There are hundreds of air cleaners available on the market. They come in different types and sizes. The types of air cleaners on the market include ionizers, ozone ionizers, electrostatic precipitators, tower air cleaners with electrically charged collector plates, fiber-filtered air cleaners, and HEPA air cleaners. Most of the air cleaners mentioned above are of VERY LOW QUALITY AND MADE IN CHINA! They include electronically charged cells and collector plates that collect very little dust and allergens and need to be cleaned very often or they stop collecting dust and allergens altogether. The best type of air cleaner that remove the most dust and allergens from your indoor air is HEPA air cleaners.

It is very important to choose a HEPA air cleaner that is quiet, user-friendly and has a high rate of air exchange per hour in open rooms or areas up to at least 1000 square feet so they can do a good job of cleaning the air in larger open living room/family room areas as well as separately in bedrooms. THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS OVERKILL! The smaller the room, the higher the air exchange rate will be for better performance and cleaner indoor air quality (IAQ) for you, your family, and your pets. Yes! Pets also suffer from airborne allergies.

Again stay away from the CHEAP MADE IN CHINA HEPA air cleaners found in most big box department stores that include Walmart, K-Mart, Home Depot, Lowes, Bed Bath And Beyond Ect… These low-quality HEPA air cleaner units have a very low rate of air exchange per hour, They contain very little carbon to absorb out gassing chemicals and odors, they are loud, they are not sealed well, and leak an unreasonable amount of dirty air back into the indoor environment to breathe and to react to AGAIN and they require frequent and sometimes costly filter replacements. Low Quality HEPA air cleaners ARE NOT USER FRIENDLY!

The Most User-Friendly HEPA Air Cleaner Is The Austin Air Healthmate!

The Austin Air Healthmate HEPA air cleaner (MADE IN THE USA) has been on the market for many years while maintaining its standards of being a high-quality air cleaner accompanied by excellent customer service by the manufacturer located in New York State.

The Austin Air Healthmate HEPA air cleaner also known as the Model HM-400 is without question, the most user-friendly HEPA air cleaner on the market! It’s perfect for people that are mechanically challenged or do not want an air cleaner that requires frequent filter changes. The advantages of the Austin Air Healthmate HEPA air cleaner include a HEPA filter that does not need a replacement for up to five years. Another advantage includes a permanent pre-filter that can be cleaned of its debris by simply vacuuming off the exterior of the Healthmates sturdy steel case. Pre-filter cleaning should be done once or twice a month and it only takes less than a minute to do. The pre-filter will also last up to five years and it is included when a new HEPA filter replacement drum is purchased approximately once every 5 years. The Austin Air Healthmate includes 15 pounds of quality activated carbon zeolite blend to remove out-gassing chemicals and odors from your indoor air environment.

The HEPA filter drum is extremely easy and quick to change! Just remove the four screws on the bottom of the unit and the entire case will pull right off exposing the HEPA filter drum. Remove the HEPA filter drum and replace it with a new one. Replace the metal case and the four screws and you’re done in just a few minutes.

The Austin Air Healthmate’s HEPA air cleaner’s powerful three-speed motor is quiet and the unit is easy to move around on its quality caster wheels. The Austin Air Healtmate’s compact size is 14 ½ inches square by only 23 inches high.

Other user-friendly HEPA air cleaners include the Airpura UV600 HEPA air cleaner with Ultraviolet light system. The great advantage of the UV600 is it is also able to destroy mold spores, bacteria, and viruses. These two units have 5-6 year HEPA filters. The inexpensive pre-filter that protects the HEPA filter does have to be replaced an average of once a year. The cool feature of both of these HEPA air cleaner units is that all filters can be replaced very quickly AND it’s VERY EASY TO DO!

For more information on user-friendly Austin Air Healthmat and Air Pura UV600, HEPA air cleaners with UV light system see the website at Or for a FREE indoor air quality and HEPA air cleaner consultation, call Barry Cohen the owner of the company, and talk with him directly at Toll Free 1-888-578-7324 for help and advice with your indoor air quality and air cleaner needs.