Natural Zeolite Detox  Safely Removes Toxic Heavy Metals And Radioactive Isotopes From The Body!

Many people that have been exposed to toxic chemicals, cancer causing radiation and heavy metals in their homes or workplace that desire to prevent illness or now suffer from illness and degenerative diseases are now taking Zeolite Pure in micronized powdered form. This is a natural zeolite detox for heavy metals to remove these toxic contaminants from the body! Many people doing this important detox are reporting real success.

Zeolite Pure safely removes toxic heavy metals from the body that includes Mercury, Cadmium, Arsenic and Lead. It also removes Radioactive Isotopes That Include Barium, Uranium, Strontium-90, Iodine-131, Caesium-137 and Thorium.

The act of flushing chemicals, radiation and heavy metals from your body orally with ingestible zeolite is called Oral Chelation Therapy or Detox Therapy.

Zeolite works to detox and remove toxic heavy metals and radioactive isotopes from your body by attracting these contaminants into its cage like structure with its natural negative ionic charge. The zeolite along with it’s trapped contaminates are then safely flushed out of your body when you urinate and have bowel movements.

Now that the Fukushima nuclear power plant reactor disaster in Japan has spread tons and tons of radiation throughout the United States and the rest of the planet to further contaminate us all, a growing amount of people are purchasing our one hundred percent pure micronized Clinoptilolite zeolite powder called Zeolite Pure to remove the radioactive isotope fallout from their bodies to help protect themselves from the different types of cancers that higher than normal levels of background radiation can cause. Concerned people are also feeding our zeolite to their pets and farm animals to protect them as well!

A IJHS report released data showing that well over 14,000 and growing deaths in the USA alone have been attributed to the Fukushima nuclear disaster alone! This number will grow as time goes by because  the radiation levels are still accumulating in our body’s due to this horrific radiation release that has also been poisoning the food we eat and the water we drink due to the food chain being loaded with toxic heavy metals because of the Fukushima radioactive isotope release plus the added spraying of pesticides, fungicides and herbicides into our nation’s farmland and onto the fruits and vegetables we eat daily!

Myself and tens of thousands of others feel that zeolite oral chelation therapy does a very good job of removing the toxic heavy metal and radiation contaminants from the body that often cause cancer and many different kinds of illness and health problems by turning good cells into disease causing mutated bad cells. These bad cells thrive in an acidic environment. Our bodies are mostly acidic due to the foods we eat and the toxins that we are exposed to in the environment. A huge bonus is that Zeolite also balances the pH in the body. Bad cells cannot easily survive in the balanced low acidic alkaline pH, which then allows all of the systems in the body to function optimally.

Once the chemicals, radiation and heavy metals are detoxed and removed by the Clinoptilolite zeolite oral chelation protocol, your body’s immune system will then be able to grow stronger to better fight off and destroy the bad cells like it’s supposed to do thus allowing your body’s immune system to grow stronger and to become healthy again. This approach makes common sense and it is the reason that so many people with different types of cancer are now using Zeolite Pure for an oral  chelation therapy to allow for strengthening of their immune system as part of their fight to get well!

I recommend that you stay away from the liquid zeolite since it has been proven by independent lab tests to only contain only small trace amounts of zeolite which is greatly diluted with water and packaged in small eyedropper like bottles. Stick with the easy to take, safe and 100 percent pure Clinoptilolite micronized powdered zeolite in capsules or our Zeolite Pure micronized powdered zeolite packaged in 400 gram jars that can be mixed into food, water or into your favorite juice or smoothie for the best detox. Check out the website at for lots of product information on our safe medical grade ingestible zeolite powder.

If you live or work in an indoor environment that has new carpeting or other items that are out gassing chemicals you should also consider purchasing quality HEPA air cleaners or HEPA air purifiers that include pounds of replaceable activated carbon with granular zeolite that will absorb,remove and detox the airborne chemicals from your indoor air living or work space environment.

See the website at for more information or to purchase safe ingestible Zeolite Pure to detox your body. Also for the highest quality HEPA air cleaners and HEPA air purifiers with pounds of activated carbon including zeolite to remove out gassing chemicals from your indoor air environment see the website at .

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