It’s amazing that both of these large successful mail order and infomercial powerhouse companies have not learned from their own mistakes for from each other’s mistakes!

Both companies have received HUGE fines for making far fetched claims about their air purifiers that were not as advertised! The original Sharper Image Company was bankrupted and run out of business by fines and class action lawsuits because claims about their Ionic Breeze air purifier that was found not to operate as advertised and because it produced high enough amounts of Ozone that could cause health problems by drying out peoples mucus membranes in their eyes, nose throat and lungs!

Now the Sharper Image name has been purchased by the Camelot Venture Group In Farmington Hills Michigan and they have resurrected Sharper Image as an Internet website selling many of the same types of gadgets and products that the old Sharper Image company sold in their infomercials, mail order catalogs and website.

The new Sharper Image air purifier products line include mostly the same type of Chinese made tower ionic air purifiers they used to sell when the old owner was calling them the Ionic Breeze. The new Sharper Image Company is still using the Ionic Breeze name in their website marketing attempts! However they are now selling Ionic air purifiers manufactured by different Chinese companies with different names such as Light Air Ion Flow and the Ionic Comfort Air purifiers. We wonder if still using the Ionic Breeze air purifier name will again get the newest owners of the Sharper Image business in trouble?

Sharper Image is also selling the Blueair ionizer air purifier. They are saying that the Blueair is a HEPA air purifier. The REAL fact is that the Blueair IS NOT A HEPA AIR PURIFIER AT ALL! Its filters are lower quality pleated filters. The Blueair Company Conveniently Named Their PLEATED Air Filters “HEPA Silent Filters” Which Is Not Honest In Itself Because Again They Are Not True HEPA Filters And They Are Also Very Expensive To Replace!

ORECK is the recipient of national headlines and a Huge $750,000 fine from the Federal Trade Commission for deceptive advertising and unproven health claims on its Chinese made ORECK XL ProShield Plus air purifiers and HALO vacuum cleaners with an ultraviolet (UV) light system.

ORECK is also a large well-known company that has been sold to a large investment firm! ORECK is no longer owned by David Oreck who was the original owner and the older gentleman that you still see pushing ORECK XL air purifiers and vacuum cleaners on television commercials and infomercials. The newest owner of ORECK is a large investment firm in New York City called the American Securities Capital Partners LLC. However some of the ORECK family members are still stockholders in the company.

Why would large successful companies like ORECK and Sharper Image choose to sell such low quality Chinese made air purifiers that do not live up the past and present reputation of the companies selling them?

Both of these companies have the assets and ability to develop actual high quality air purifiers and have them manufactured in the United States for their many trusting customers. Heck! It is our opinion that more people would purchase these two company’s air purifiers if they knew that they were MADE IN THE USA!

Our feeling is that more and more companies are becoming profit motivated at any cost more so then their concerns are to provide high quality products to their customers. Many companies that do business like this often squeeze as much money from their customers as they can before going bankrupt. Then they simply move on to another company to repeat their behavior!

It is our hope and desire that this will not continue to be the case! We would like to see large United States based corporations make a motivated sustained effort to provide high quality air purifiers and products that are MADE IN THE USA by Americans for Americans and for the rest of the world to enjoy and benefit from!

If enough American based corporations can change their thinking from quick profits from Chinese factories often pumping out lower quality products to dealing with American manufactures employing American workers making the high quality products that we all need and deserve, the American economy can grow at a much faster pace then it is now and as Americans we can all have a much brighter future!

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