chinese made units including ORECKS AirInstinct 100 and 200 HEPA air purifier models produce a very low air exchange rate per hour of Aprox 4 air exchanges per hour in an average sized bedroom. This is nothing compared to the superior American made HEPA air purifier units that are in the same price range that can provide up to 13 air exchanges per hour in the same size room.

I will give ORECK one positive point! They finally gave in and decided to start selling HEPA filtered air purifiers! The problem is that the two newest Chinese made AirInstinct models they are now selling contain what I feel is bare minimal HEPA filters and pre-filters in them including that their super thin material VOC and odor trapping filter will never last for three years under normal use. High quality HEPA air purifiers and HEPA air cleaners that include a hefty13 pounds of activated carbon and zeolite blend to remove VOC’s and odors will rarely last for three years before needing to be replaced. Plus for the money ORECK is charging for these AirInstinct air purifiers you would think that they would have maybe included an ultraviolet light system to also be able to kill bacteria, viruses and mold spores along with a sturdy non-out gassing steel case instead of plastic.

Recommended (MADE IN THE USA) Quality HEPA air purifiers to also check out include the TRACS HEPA air purifier, The EZ Air HEPA air cleaner and Austin Air Healthmate HEPA air cleaners.

In Conclusion—— It is nice that ORECK is now selling HEPA filtered air purifiers. It is my opinion that it would be far better if they could stop selling the lower quality Chinese made HEPA air purifiers and electrostatic precipitator Truman Cell air purifiers at premium prices and switch to some higher quality American made HEPA air purifiers in steel cases even if they have to charge more money for them. PEOPLE NEED QUALITY!

I personally feel that this will never happen simply because ORECK may not be able to afford to produce and broadcast million dollar infomercials selling high quality HEPA air purifiers because in their eyes and balance sheets the profit margins could not support the advertising costs! It’s a shame that many large corporations are now all about the money and profits and not about the quality of the products they sell to best benefit the people that need to use them! In this case its people with chronic allergies, asthma, COPD as well as other respiratory problems and immune dysfunctions.

I also feel that new ORECK company owners in New York City are lucky that the ORECK name and reputation is still floating from the days when David Oreck actually owned the company. I say this because I really feel that the new ORECK owners have made many mistakes in choosing their present air purifier lines and models. Also the marketing of these air purifiers has a lot to be desired! In other words, They Can Do Better!

I hope that this report has been helpful in your quest for information concerning ORECK AirInstinct air purifiers and the different types of air purifiers being sold on the market. If you are interested in purchasing a quality HEPA air purifier or HEPA air cleaner and you would like more information please see the website at or call them direct at Toll Free 1-888-578-7324.