The Real Truth About The ORECK XL And DualMax Air Purifiers

Jul 19, 2013Residential HEPA Vacuum Cleaners

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A lot of our customers were previous owners of Oreck XL and DualMax Air purifiers. Oreck puts out great looking infomercials and make a lot of great claims about the ability of their air purification units to clean the air in your home providing safe and healthy air for your family. Oreck sells thousands of these air purifiers and makes millions off customers believe they are getting top quality air cleaners when in fact the reality is much different.

Oreck claims that its air purifiers are made in the USA when in fact this is a blatant lie and they are cheaply made in china and boxed in Tennessee. The original owner David Oreck that you see on the commercials for their products is no longer the sole owner and actually sold out to an investment firm called American Securities Capital Partners LLC, which operates solely for profit and outsourced the manufacturing of Oreck products.

Oreck XL purifiers are small inefficient units that are not much bigger than a shoebox. The DualMax is about twice the size of the XL but is basically just two XL units put together. They have small underpowered fans that provide very low air exchange even when in a small room. Oreck claims that the XL can purify the air of a 900 square foot room in an hour but this is very misleading, as it doesn’t really clean the air of small contaminants. It may remove dust and larger particles but does nothing to reduce smoke, chemicals, gases, and many very harmful smaller particles.

Oreck also boasts that is has the lowest cost of maintenance through its advanced filter technology. This is also untrue as their technology is outdated. They use a Truman Cell, which actually uses grid technology that has been around since the 1940’s. The problem with grid technology is that once the magnetic grid is full of dust all the particles are blown back into your breathing air. The Oreck filters are small and get dirty very easily making them fill up very quickly.

Oreck filters are $39.00 for a 4 pack and don’t last very long. They also add Blooming Jasmine chemical scents to their filters to give the illusion that the air you are breathing is clean when it is in fact not.

What If You Want Something Better?

If you want actually clean air you need a quality HEPA air cleaner, which is what we carry on our website. These are the same type of systems actually used by hospitals and laboratories where clean air is essential. Most of our air cleaners provide an air exchange rate of up to 10 times that of the Oreck XL and actually clean all of the air.

If you listen to Oreck they will claim that their units are superior to HEPA filters, which is completely untrue. Oreck is simply lying to the public to sell more of their shoe sized inefficient products. A true HEPA filter clean s99.97 percent efficient down to .03 microns of particle size. This captures gases, smoke, and other particles that are invisible to the human eye.

Quality air cleaner brands include TRACS, Austin Air, EZ Air, and AllerAir. These are expert companies in the manufacture of air purification units and have far superior products. So if you are in the market make sure you purchase from a reputable company with high quality products. These will be the best bang for your buck and the most cost effective down the road.

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