Please read this report before purchasing or referring a Honeywell or any other Chinese made air purifier!

Almost everyone knows the name Honeywell, it’s been a trusted USA based company manufacturing all kinds of products since 1906 AND THAT’S THE PROBLEM when it comes to purchasing Honeywell air purifiers/ air cleaners. People including physicians are quick to recommend products based on a company’s name and past performance and not on the actual present day quality and performance of the products being recommended!

This is simply because people fail to recognize the lowered quality and changes many of these companies go through to make larger profits for themselves and for their shareholders. Honeywell is one of these companies because they have been and still are outsourcing outside of the USA and having their low quality HEPA air purifiers and other NON HEPA filtered air-cleaning devices manufactured in China and in other Asian countries.

Reasons Why Honeywell Air Purifiers Are Truly Low Quality

Honeywell is hoping and banking that people will continue to purchase their low quality air purifiers based on the well-known name “Honeywell” and NOT because of the quality, which they are indeed lacking! Its all about the money and they have proven this fact by manufacturing and selling air purifiers that actually produce Ozone that can be a major irritant to the lungs and mucus membranes of people with asthma, COPD, allergies and other lung problems! Some of these air purifiers include small warning labels that state not to use for people with asthma! The question is, how many people with asthma are finding these labels before they purchase these ozone spewing air purifiers that can further damage their lungs?

FACT: If Honeywell really cared about the people they were selling their products to, why would they be selling low quality ozone producing SO CALLED air purifiers that could be a health hazard to people with asthma in the first place? WHY!

FACT: Honeywell is deceptively selling low quality inefficient NON HEPA filtered air purifiers with VERY LOW air exchange rates per hour while calling them names such as HEPA Quiet and HEPA Clean to make people believe that they are actually selling true HEPA filtered air purifiers! If you read the fine print it says HEPA type! This is a HUGE deception! The United States Department of Energy (DOE) HEPA filter standards have to be at least 99.97 percent efficient down to 0.3 microns of particle size. NOTE: (.3 is the same as 0.3) If a filter is only 95- 99 percent efficient it’s simply not a HEPA filter at all because MANY allergens can pass right through it and back into your indoor air for you and your family to breathe and react to!

FACT: Honeywell’s is selling air purifiers that claim to include washable HEPA filters that can be used over and over again! However this is another deception and false advertising because TRUE HEPA filters are made of a pleated paper like spun glass material that can never be allowed to be wet as it will destroy the HEPA filter and allow mold and bacteria to grow on the filter media! A true HEPA filter with a proper pre-filter in front of it will collect the smallest and most reactive dust particles and allergens for a period of 5-6 years before replacement is necessary.

FACT: Honeywell is selling air purifiers that are not sealed, both at the filters and at the unit’s case allowing amounts of dust and allergens to spew back into the indoor air while in operation to breathe again and react to! This has been proven by individuals doing simple laser particle tests on different areas of models of Honeywell air purifiers, both HEPA and non-HEPA type units!

FACT: Honeywell is selling air purifiers that claim to remove mold spores, bacteria and certain germs from your indoor air. However Honeywell fails to mention that these biological contaminants are not destroyed and given the right temperature and humidity they can grow and multiply inside of the unsealed units filters to blow back into the indoor air environment to breathe and react to!

In Conclusion 

Honeywell air purifiers (Made In China and Asia) have a very low air exchange rate per hour to keep living areas dust and allergen free, even in small bedroom areas. Honeywell uses deceptive advertising every single day both to the general public and to the physicians that have been referring these units to their patients using terminology such as HEPA Quiet and HEPA Clean for their so called air purifier units that do not even include true HEPA filters in them at all! Many of Honeywell’s air purifiers produce ozone that should never be used by people with asthma or other inflammatory lung diseases because these ozone emitting air purifiers can worsen their conditions and NOT MAKE THEM BETTER! Other deceptive claims about Honeywell air purifier filters removing bacteria, mold spores and certain germs from the air may allow potential buyers to believe that these biological contaminants are being destroyed when in fact they can grow and multiply in the air purifier’s unsealed filter and unit case only to be released back into the indoor air environment to breathe and react to!

Honeywell is most likely the largest seller of these lower quality- so called air purifiers but they are not alone! Other Chinese and Asian made brands that use the same deceptive selling methods while selling low quality unsealed and sometimes ozone spewing air purifiers include, Hunter, Holmes, Vornado, Ionic Pro, Blue Air, Rabbit Air, Alan Air, Sharper Image, ORECK and many others!

When purchasing a quality HEPA Air Purifier or HEPA air cleaner for your family, employees or patients we urge you to do your diligent research before making your purchase or referral to others!

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